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Top 11 milk brands in the USA

Milk is primarily an emulsion of fat and protein in water, with dissolved sugar (carbohydrate), minerals, and vitamins added for flavour. All mammals’ milk contains these elements, though their quantities vary across species and within species.

Most of the milk consumed in Developed nations now comes from cows, and milk products have become essential commodities. Other important milk sources include sheep and goats, particularly important in southern Europe and the Mediterranean region; water buffalo, which are widely domesticated in Asia; and camels, which are essential in the Middle East and North Africa.

Nutritionists categorically state that milk is the most essential staple food and forms a valuable part in a balanced diet. This is so because it is rich in vital nutrients including calcium.  The milk consumption has in the USA has shown a downward trend and the milk industry is under pressure. According to a statistics children consumed lion’s share of milk followed by teenagers and adults. The behavior of the consumer has high regard for

  • Health-all natural, organic and low-sugar choice
  • Clarity-for ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing processes
  • Interest in new brands and use along with the use of the existing brand
  • Alternative demand for plant-based diary continues to grow

Based on popularity semi-skimmed milk contributes towards 63% of milk sales. Whole milk sale stands at 27% and skimmed with 6% consumption. Some of the leading brands of milk in the USA is cited below.

1-Horizon Organics

Horizon packs organic milk with DHA omega-3 in Maryland which is procured almost 99% of it from 700 dairies of 23 states.   DHA Omega-3 is good for brain, heart and eyes. The dairy started its work from 1991.  It is the largest supplier in North America and Europe. The sale outlet is supermarkets and grocery stores. The variety in organic milk is as follows;-

  • Organic decreased fat milk
  • Organic small portion fat milk
  • Organic fat-free milk
  • Organic whole milk
  • Organic small portion fat chocolate milk box with added DHA Omega-3
  • Organic grass-fed whole milk
  • Organic high protein whole milk.

This milk has an absence of antibiotics and pesticides. The opened pack keeps fresh up to seven days. It is the best brand globally. It has dominance over its competitors for several years.

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Wegmans milk

Wegmans the supermarket chain is also renowned for milk and dairy product in England and America. The milk is pasteurized and fresh organic milk. It is approved by the USA Department of Agriculture. It holds a prestigious second position in the milk sector. The chain was established in 1916.  The cows are not injected by artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.  The brand has existed for more than 35 years.

The organic milk varieties come in half and whole gallon sizes it is as follows;-

  • 2% decreased fat milk.
  • 1% low-fat milk pasteurized homogenized with vitamin A & D added
  • Fat-free milk in
  • Vitamin D fortified D whole milk

It takes minimum of three years for a dairy farm to get a certification of being organic. The headquarters is in New York.

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3-HP Hood

HP Hood milk

The dairy came into existence in 1846 by Harvey Perley Hood.  It distributed milk and cultured foods. At present it’s headquartered is in Massachusetts. The company has expanded its sphere of activities from New England to the United States. The company purchases milk from farmers of Massachusetts and New York.  They are members of the co-ops. The milk is tested for contamination and adulteration. Then it goes to the plant.

The company is renowned for its milk.  This popular milk is sold in the market in different varieties.  Hood milk is among the top three brands of milk in the USA. The milk has health benefits and nutrition value.

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4- Darigold

Darigold mlik

Northwest Dairy Association is trading as Darigold Inc was founded in 1918.  It is an American marketing cooperative formed by 500 dairy families from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.  It is the 17th largest cooperative. The cooperative has fastidious standards for quality, freshness and flavor.  The ultra-pasteurization gives the milk a long shelf life without deteriorating the nutrition as well as taste.  The company takes care of 10 billion pounds of milk annually.

The company headquartered in Seattle Washington.  Darigold Inc. functions through 11 plants throughout Northwest producing organic label milk and grass-fed milk.  According to the milk volume, the cooperative is at present the sixth-largest regional dairy functionary.  The annual sale touches $2 billion through the sale of eight billion pounds of milk every year. The non-fat skim milk powder is utilized in infant formulas.

