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Live online casino is the biggest trend in Philippine online gambling

The online casino world is quickly taking over all around the world, and the same exact thing is happening in the Philippines. There are many reasons for why that happens, some of them could possibly include easier availability, accessibility to new generations of players, and more recognition among players.

When starting your gambling adventure, you may find it hard to choose your go-to website, so it’s a smart idea to look up the best Philippines live online casino rank in 2022 to find the perfect place. Certain casino providers have different sets of games, attractions, and even free bonuses, so being aware of what the market has to offer will make your choice a lot easier.

This article will cover the most important aspect that makes the internet casino especially worth looking at. The traits we’re about to mention are also the main reasons for the success of live casinos in the Philippines, contributing to a growing number of players each month. Be sure to check the list below and keep it in your mind when registering on your newly chosen website.

Welcome bonus rewards

This point is extremely important to pay attention to, especially if you plan on trying many different games in the local casino. Nowadays, almost every website will be sure to welcome you with a very generous starting bonus. It is usually added to your account either upon registration or when making your first real money deposit. Often you will receive an amount of money equivalent to the one you’ve deposited, or sometimes even more, depending on the current offer.

Sometimes online casinos will also bless you with many slot machine simulator tickets that you can use for free to try the ones you’ve never played before. This is a great way to discover new trends in online gambling, and if you end up winning money meanwhile, you get to keep it. For those reasons, it’s really important to check the casino’s offer and see how much free value they provide to new users upon registration.

Bonus rewards are also the reason why many players get involved in the gaming scene, and often become regulars. In fact, free gifts might be the number one reason why online casino sites see so much traffic around the world, including the Philippines.

Game selection

Another important point as to why the casino world is currently growing in the Philippines. Because each user has different expectations and needs, it’s crucial to provide a wide selection of real money games. Most websites will offer classic games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other card games. Besides that, virtually all casinos have a great section with beautifully designed slots that feature different themes, layouts, and even music. Players love them for their looks, sounds, and more than anything – simplicity.

However, the game selection doesn’t just end here. In 2022, the best live casino providers will also offer you live mini-games hosted by real croupiers. If you ever get tired of playing virtual games, this is a great way to introduce variety to your gaming sessions. The most popular live games are Crazy Time, Monopoly, and Mega Ball. Thousands of players love the interactive sides of these games, as well as the enormous amount of real cash that’s up for grabs every second of the day and night.

If you wish to have a fun experience, similar to a real-life casino, this is the closest you can get. Plus, you get to chat with other players in the meantime.

Tournaments and events

Many online casinos have implemented this strategy to keep their players loyal and even more engaged. The introduction of tournaments is a perfect way to introduce new players from the Philippines to the gambling scene. Most casino providers schedule daily, weekly, and even monthly contests in which every lucky player can win big amounts of chips.

As for tournaments, these usually orbit around poker and other card games from time to time. There are many formulas, some shorter, and some more extended in time, even up to a couple of days. New players are recommended to go for smaller competitions, such as single-table tournaments and so-called ‘sit-and-go’ sessions.

More advanced gamblers and high rollers can opt for prestigious multi-table tournaments, which often take hours of long focus and smart strategies. And while this might seem like a lot of hustle, the rewards are more than worth it, hence why so many new players are willing to take their lucky shot.


The above-mentioned advantages of online casinos in the Philippines are just the tip of the iceberg. To best understand the whole phenomenon of live gambling websites, we highly recommend you to try them out for yourself. This way, you’ll get to experience all the beauty of hitting the jackpot, interacting with hosts and croupiers, and even making friends with other players from your area.

Once you get yourself into the gaming world, be sure to check out all it has to offer – claim your free login reward, try all the exciting games from the casino selection, and once you’re ready? Make the leap of faith and join a tournament to compete against other casino players from the Philippines.

We wish you much success in your new gaming hobby, and we would like to remind you always to take breaks between sessions, and above all – gamble responsibly. Good luck!

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