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Top 7 Japanese clothing brands in the USA

1. Uniglo

Uniglo a Japanese line of everyday clothing is renowned world over as a popular and superior clothing brand. Its imprint in countries like China, Korea, UK, and America are meritorious. The cost is affordable quality premium and fitting comfortable. This international brand has existed since 1949. It is a designer, manufacturer and retailer. 

Proceed with an online account with a reliable parcel forwarder so that Unigo Japanese clothes are shipped to your location. The stockiest are equipped with active wear, formal as well as casuals. It has 900 stores all over Asia, USA, and Europe. There are 800 stores in Japan.


Beams was established in 1976 in Japan. It has 140 domestic stores and 12 stores abroad. The branch offices are located in New York, London, Milan as well as Paris. The clothing department houses men’s and women’s casual wear and custom-tailored pieces along with wear shoes, bags, and accessories. It is a big success in North America. It caters to varying style and trend as it keeps abreast with the market.

Its clothing line is casual and street style. Online shoppers place an order from all over the globe. The unique look through the clothing has made it a cherished and preferred international label.

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3-United Arrows

United Arrows is listed Japanese listed fashion label with headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The company was established by Osamu Shigematsu in 1986. It has 256 stores in Japan. In 1988 subsidiary branch United Arrows America came into being in Portland Oregon USA.

The clothing line is affordable and sophisticated with a green label. This means the products are manufactured from premium quality material. The garments are free-flowing and comfortable. The brand caters to women and men and the clothing line can be adorned at the workplace and home. The material can within stand extremely cold weather. The garments can be ordered online as well through trusted forwarder.


 The neighborhood was established as street-ware in the mid 1990s. With its expansion, it mimicked military, prep, Native American and 20th-century workwear styles. The brands captured the jeans market with intricate natural distress washes which varies from classic indigo fades to Savage series. These can be customized based on specifications.

The American clothing like shirting, sweats, flannels and headwear are all with biker gang twist. The brand was not long ago unknown in the USA. As the matter stands today not a week passes without the announcement of the fresh collaboration, special edition etc. to attract a customer through attractive deals.

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WEGO has 150 branches across Japan. It is a fast-fashion retail company producing affordable trendy casual fashion style for both sexes. Teenagers patronize the clothing line more. Their main office is at Shibuya and Harajuku. The clothing product is in demand globally. The colors of the dresses are vibrant and style delicate. The people who adorn it make a fashion statement.  

The wide selection of clothing gets a fillip through collaborations with a leading brand such as Kappa and Disney. It is, for this reason, fashionables from all over the world flock to WEGO. The direct way to purchase WEGO clothing is to through shop online store.  WEGO brand has high recognition and trend creation capabilities.

6-Comme Des Garcons

This chain of fashion statement entered the market in 1970. At that time it was exclusively for women. Later they produced clothing for both the sexes. It is now globally recognized. The fashion statement created by it is through distressed fabrics. It predominately makes use of black color. The colorful patterns and designs along with exaggerated silhouettes and unfinished seams make it stand out from others.

The 22nd street in New York City and Los Angeles store was opened due to popular demand. The essence of this chain of clothing is non-conformity. Comme des Garcons has something for everyone to offer. It is unique in its approach.

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7-Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a fashion designer of repute. His style is of fashion unique and thus popular. He has experimented with clothing creating impressive garments. He has founded multiple lines and brands under his Issey Miyake Inc. His stores are in many countries including New York which does a brisk business. He is innovative in fashion labels and known for pleating methods.

There are more than a dozen of his stores in Japan. His New York Store is popular and so are his other stores in other parts of the globe. His bags, jackets, pants are meant for men and women. He has come a long way since 1970 when he started.

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Q1. What are some japanese clothing brands?

Comme des Garçons

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