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5-Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms milk

The inception of this organization began in 1922 by W T McClelland and his wife by rearing 20 cows. It is the largest family-owned functional dairy. There are 10,000 traditional and organic milking cows on the farm. This dairy company is in Phoenix, Arizona. Roxie cow is the mascot of the company. If you inquire in Southwest regarding Mmmmilk they will vouch for its quality.

The cows are reared with quality nutritious food, comfortable living conditions and care. The growth hormone rBST is not given to the cows.  The variety of milk includes;-

  • Whole white
  • 2% decreased fat white
  • 1% low fat white
  • Calcium white fat-free
  • 2% fat in flavor of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry

The farm makes the milk go through ultra-pasteurization for extended shelf life or ESL.  Once the seal of the product is removed it can be consumed within seven days.

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6-Safeway Inc.

Safeway Inc mlik

Safeway Inc. was established in 1915 by Marion Barton Skaggs. It is a supermarket chain spread across the country with 1300 stores. It’s headquarters at California.  Its presence also exists in Canada United States Germany and Australia. The company employs 250,000 personnel. In the organic milk farm sector, it has a high ranking among consumers. At present, it is ranked sixth in America.

 The different dairy products are;-

  • Buttermilk
  • Cholesterol modified fluid milk product
  • Cream
  • Pasteurized milk, decreased fat, low fat and skimmed milk
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7-Dean foods

Dean foods milk

The company does a brisk business in food and beverage with headquarter at Dallas Texas. It also milk farms with full-line dairy products is acclaimed. It is positioned at the seventh position based on sales.  The company processes milk in states under several regional and national brands.

The company has come a long way since its inception in 1925. The country boasts of 100 stores.  The milk is supplied to 35 states and France, and the United Kingdom.  The company’s founder was Samuel E. Dean Sr.  In 2020 Dean Foods was taken over by Dairy Farmers of America. In 2019 the company announced its bankruptcy reasoning the going down of consumption in cow’s milk because of growth in demand of plant milk.

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8-Organic Valley

The company came into existence in 1988.  Its headquarters in Wisconsin. The dairy produces a good range of dairy products.  It is the nation’s biggest farmer-owned organic cooperative. The company claims that their happy cows graze in green pastures which nourishes them and they give milk which has more omega-3.  Moreover, the cows are not given antibiotics, synthetic hormones and toxic pesticides. It is USDA organic certified.

 At present, the company is a group of 158 farmers-owned in New York and 205 in Pennsylvania for organic milk production. The milk is a good choice for babies, children, teenagers and adults. The organic valley stands on number eighth among milk brands in America. It caters to the needs of 28 other countries.

9-Schreiber Foods Inc.

This company began its business in 1945 with cheese outlets and gradually made its place in dairy products.  It exists among the top ten. Schreiber is 8,500 employee-owned dairy company with headquarter at Green Bay, Wisconsin.  

It has 12 production facilities in eight states of the States. The company does business globally covering Europe, Mexico, South America and India. The company collects milk as raw material and makes everything from it.  Its top-quality milk is notable for good taste which is neither very sweet nor tasteless. Schreiber sells safe and hygienic food to clients for an enriched healthy life.

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10-Borden Dairy Brand

The company began its operations in 1857. It was established by Gail Borden Jr. This company did the pioneering work of glass milk bottles.  The company headquarter is in Texas. Twelve dairy milk processing plants supply milk to 100 branches scattered all over the USA.   This company developed the method of condensing milk.  The creamy milk and dairy products are relished by young and old.

The Borden Dairy started in the 2000s with headquarters at Dallas.  It has 12 plants and almost 100 distribution centers located at Midwest, Southern eastern regions of the States.  They supply a whole range of milk.

11-Promised Land Dairy Brand

This company came into existence in 1987 with headquarters at Texas. The milk produced by the company is creamy and extra rich in protein and calcium.  The protein value is up by 15-18% and calcium 15-20%. They cater to the demands of the market by producing different flavor milk, whole milk and reduced-fat milk.  The company boasts of Jersey cows that produce tasty milk.  The company has started attractive bottle packages.

