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Top 15 Car Brands In India

Cars are the modern vehicles which are used to travel large distances, like from one city to villages to town and even countries. The invention of cars has changed the meaning of traveling. It has helped in better communication and helps to reduce a lot of time.

But as time has increased the cars have also changed with time. There are many different features present in the cars that will help you to define your cars. It is very important to buy a car which is worth its money but at the same time, the car should have the best safety features.

Here are the topmost 11 car brands in India, from here you can choose the desired brand. They are as follows:

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Cars Brand in India

Maruti Suzuki is the best collaboration between India and Japan. Formally known as Maruti Udyog Limited is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in India. The first manufacturing unit was established in Gurgaon, India. Maruti was founded by the Indian government and then with the Japanese company Suzuki, it collaborated.

The cars are very much preferred it has many advantages thus it is widely used in India. The mileage of the cars is very good and there are service centers and all the parts are easily available. The car gives a very low grunt thus making it easy to drive in different cities. Therefore, Maruti Suzuki is the number 1 automobile company in India.

2. Hyundai

Hyundai Cars Brand in India

Hyundai is a South Korean international automobile company. It first came to India in1996 and from then it is also regarded as one of the biggest car selling in India. The company first introduced Santro in 1998 in India and from then onwards it started to produce and also manufacture cars in India. The first manufacturing unit is in Hyderabad.

They introduced Getz, Accent and after that the Grand i10 and I20 which has a variant in petrol and diesel. The cars have the best engine and it gives good mileage. The car has a very sturdy feature and as it has petrol and diesel variant it can last for a long time.

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3. Mahindra

Mahindra Cars Brand in India

Mahindra is one of the multinational automobile companies of Indian Origin. The headquarters of Mahindra is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the best producer of cars, electric cars, commercial vehicles, and tractors. The commercial vehicles are regarded as one of the best quality cars in the world. It has a complete set of cars available starting from diesel cars to electric cars to commercial and heavy cars.

The automobile company produces the best quality of cars with wide ranges. The SUV cars are the most supreme cars of Mahindra. All the cars give good mileage and can be used in different states of India. Thus, Mahindra is in the 3rd best automobile car manufacturing company in India.

4. Renault

Renault Cars Brand in India

It is a French-based multinational company which came to India in 2005. The manufacturing facility is located in Chennai. The first designing studio in India, by a foreign company, was set up in Mumbai. In India, Renault has collaborated with Nissan to give the finest cars. Some of the cars are awarded as the best-selling cars in India. the company has launched many cars amongst then, Duster is one of the most popular cars in India.

All the cars are very advantageous to use in India and the cars are very well suited to the climate. All the designs of the cars are unique and the cars have some of the amazing features. Thus, Renault cars are one of the best-selling cars in India.

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5. Toyota 

Toyota Cars Brand in India

Topsel Toyota is a Japanese multinational automobile company that was introduced in India in the year 1997. It is one of the world’s largest automobile selling company with millions of employees working. The company produces all types of vehicles starting from cars to commercial vehicles to tractors etc. all the model produced are very innovative and the services provided to the people is also very good. The price of the car is also reasonable with all the new types of features present in the car.

All the models introduced are of the latest models and each of them is better than the preceding. The company gives importance to the safety of the passengers sitting in the car thus they develop the best system to protect from accidents.  

6. Tata Motors 

Tata Motors Cars Brand in India

Tata Motors is an Indian based automobile company. It is a multi-national company with various branches in different parts of the world. The company has made its mark in the international market after acquiring the carmaker Jaguar Land Rover from the Ford Motor Company. The company is one of the ancient Indian companies which was started before Independence.

Tata Motors produces all types of vehicles like cars, commercial cars, tractors, and military vehicles. All the cars are spaciously designed and the seats are very comfortable to sit on. 

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7. Fiat

Fiat Cars Brand in India

Fiat is a European based company whose headquarters is in Italy. It first came in India with the help of Tata Motors in 1997. It set up the manufacturing unit in Ranjangao. As time has increased, the quality of fiat cars has also increased simultaneously. The company produces top-quality spacious cars. All the model of cars has its unique features and the parts of the cars are also available.

