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From Coimbatore to Mumbai: A Journey of Exploration and Adventure

While you have your tickets to Mumbai in hand and are thinking of a trip where you can visit places that often go unnoticed, here’s something for you. This guide will let you explore Mumbai in a very different way that you’re certainly going to love when you actually visit those places.

A Journey of Exploration and Adventure in Mumbai

These unique destinations will help you explore the history of the city and take you on an adventure of a lifetime. The best part is that you will notice very few tourists in these places as they’re not every traveller’s go-to spot. Once you’ve onboarded your Coimbatore to Mumbai flight, don’t forget to take a short trip to these locations:

Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Popularly known as “Krishnagiri Upvan”, this place will take you away from the city life where you can enjoy boat rides, lakes, jungle safaris, trekking and a lot more. It is also everyone’s favourite picnic spot in Mumbai. Nature lovers are in for so much greenery all around with a mix of caves and rocky cliffs. Kanheri caves are also located inside the park. The caves are a popular pilgrimage site for Buddhist monks.

The national park is home to many different species of animals and plants. There are around 254 different kinds of birds like sunbirds and butterflies, 40 types of mammals, and more than 1,300 types of plants. Inside the forest, you will also find two artificial lakes. These lakes invite a number of migratory birds every single year. You can tour the entire park by taking a cycle ride. You must visit here during July to October at least once to experience the greenery at its best. Everything looks so beautiful in monsoons giving you a surreal view during your trip to the park.

Banganga Tank

This hidden gem of Mumbai is located in Malabar Hill and gives you a tour into the historic architecture of the city. You can find many shrines and around 18 temples here by following a route or holy parikrama as per the Hindu culture. Dhobi Ghat which is the second largest laundry in Mumbai can also be seen here. It was built by the British. Bangana tank is also home to some memorial Stones of the dead warriors worshipped by Gujaratis. You must also visit this place once before you board your Mumbai to Coimbatore flight

Aarey forests

Also known as the ‘lungs’ of Mumbai, these forests have many tall trees and rocky hills. It has also been a great picnic spot since the late 80s. You can explore ponds, lush green landscapes and amazing views in the day here. These forests are also home to many mammals, birds and reptiles. The forest provides a sense of tranquillity and offers peace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Modern Bakery is also situated in Aarey colony. The bakery has a tea stall near it, where you can get breakfast.

All of Aarey colony is a place where nature lovers can spend a relaxing time. The mountains, the lakes, the gardens and the dense jungle along with the plants and animals that have been a part of it for ages contribute to Aarey’s beauty. On one side you will see the famous film city where all your favourite actors shoot and on the other side, you have a lush green heritage forest with vast green grasslands for cattle grazing.

Sewri Fort

Sewri Fort is another testament to Mumbai’s history and beautiful architecture.  A lot of people including the locals are not aware of its existence. This fort is said to be built by the British however it has a very unique design. The entrance to the main structure of the fort  is through a stone doorway. Many colours and varieties of stones were being used to build the interiors of the fort. You can spend a pleasant evening at the Fort before making your way to the Sewri Jetty to see the flamingos. You can bring along some food and water to the Sewri Fort as it will be hard to find any there.


Spending time in rarely unexplored places will take you on a unique adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime. Once you’ve had an adventurous time here, say bye to this dreamy city and get on your flight back home with plenty of delightful memories in your heart. Happy travels, Coimbatore Flyers!

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