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How to Predict a Tennis Match

Are you thinking about predicting a tennis match? There are many things you need to consider before betting on a tennis match. As tennis is quite different than other sports, you need to be careful.

However, predicting a tennis match could be very rewarding. As for a good profit, you need to follow some effective tactics. However, there are many sports betting online statistics that can help you. In the following, we are covering some essential factors and tennis betting rules you need to know before starting. Let’s find out.

  1. Regularly Check on Tennis World Ranking

If you want to predict tennis matches, you have to follow some factors. In that case, regularly checking on tennis world ranking is one of the considering factors. It will help you check the best players at this moment. So, you can start predicting them. However, you also need to watch tennis matches on regular basis.

  • Look For The Potential Player

When a big tennis tournament starts, you may see there are some pre-tournament matches. Basically, those players who are performing well on pre-tournament can do good in the main tournament. Make sure you are analyzing the data, so it can help you later with the prediction.

  • Check Player Profile Performance Statistics

As we mentioned above, you need to check a particular player’s profile, so you can understand his or her performance statistics. There are many ways you can analyze their performance statistics. You can gather data from ATP or WTA’s official website. Watching tennis matches regularly is also a very good idea.

  • Find A Reliable Website

No matter if you are predicting from a website or mobile app, you have to find a trusted one. There are tons of websites and apps available on the internet. Make sure you are doing enough research before you start predicting. You can also get help from other people.

Rules of Tennis Betting

When you are starting with tennis match prediction, you have to know about the rules. However, these rules vary on different websites. In the following, we are explaining seven essential rules you should know about tennis betting.

  1. Specialize

You may know there are a lot of tournaments are being played in both men’s and women’s circuits. However, that does not mean you have to predict all of them. In fact, we even don’t know about each tournament. So, it’s better when you are choosing the best and specialize in some known tournaments.

  • Bet When There’s a Value

One of the best rules you should follow while predicting tennis matches is checking the value. Starting a tennis betting does not mean you have to predict every time. When you are predicting through a website or app, it will show you the value of the tennis match. Make sure you are predicting when there’s a value on that particular match.

  • Keep a Record

When you are thinking about predicting tennis matches regularly, it’s best to keep a record of your previous bets. It’s very essential for identifying values and money management. Make sure you are keeping a record of each bet including the tournament, the dates, bet type, your stake, profit/loss, and comments.

  • Understand Serving And Returning

One of the most strategies of tennis prediction is in-play betting. Most people choose this strategy rather than game-by-game prediction. That means you have to start predicting while watching live stream games. So, you have to be knowledgeable about tennis and its tactics. Make sure you understand the serving and returning before you start predicting.

  • Be Aware of Playing Styles

When you are predicting a tennis match, you have to be aware of that player’s playing style. However, it has become easy now, thanks to the internet. Make sure you are watching how they play and serve before starting the bet.

  • Head-to-Head Matchups

Another way to predict tennis matches is by analyzing head-to-head meetups. It’s an essential rule that many people follow before starting a bet. Make sure you are visiting WTA and ATP websites, and then check out the head-to-head matchups. Then you can analyze the previous data of those players.

  • Follow Tennis Betting Tips

Last but not least, following tennis betting tips is one of the most important rules you should follow. The more you know the tips, the more you can predict smoothly. If you want to know more tips, you can search on the internet. However, getting tips from experts could be also beneficial.


As we mentioned before, betting on a tennis match could be very profitable. However, you need to aware of a lot of things. We hope this article was helpful as we have covered the rules of tennis betting and essential considering factors. If you need to know something, make sure you are doing your research.

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