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The most high-profile scandals of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

The Olympics have become the source of many amazing stories of how diligence can achieve global recognition. At the same time, it was not possible to do without all sorts of scandals that almost always accompany competitions of such a high level. The Tokyo Olympics were scheduled for 2020 but had to be delayed until 2021. Changes were also made to the regulations, which could not but affect subsequent performances. At the same time, most of the scandals are private, and they are worth mentioning to form a complete picture of the past sports festival.

The 2020 Olympics, which took place in 2021, had a lot of oddities and was also full of intrigues. Among the loudest scandals, one can single out the dismissal of Kentaro Kobayashi, who served as the chief director of the broadcast of the opening of the competition. The world has changed and these changes have also affected sports. The reason for the dismissal was an unfortunate phrase that Kentaro Kobayashi dropped during an interview 23 years ago. The statement was discovered at the very last moment, so he was removed from the director’s position one day before the show opened.

Simone Biles injury

It is impossible to avoid injuries during sporting events, although it should be noted that today tragic incidents occur much less frequently. It is injuries that often become the reason that the likely favorites in a particular sport cannot show the desired result. A similar situation happened with Simone Biles, who was supposed to become triumphant in Tokyo 2020. The girl had already become an Olympic champion 4 times and won the world championship 9 times. Her high chances of winning were obvious to the bookmakers. At the same time, an unsuccessful performance led to the fact that Simona was forced to prematurely withdraw from the race.

What is the cause of the scandal? As it turned out, the injury was rather mild, so the athlete’s fans were divided into two camps. Some felt that the girl showed weakness by refusing to continue performing, although she had the opportunity to show a good result. Others considered the trauma psychological, so they defended the girl.

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Clothes and what it means

One of the most unusual stories during the Olympics was the performance of the Norwegian women’s handball team. The girls who took part in the match entered the field in shorts, which does not comply with the regulations. Another innovation of the Olympics was the ban on the use of large caps, which were previously freely used by swimmers with lush hairstyles. The Aussie team changed their clothing manufacturer just weeks before the show, as Asics uses raw materials from Xinjiang Uygur.

None of the above cases of changes in athletes’ uniforms went unnoticed by the general public. Each change received a public outcry. After the renewal of the slogan of the games, it is high time to change the approach to the organization of competitions, as many public figures and experts declare.

Tricolor path

The performance of the Russian team attracted great attention during the Olympiad. It’s not only about the fact that she managed to win many awards and take 5th position in the final standings. A high-profile investigation by WADA led to the disqualification of many players of the national team, and also triggered proceedings that could damage the image of not only individual Olympians, but the national team as a whole. For this reason, not all athletes who initially wanted to take part in the Olympics entered the national team. The discussion also touched upon the appearance of athletes from Russia who defended the honor of the country at this international sports competition. The International Committee has set very stringent requirements for how the national team should be represented in the competition. First of all, it was forbidden to use the official coat of arms as a symbol. Even the tricolor and the symbol of Russia – the bear – displeased the organizers.

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