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Teams with the most beautiful form

The offseason is not only about contract terminations, coach reshuffles, and rumors of transfer transitions. Football clubs often present new uniforms at this time. The beautifully designed jersey and shorts kits not only help distinguish teams on the pitch but also add to FC’s budget. The more beautiful the form, the more often fans buy it, so designers are working carefully on the appearance. The off-season does not mean a complete absence of football events, matches are always held. You can profit from them by placing bets on parimatch, a popular betting platform.

Football clubs with the most beautiful form

It is worth highlighting 10 football clubs with the most beautiful form according to the fans:

  • “Marseille”;
  • Southampton;
  • Barcelona;
  • “Rennes”;
  • West Ham;
  • Juventus;
  • “Manchester United”;
  • Everton;
  • “Port Vail”.

The leader in the list of teams with the most beautiful forms is FC Marseille. The Puma brand has worked on the design. White, light blue and blue T-shirts epitomize the city’s appearance. Most of all, fans like the away option. These cool shades were chosen because Marseille is a Mediterranean port city.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the uniform of the Southampton club received a white diagonal line on the jerseys. It denotes the chest strap of old equipment from 1885. Fans liked the uniform for the laconic combination of red, black, and white.

Nike for FC Barcelona is again making T-shirts with stripes rather than chess. This delighted the fans of the club because initially, the team played in a striped uniform. The color combination remains the same – blue and red. There are also yellow elements.

The symbol of the city of Ren is the mosaicist Isidore Odorico. The Puma brand was inspired by this artist when creating a new uniform for the football club “Rennes”. Isidore Odoriko used red, black, and white in his works, which is reflected in the design of T-shirts and shorts. Also on the form, some ornaments resemble a mosaic.

On the occasion of the club’s anniversary, West Ham also presented a retro-style uniform. Blue travel tees and shorts are complemented by two burgundy cross stripes on the chest.

AC Milan’s home kit from Puma also has a cultural dimension. To pay homage to the city, the designers combined the classic striped black and white T-shirt with patterns from the Victor Emmanuel II gallery. It is one of the main attractions in Milan and also the first covered arcade shopping center in Europe.

Football club “Juventus” also decided to return to the classic vertical stripes. Like Barcelona, ​​the team has given up on chess. Black stripes on a white background are depicted unusually, in the form of a brushstroke.

Manchester United was surprised with the innovative Space Dye technology when they introduced the new kit. Red T-shirts have individual strands dyed in different colors, which creates an interesting texture. In addition to red, yellow and black were used.

The new “Port Vale” uniform is unique in that not only sportswear designers but also famous singer Robbie Williams worked on its creation. He was offered to take part in the process because he is a fan of this club. The form is made in the classic for “Port Vale” combination of colors – white and black.

The most beautiful hockey uniform

In 2017, the NHL celebrated its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, a large-scale survey was conducted among fans, as a result of which the most beautiful hockey uniform in the world was determined.

The winner was the “Chicago” team. It was founded in 1956. Since then, the appearance of the club has hardly changed. Only a few subtle changes have been made.

A portrait of an Indian is depicted on a red long sleeve with a V-neck. Also, the jacket is complemented with black and white stripes. The shorts are black with white and red stripes.

This theme has always been used by the Chicago team because the first owner of the club, John McLaughlin, served in an infantry division named after the leader of the Black Hawk Indian tribe.

Not all NHL fans agree that “Chicago” deserves the title of the club with the most beautiful form. For some, the depiction of an Indian on clothing is disrespectful to the indigenous peoples of the United States of America. In 2016, the United Peoples’ Association of Quebec even demanded that the hockey club change its logo to a hawk head as an alternative, but the team disagreed.

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