The cows are not fed on artificial hormones like rBSt and rGBH and antibiotics. The company has added more 2,536 stores to the existing one. Among white milk, the choice offered is homogenized whole, reduced fat2%, and fat-free quality.

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12.  Private label

Private Label milk is sold under a store’s label or brand name but is often produced by a third-party company. Private Label allows brands to offer their on-brand products without developing recipes or methods of producing their goods. The recipes for private-label milk products are created and owned by the company that manufactures the milk.

Milk has long been a source of opportunity for retail chains in the emergence of private-label fresh items. Across the country, many merchants have developed Private Label dairy programmes that consumers connect with quality and value. Retailers are working hard to build their brands.

Private-label milk has nearly 100% household penetration, accounting for three-quarters of all sales, the most prevalent of which is fluid milk. In the United States, private-label milk accounted for 70% of total fluid milk sales in 2000. Private labels enable retailers to provide lower prices to their customers without losing quality.

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13.  All Fairlife

Fairlife was founded in 2012 on the premise that milk and its natural health advantages can be leveraged to create delicious products that nourish people while also fitting into their modern lifestyles. We specialise in tasty dairy-based goods that provide everyone with the nourishment they require, but we recognise that our products are only a small part of a much wider picture.

Types of milk products offered:

  • ultra-filtered milk Fairlife – 50% more protein and half the sugar of ordinary milk
  • fairlife® with DHA ultra-filtered milk enriched with DHA Omega-3 to promote brain health
  • Core Power’s high-quality protein shakes can help you grow lean muscle and recuperate after a workout.
  • Fairlife® Light Ice Cream is a creamy light ice cream that contains less sugar, calories, and fat than standard ice cream.
  • high-protein meal replacement shake Fairlife Nutrition Plan

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14.  Prairie Farms Milk

Prairie Farms and we are proud to be comprised of more than 600 farm families throughout the Midwest. Prairie Farms’ sole source of income in 1938 was the sale of butter.

Prairie Farms now manufactures and distributes a wide range of products, including milk, cheese, ice cream, juices, sour cream, dips, and many more. The company also caters to unique dietary requirements, producing fat-free and low-fat variants of nearly every product, as well as lactose-free dairy products.

Prairie Farms also produces a number of unique items. Candy cane and eggnog-flavored milk are available during the winter months. Under the North Star trademark, the Ice Cream Specialties Division produces a variety of ice cream novelties.

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15.  Hiland Milk

Established in 1938, farmers of Hiland Dairy products have been producing quality dairy products for almost 100 years. Setting high performance and quality control requirements and meeting or exceeding them. Never settling for anything less than the finest we have to give.

Apart from all kinds of milk, they also produce and sell fresh fruit juices, lemonades and dairy free products(vegan).

16.  Kemps

At 222 Fifth Street in Minneapolis, William Kemps and Walter Lathrop formed the Lathrop-Kemps Ice Cream Company. American ice cream consumption fell from nine quarts per person per year in 1929 to five quarts per year in 1933. Kemps is purchased by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), one of the country’s major dairy cooperatives. DFA, which has over 12,500 members, assists farmers in increasing the value of their crops through Kemps distribution and a varied range of products. Today, we continue to live by the same beliefs and produce the same high-quality dairy products as William Kemps did when he began the company in 1914.

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Q1. What is the best brand of milk?

Alta Dena Dairy

Q2. Which brand of cow milk is best for babies?

Aptamil Gold formula milk

Q3. What is the healthiest brand of oat milk?

Chobani Oatmilk Original
Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Oats

Q4. What brands of milk are not ultra pasteurized?

Strafford Organic Creamery’s organic whole milk

Q5. Which milk brands contain permeate?


Q6. What brands milk have no hormones or antibiotics?

Organic Valley Fat Free Milk 

Q7. What brands of nonfat milk are there?

Dairyland, Natrel, Fred Meyer, Roundy’s, LACTAID®

Q8. What are the least processed milk substitute brands?

Silk, Blue Diamond, So Delicious, Oatly, Ripple, Oatsome, Planet Oat, Good Karma

Q9. What brands of milk are gluten free?

Califia Farms Complete Milk

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