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Classic Board Games to Buy For Your Next Game Night

There’s nothing like gathering around a game table to enjoy fun and competition, whether with friends, family, or even guesses.

But picking the next board game for your next night out can be a hassle. Not only does it matter what you choose, but what game works best for your group?

Don’t fret. Read on to find a short list of classic board games to kick-start your next fun night.


Monopoly is a classic board game to get for your next game night. It will bring hours of family fun and strategy. The game involves strategically buying and developing properties, collecting rent from other players, and advancing around the gameboard.

Players must use their money cautiously, as ‘special surprises’ like the taxman or free parking can make the difference between winning and losing. Monopoly can create an interesting and exciting game night with various editions available. It can be easily replicated using objects around the house by making your game pieces and cards.


Scrabble is a turn-based word game that offers hours of fun for multiple players. Every player draws seven letter tiles, and using their imaginations and knowledge of words, they create crosswords on the game board.

The game’s score is determined by the number and type of words created and each letter’s numeric value about all comments. Scrabble is an evergreen classic sure to bring hours of fun to every game night. It’s perfect for adults and kids, providing entertainment at a game party.


Risk is an old classic board game popular with friends and family for years for game nights. The competition aims to use strategy and tactics to take over all of the territories of the geopolitical game board.

Players will use dice, troop cards, and fortification cards to battle their opponents and defend their territories. It includes a variety of missions to add to the challenge and is sure to test the skills of players of all skill levels. Not only does Risk provide an enjoyable evening to your game night, but it also helps to develop problem-solving skills and strategic planning for future games. 


Battleships is a classic and popular game for players of all ages. It is a game of strategy and guessing. Two players quickly play that. In the game, each player takes turns thinking about their opponent’s battleships’ exact location to sink them.

Each player is given a board with a 10 x 10 grid, with four hidden ships. The game could last either a few minutes or a couple of hours, making it a great classic game to buy.


Uno is a family-friendly game that is easy to learn and can be played with 2–10 players. It has been around since 1971 and will bring lots of laughs and friendly competition to game night. A standard Uno game contains 108 cards (25 of each color and eight wild cards).

Players must make card combinations by discarding the same number or color of cards. The last player to discard a card wins. What makes Uno so fun is that players must always be mindful of the current game state and recognize patterns to succeed.


Pinochle started in Germany as Bezique and was introduced in the US at the end of the 19th century. The game is designed for two to four players and requires good hand-eye coordination.

It is a trick-taking card game that involves bidding and melding, thus making it an excellent match for strategic thinkers. As the game develops, players can score points by taking tricks while playing with two decks of cards, with all Jacks, Queens, and Kings worth 5 points each. 


Rook is a classic board game where four players can enjoy this game of strategy and bluffing. The game consists of four numbered playing cards, a scoring pad, and a deck of cards with average numbers, jacks, queens, kings, and jokers in each red, black, and green suit.

The scoring pad lets players keep track of the cards they collected during the game. The deck of color-coordinated cards is shuffled and dealt out equally among the four players, who are anonymously assigned a suit.

As the game progresses, you will challenge players to collect points and win tricks with the help of their cards and discard piles. The player who earns the highest score by the end of the game is the winner. 

Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan 

Sekigahara, The Unification of Japan, is an intricate strategy board game for 2-4 players and perfect for any game night. It was created by the known game board god Matt Calkins. Players take on the roles of feudal lords during the turbulent transition of Japan in 1600 and attempt to unify the country under their rule.

The game board features a map divided into provinces divided by terrain type. A deep network of alliances and maneuverings allows players to cooperate and compete to achieve victory. The game is educational and nuanced, with the outcomes of every match being determined uniquely from the players’ decisions on the board. 

Settlers of Catan 

Settlers of Catan is a fast-paced strategy board game for 3-4 players that sees players as settlers on an island. Players build houses, roads, and cities while trading resources. The competition aims to collect Victory Points and be the first to reach 10.

This game has won several awards since it was first released in 1995 and has become a classic favorite for gamers. It’s easy to learn but challenging to master, which makes it great for family game nights. w

Add Tons of Family Fun With These Classic Board Games

Classic board games provide hours of family fun. Pick your favorites, such as Scrabble, Clue, and Stratego, and host a game night with your friends and family!

Get together, break out the board game classics, and enjoy an old-fashioned good time. Start playing today!  

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