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Top 15 Bicycle Brands in India

Riding can be therapeutic and even be one of the best ways to get around the city and you should make sure that you are getting the best model for all of your needs. Consider the type of biking that you would be doing, including in the city or off roads to ensure you are getting one that would work for that. The more you know about these companies, then the easier the decision would be regarding which brand and model you want to buy.

Here are just 11 of the top brands of bicycles that you can get in India, so keep reading to find out more about the companies.

1. Atlas

Atlas Brand in India

Atlas Cycles was founded in 1950 by Shri Janki Das Kapur in order to meet the needs of every individual in the country. They launched the first ever sports bike in the country back in 1978 and they have a wide array of models for everyone. Their most popular models are the Ultimate City and Motion, which are great for riding around the city and they have plenty of options for kids.

2. Avon

Avon Brand in India

This is one of the oldest bike brands in the country and they started in 1948 as a company manufacturing brakes and cycle saddles. However, just 3 years later they started to create bikes and they have some of the best bikes at great prices. They have numerous models that have a stylish and modern look along with some simpler models.

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3. Bianchi

Bianchi Brand in India

This is an international brand that you can easily find in India and it is very popular with bikers. This brand is from Italy and they have been creating bikes for more than 130 years and they are famous for their performance level bikes. The bikes that this brand makes are typically used for racing and not for beginners or those who are riding around the city.

4. BSA

BSA Brand in India

The BSA brand is well-known in the country and it was founded by Murugappa Group and Tube Investments from the UK. They also own a few other brands of Indian bike manufacturers like Montra, Ladybird and Hercules. They are pioneers in this industry and they were the first to launch geared cycles, kids cycles, ladies cycles and even the MTB style.

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5. Btwin

Btwin Brand in India

This brand is owned by Decathlon, which is a French company and it is popular with all of the biking enthusiasts. This brand was started back in 1976 and in 2006 they renamed the brand to Btwin and their goal is to ensure that sports equipment is available to everyone at affordable prices. They make the highest quality bikes that you can buy at some of the lowest prices, so go ahead and check them out.

6. Cannondale

Cannondale Brand in India

The brand of Cannondale is owned by the Canadian company Dorel Industries and they are famous for their innovative designs of bikes. They come up with unique designs and they manufacturer and sell them all over the globe. They used to have their manufacturing plant in the US, but now they are located in Taiwan and China. Their frames are typically made of carbon fibre and aluminum to ensure they are lightweight and durable.

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7. Dahon

Dahon Brand in India

If you are searching for a bike that folds up and that you can carry around with you, then Dahon is the brand to go for. They are the leaders in this sector and they were founded in 1982 by the Hon brothers and they were the first to debut this type of bike. These bikes are very easy to use, including riding on them and even taking them with you on local transportation.

8. Firefox

Firefox Brand in India

This is an independent Indian brand that is making a name for themselves in the bicycle market  in the country. They were acquired by Hero cycles back in 2015 and they have bikes for everyone, including women, children and even models for going off road and in the cities. These can be purchased online easily or if you find a local store, then you can get what you want.

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9. Ghost

Ghost Brand in India

If you want a bike that was designed by biking enthusiasts, then Ghost is the best brand to go for. They were started in North Bavaria in 1993 and they have a huge selection of urban bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes, road and mountain bikes. These options would fit the needs of anyone who is searching for something that would be great for on and off road biking.

10. Giant

Giant Brand in India

For a bike that is preferred by the professionals, then the Giant brand is the best one to go for. They have an amazing performance levels and this is a Taiwanese company that has expanded all over the globe. They have facilities for manufacturing in the Netherlands, China and Taiwan and they make bikes for a few other brands like Colnago, Scott and Trek. If you want a bike that you can grow with while you are starting out and then increasing levels or speed, then this is the way to go.

11. Hercules

Hercules Brand in India

This is a branch of TI Cycles India and the first bike of this brand was manufactured in 1951. They were also the first brand to bring mountain bikes to the country, including their MTB varieties. They also have their Roadeo, which is ideal for teenagers and these can be purchased at any nearby shop would have and they are also easy to maintain and have serviced.

12. Kross

Kross Brand in India

The Kross bicycle brand ahs been known for bringing innovation on the streets. The finest two wheeled luxurious experience with a tinge of modernity, Kross bicycles are an outstanding forum in the domestic market. The market niche of Kross bicycles speaks only of European fineness and extravagant designs. It is targeted towards the youth of the country. Kross bicycles, offers a wide range of products suiting every type and requirement. It’s aim is to provide the bicycles for each and every kind of use. Light weight and highly durable, you must consider it.

13. Hero

Hero Brand in India

The name needs no introduction, Hero bicycles, Ludhiana based domestic manufacturer is largest in the country. Hero bicycles are designed and developed to fit the needs and aspirations of Indian consumers. It offers versatile riding experience with the first rate features. The hero bicycles are available for all kinds of usage. The bicycles are critically built to deliver advanced performance.

14. Cosmic

Cosmic Brand in India

An Indian brand coming under the low to medium ranges manufactures best MTB bikes in India. They hold a goodwill in classic designs and top notch engineering that they put in their products. The Cosmic bicycles ace in the joy rides. They offer value for money and they specialize in kid’s section.

15. Schnell Bicycles

Schnell Bicycles Brand in India

An Indian company based in Pune brings the best of bicycles for every terrain. The literal meaning of the term Schnell is “fast and quick” in German. It amalgamates the finest components to build, develop and manufacture the superior quality products for their consumers. The market of Schnell is ever growing and it is very much liked among the youth of our country.

It can be a confusing decision when it comes to what bike you should buy and you need to think about where you are going to be riding. Also, you want to think about how easily you want it to fold up or how you can store it as well as who created it. These are just a few of the top brands that you can purchase all over India or online, so make sure that you are picking the one that would fit all of your requirements, including the size, style, price and usage.

16. Mach City Bikes

Mach City Bikes

Known for their style, comfort and performance, Mach bikes have always been a favorite among cyclists. The Mach City Bikes are ideal for long distances and burning some intense calories. Choose among the stylish designs of the bike available at their stores in India.


Q1. Which cycle brand is best in India?

A. Hero, Atlas, Avon are some best cycle brands in India.

Q2. How many people can sit on a tandem bicycle?

A. 2

Q3. What is the first cycle company in India​?

A. Hercules

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