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Best 10 Bicycle Brands in the USA

Apart from saving the environment from deterioration and keeping your body healthy & fit, bicycling infuses enthusiasm into people belonging to all age categories. But choosing the right bicycle is no less than a tricky and complex task. The stunning look, comfort, quality and extraordinary features coalesce together and build a unique bicycle for a toddler, teen, adult or mountaineer. Here are the best 10 bicycle brands which are quite popular in the USA for their top-notch quality features and great comfort. This list of top bicycle brands in the USA will make your selection process easy.

1. KGS Bikes –

One of the top US brands, KGS Bikes is known for its customized Bicycle manufacturing and providing an unparalleled experience to the riders. This customized Tier 3 bicycle beauty is worthy of the $30,000 expenditure as it offers you the advantage of adding some unique features that you want to add in a Tier 3 Bike.The KGS Bikes bicycle brand is run by Kevin Saunders who has a prolonged experience of 25 years and he believes in creating each bicycle specifically according to the customer’s or the racer’s demand. Featuring the finest components, KGS Bikes are utilized by passionate ones.

2. Litespeed

Established in the year 2005, the Litespeed bicycle brand of the USA is well-recognized for its lighter weight, improved geometry and aerodynamic accessories etc. This brand ensures the Litespeed riders that they will experience all the inbuilt features in the bicycle while having their first ride. These attributes of Litespeed bicycle include technological advantage, custom capability and heirloom quality etc. Fulfilling diverse needs of riders through different bicycle models like Gravel, Road and Mountain, Litespeed proves its capability on every surface and it is now exceeding the expectations of bicycle riders.

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3. Merida –

Another US-based bicycle brand that is designing and manufacturing exceptional bicycles for passionate riders since 1972. Holding a record of building 2.2 million bicycles every year, this brand witnesses great sales after every new bicycle launch. The iconic products of Merida are found in nearly 77 countries. Riding the Merida bicycle develops the feeling of choosing the right bicycle rather than riding any bicycle. The team effort of creating the best bicycle for a normal or passionate ride includes so many individuals who are adept at specific manufacturing skills. Whether you want to buy one for mountains, roads or a hybrid purpose, Merida is the right choice for every need.

4. Kona –

This Pacific Northwest-based leading brand of bicycle manufacturing has its head offices in Washington, Vancouver and Geneva etc. Started in 1988, the Kona bicycle company designed the very first Tube Mountain bicycle for riders. This company is winning the trust of riders for ages by designing one of the best bicycles and it has become the biggest bicycle brand in North America. Though the advanced technologies and features enable the Kona bicycles to outshine, their exceptional advantage of handling the extreme downhill land makes this US-based bicycle brand unique among riders.

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5. S-Works (Specialized Bicycles) –

This brand was established back in 1974 by bicycle enthusiast and devotee Mike Sinyard. Their fine design and valuable accessories lured five Olympians to utilize the S-Works bicycle in the Olympic championship. This number of Olympians is the greatest of till date who used Specialized bicycles in an international competition. Apart from the inbuilt fancy features in these bicycles, the trait of easily managing them compels the riders to choose Specialized bicycles for their daily purposes or specific ones. Their invention of the Stumpjumper revolutionized the bicycle industry in 1988.

6. Trek Cycles –

Trek Cycles USA brand is known for its product’s durability and the comfort it provides during the ride. Manufacturing the bicycles since 1976, this brand has come a long way and still enhancing its value by improving the product quality every single year. Holding an excellency beyond a rider’s expectation, this brand poses the caliber to completely transform the rider’s experience. Usually, bicycles can not bear a weight of more than 250 LBS but Trek Cycles can be used effortlessly by a person weighing more than 300 LBS. Whether you need a trail-shredding mountain bicycle, a lightning-quick road bicycle or a stylish city bicycle, Trek Brand is ready with its comprehensive services.

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7. Montante Luxury Gold –

Established in the year 1908, Montante is one of the luxury bicycle brands for women. This expensive women’s bicycle body is covered with 24-karat gold leaf and 11,000 Swarovski stones. The unique and delicate features of the Montante bicycle like a traditional dynamo, leather saddle, road brakes and hand-sewn python leather grips make it more captivating. This luxury brand costs $46,000 and it feels worth payable while sitting on a cushion-topped seat made up of pure leather.

8. Cannondale Bikes –

Cannondale brand of bicycle in the USA is nothing but value for money. This brand commenced its journey in the year 1971 with backpacks and camping goods. But their first bicycle model named ST500 revolutionary this riding industry when it was launched in 1983. Later they became a famous USA-based bicycle brand when they launched the mountain bikes. Now the company is designing some unique products which are made up of aluminum and carbon frames. These high-end bicycles are creating a special place for themselves among the riders. It reads different data and provides connectivity of Bluetooth and USB.

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9. Scott Bikes –

The Scott brand has been producing Bicycles, winter equipment, moto sports gear and sportswear since 1958. But now they are widely known by all ages peoples for their durable bicycles. In 1992, they presented their first full-suspension mountain bicycle and gained rapid popularity for this amazing product. This bicycle brand created history by introducing a meaningful element which was an aerodynamic handlebar. The frames of Scott bicycles are made up of alloy and carbon fiber. The size range of Scott bicycles varies from 155-195 centimeters which makes the ride more convenient and easy.

10. Santa Cruz –

A quite popular bicycle brand in the USA, Santa Cruz is producing a wide range of bicycles since its establishment in the year 1993. Their lucrative features like lifetime warranty on frames, carbon wheels, handlebars and pivot bearings etc impact the riders massively. This brand utilizes quality production material and that is one of the strong reasons their older bicycle models stay in high demand. These durable bicycles are quite expensive but it is all worth to buy them for a comfortable ride. The brand uses materials like Carbon C and Carbon CC, aluminum etc in building the frames.

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Q1. What is the best brand of bicycle?


Q2. What brand of bicycle has a shock spring on the front wheel?

Gravel bikes
These bikes often have suspension forks like the RockShox Rudy.
Himiway’s suspension systems reduce impact on the body, which can minimize fatigue and discomfort.
Mountain bikes
Most mountain bikes have suspension, but not all mountain bikers need the same amount and type. Hardtail mountain bikes don’t have a rear shock, while full suspension bikes have front and rear shocks.

Q3. What bicycle brand has the longest lifespan?

Kona: Known for their durable freeride mountain bikes made of aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, or titanium
Trek: Some say they’ve had good luck with Trek bikes
Giant: Some say they’ve had good luck with Giant bikes

Q4. What is the brand best comfort bicycle for a 54 year old man?

For many leisurely riders (of all ages, but especially those who are older), a comfort hybrid or cruiser bike is a great choice. 

Q5. What bicycle brands sell electric bicycles?

NIBE Motors Electric Bicycle. …
Hero Lectro Unisex-Adult Hero C6E 700C 7S Electric Cycle. …
EMotorad EMX Electric Cycle 27.5″ Wheel Size. …
NINETY ONE Enigma 700C Orange Electric Cycle.

Q6. What bicycle brands offer comfort bikes?

Cannondale (3)
Electra (1)
Momentum (4)
Public Bikes (3)

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