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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Shop Window Displays

With online shopping become increasingly popular, it has become even more of a challenge to owners of retail outlets to build their brands and attract the attention of their target audiences to encourage them to walk in and buy. Installing attractive window graphics can be effective in catching the attention of potential customers to build your brand and drive footfalls. Some tips to get the best out of your window graphics;

Use Your Products Designing In Compelling Visuals

By making the products you sell the star of the visuals in the window graphics, you can increase their effectiveness significantly. It allows customers to catch a glimpse of your most appealing products without stepping into your store. You can promote your most popular items, announce a new line of products, or even announce a sales promotion giving your customers exclusive deals. By properly designing window graphics, you can do so much more than a traditional window display.

Keep the Main Visual at Eye-Level of Potential Customers

If you have a large shop window occupying the entire shop front, you can either use the entire surface for the graphic display or some portion of it to allow natural light to enter your premises. Regardless of what you do, you need to ensure that you have the customers’ perspective right. Find out how they approach and place the window stickers at the eye level of the passersby. Even within the sticker design, you must make sure that you position the main visual or the message where it is most easily noticed.

Ensure Clear Visibility 

When you put up graphic stickers on your ship window, you will want people to notice them at all times. It means that not only should the sticker design be highly attractive but also the line of sight must be clear of any obstacles and interruptions. You must ensure that the window graphics are more than adequately lit and visible by pedestrians and motorists as they pass by your shop. If you are combining a window decal with a conventional display of merchandise in your shop window, make sure that there is a good balance between the two, and they do not end up detracting from each other. Having great creativity is necessary as you need to tell your story compellingly quickly, according to Marketing Insider Group.

Keep Changing the Window Decal Regularly 

Typically, most of the people who pass by your shop are those who either live or work in the vicinity or are regular shoppers in the area. If you keep your window displays the same for a long time, most people will start ignoring them, and you will lose out on footfalls and business. To prevent this from happening and to keep your window graphics attention-grabbing, you should keep changing them regularly with new designs and content. 


You can convert your shop window into a captivating billboard that potential customers can’t help noticing if you get the design and the placement right. Always remember to focus on the customer and his needs and aspirations, not your need to rack up sales, to get the window decal right.

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