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It has been found by archaeologists and historians that people started communicating through writing about 5500 years ago. The earliest writings were carvings on the walls that have been found as historical evidence of the ways of communications devised by the people.

Another way of communication used by the people was by making sounds to signify specific ideas, words, or emotions. Later this developed into the use of language that now varies from place to place.

After a few thousand years, in today’s world, communication has become a very important aspect of everyday life and we have come so far in technology that computers are well capable of communicating and propagating ideas these days.

SMS API providers in India and abroad are one such example of extensive use of technology for communicating ideas and agendas to a number of people.


Human beings require many things and perform various activities in order to be able to survive. Just like other mammals and living organisms, we need to eat, breathe, excrete, and reproduce on the planet.

But unlike various other animals, human beings are actually mentally and consciously highly developed.

There is also a constant need for social interaction and making connections with other living organisms, especially humans themselves if we are to lead a fulfilling life. Research tells us that if a person is completely isolated, he may actually die after a few days.


Throughout history, civilizations found various ways to communicate. Earlier, people used to write and draw symbols for exchanging ideas and thoughts. Later people discovered ways to communicate through making sounds.

After various years, these sounds and syllables were turned into carefully chosen specific words, and languages were born. Languages varied from place to place as they were a collective decision of using syllables all together.

After many years, people also started to communicate with multiple people by the same source. Hence mass communication was born. This was the first time people used some techniques to promote specific ideas to a number of people at once.

Next came the discovery of telephones. This was the first time that a person could speak directly to another person who may be separated from a distance. Telephones use cables to send and receive digital signals that are converted into analog signals at the source and the receiving end.

But using telephones was a messy deal because the signals could only be sent and received from people and places that could be connected through cables, hence it became difficult to connect with people who were far or lived in remote places where it was difficult to reach like mountains.

Still, it was a great discovery because it ruled out the need for writing, posting, and managing letters using manpower.


After many years, people discovered electromagnetic waves. They figured out that these waves travel at a very high speed and can travel in a matter of a fraction of seconds through the earth and even space.

Soon after that, satellite communication and radio communication was discovered. We found that with the help of towers and some satellites in space, we can communicate with anyone at any place on the whole planet and since this uses electromagnetic waves, it is very fast.

This is how mobile phones came about and today our world seems to have been put together extremely close because of the efficient connectivity through the help of satellites.

The internet was born later and it has made communication very easy and reduced the cost that goes into it. And these days, artificial intelligence is giving some breakthrough discoveries.

Artificial intelligence, simply put, is a way of transforming human ways of thinking and interacting into codes and making computers do the same. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is being used for various purposes.

When we visit a website and a robotic message pops up to chat with us, that is actually a computerized robotic message that has been coded with good manners and basic interaction techniques.

Similarly, we also have API techniques, and SMS API providers in India and abroad provide a service to reach many people through SMS and coding used on the backend.


Technology has been a game-changer for the human race. It has made everything easy and continues to do so.

Apart from communication, it has also taken over various other aspects of our world and helped us make some magnificent discoveries from scientific to psychological and many more. It continues to aid our existence and make the world a better place.

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