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Italy Seria A Season 2022 Predictions

Things have never been tighter than they are right now at the top of the Seria A table. League leaders Napoli sit tied with Milan on 57-points, and both teams are showing they’re on form at the moment. Bookmakers have Inter with the slight advantage going into the backend of the season, but Napoli will not be easy for the team to shrug off and leave behind.

We think this could come down to a close shave this season, and the cards are still on the table. While Napoli and Milan both have their sights set on the title, punters and bookmakers alike think it’s Inter that has the better chance of pulling it off in 2022. The team’s recent run of form looks the best to pull through and leapfrog Milan and Napoli into the top spot. Inter are two points behind, with a game in hand.

If they’re successful, they should move to the top of the table. Once they hold the top spot, it will be a thrill ride into the final leg of the 2022 season. So, who will you be betting on to take the tile this season? Use online bookmakers for the best Seria A betting tips online.

Seria A Title Contenders for 2022 โ€“ It’s All Up for Grabs

With inter, Milan, and Napoli all thirty for victory this season, the run-up to the final games are sure to bring plenty of excitement for fans and punters alike. AC Milan looks to be solid contenders for the title, with The Rossoneri staying unbeaten in their last four in a row in league play.

However, AC Milan’s inability to pull off a win in two of those games led them to shed four points that would have them at the top of the heap. Napoli looks the least likely of the trio to make it across the finish line in the top spot this season.

The team’s responsibilities to Europa League outings seem to be taking their toll on the squad as we move into the back half of the season. The team had a great turnaround after the Christmas period, with Luciano Spalletti showing why he’s the two-time Serie A Coach of the Year.

Napoli managed two wins in nine outings from November to early January. However, the team saw an excellent rebound from the slump, going unbeaten in their last seven. We’ll see if they keep the momentum going into the backend of the 2022 season, but they remain the dark horse of the three.

Who are You Betting On as the 2022 Seria A Champion?

With odds all over the place for the top three in the league, there’s no telling which way it could go. If we have to guess, we would say that AC Milan is the better-positioned team for the title. The team seems to be coming onto form right now, with Inter still needing that additional win from the game in hand to make them a genuine contender.

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