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Boat Essentials: Here Are 9 Accessories You Need For Your New Boat

Getting a new boat is a fun and exciting experience. You’re probably daydreaming about the places you’ll go and the numerous water activities you’ll enjoy. But before you can turn the engines on and set sail, you should have an inventory of some of the essential accessories you’ll need onboard. Whether you have a bowrider, pontoon, or cruiser, the following boating accessories will benefit you.


You know that docking your boat isn’t easy, and that’s why you need a boat hook to help you dock and undock. These hooks are designed to make it easier to get the boat to a dock so that you can safely board or deboard your boat.

Safety equipment

Before you drop the throttles, you should have a look at the safety equipment. This includes all necessary items required by the U.S Coast Guard (personal floatation devices, boat registration numbers, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and navigation lights among others).

Diving boards

If your boat doesn’t have a designated spot for jumping off, a boat diving board will solve this problem. Ensure that you choose a diving board that is compatible with your boat. These boards come with an under-floor mount for secure installation. With a diving board, you and your guests will enjoy numerous jumps into the cool refreshing water.

Bimini cover

Now that you’ve invested in your dream boat, you are eager to get into the water. But what will happen when you set out on the water and after a few hours you’re sunburned, overheated, and drained? You will want to get off the water and get some shade. This is a common scenario, especially for new boat owners. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you add a bimini top to your boat before you set sail. This will help to protect you from the rain and sun.


A day can only be well spent on the boat if there’s good food and drinks. While carrying sandwiches and snacks is a good idea, they won’t feed your appetite when out on the water. Plus, when you have guests onboard, you will want to impress them. To do this, you should consider getting a portable grill. Get a small propane tank to fuel your grill and cook for your passengers.

Boat cooler

You can’t cook for your guests and have fun on your new boat without a cooler. You can use your boat cooler to keep your brews cold or store your catch for later. Remember to also carry plenty of water in your cooler, as the scorching sun can cause dehydration.

Tow tubes

If you’re piloting a powered watercraft, then you can have some real fun on the water. Tow tubes come in different sizes, from those that can carry one person to those designed for four or more people. You can ride on your tow tube behind your new boat. However, ensure that you get a tow line and a 12-vote air pump.

Fishing rod holder

You’ll definitely want to go fishing while on the water. However, to get the perfect fishing experience, ensure that you have a fishing rod holder. These holders are easy to install and are an important accessory on your fishing trip.

Boat GPS

A standard phone will have a built-in GPS that works just fine for boat trips on the lake. However, you will need a good marine GPS unit, especially when out navigating an unfamiliar coastline where you can’t get a signal on your phone. Ensure that the GPS unit you get is water-resistant. In addition, if you intend to go fishing frequently, you can get a GPS unit with a fish finder.

Bottom Line

As you dream about getting your new boat on the water and go cruising, ensure that you get the above boating accessories.

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