The service centers of Fiat is very much reliable and good. They provide excellent services and also give you the best experience of driving a car very smoothly.

8. Ford

Ford Cars Brand in India

Ford Motor Company is an American based company that first came to India in 1950 and had a partnership with Mahindra. Ford is one of the bestselling car company in the world. The company produces the best quality cars with many features. Some of the bestselling cars in India are Figo, Aspire, Endeavour, etc.

The company ensures the safety of its customers thus they use all types of safety measures to help their customers have a safe trip. The design of the car is best for a family to ride the car, it Is spacious and many new features.

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9. Volkswagen

Volkswagen Cars Brand in India

Volkswagen is a German-based multinational automobile company. It owns many luxury-branded cars like Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, etc. After Toyota and Hyundai, Volkswagen is the largest multinational automobile company in the world. It is in this industry since World War II. In India, it was first introduced in 2007 with Audi.

The first Indian Headquarters was set up in Pune. The cars are luxurious and regarded as high-class cars compared to other brands. The technology used in cars is all the latest German technology which ensures mileage, safety, and quality. 

10. Skoda

Skoda Cars Brand in India

Skoda is a subsidiary under Volkswagen in 2000. It was first launched in India in 2001. The Skoda cars are very stylish and have many features that will help you drive your car in India. As it is one of the subsidiaries of Volkswagen, all cars have the best technology present. The company is making cars for a long time and it also assures the people about the various benefits they will have using the car.

The cars are spacious and the car can be used to travel to different places without any difficulty. Therefore, there are many interesting features in the car that will make your ride feel easy and good.

11. Honda

Honda Cars Brand in India

Honda is a Japanese international automobile company that sells all types of cars and motorbikes. It first launched in India in the year 1995. The headquarter of the company is in Noida. Honda is an international car and bike selling company it has sold about 5.2 million cars all around the globe.

The Honda cars are very extravagant and have the best Japanese technology. The company has hired millions of people. The cars are very tough and it can be used to travel to different places without any problem. It suits the climate of India, thus it is widely bought by the people.

12. Kia

Kia Cars Brand in India

Kia Motors are a recent entry in Indian market. They came to India with a vision to win over the hearts and minds of youth. They offer futuristic products and best in class design. Kia Cars have revolutionized the automobile industry in India by their three blockbuster models. The three of them being Seltos, Cranival and Sonet. Kia Motors is a Korean company and has been existing in the market since 1944. The main slogan of the company is “The power to surprise”. They bring to their consumers exciting and inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.

13. Datsun

Datsun Cars Brand in India

Datsun cars entered the Indian market in 2014. They have successfully launched three models since then. The cheapest of them in redi-Go that costs 2.92 lakhs and the other two are Go and Go plus. Datsun cars showcase cutting edge blend of techonology and comfort. They come in pastel color options. The company recently updated their models to comply with BS VI norms. Datsun manufactures automobiles with crash resistant body combined with bold safety features. They ensure enhanced safety and superior drivability with dynamic control system.

14. Nissan

Nissan Cars Brand in India

A premium brand with affordable features is a top player in Indian car market. The Nissan cars price starts at INR 5.49 lakh. It offers three top class models and has 8 upcoming models in the list. The most well liked model of Nissan is Magnite SUV. The most expensive is GT-R costing 2.12 crore. Nissan is a Japanese carmaker company with strong presence in India. Nissan cars are definitely a smart buy if a consumer is looking for ample rear knee space, comfortable seats and ergonomic layout.

15. Jeep

Jeep Brand in India

An American automobile brand had its inception in 1943. The company manufactures SUVs. It launched its first locally produced model in 2017. Jeep operates in BS VI compliant engines. The cheapest model is Jeep Compass for INR 17.2 lakhs and the most expensive is Wrangler for 53.90 lakhs. The company has acquired a huge market base in a short span of time. They have redefined how consumers look at SUVs.

Cars are the most important vehicles in modern times. All these companies are making the best cars that will suit your personality and will go with the modern world. Thus if you are going to buy cars you should always consider their features.

16. Citroen


The French Automotive giant Citroen has captured a huge percentage of the car market in India in a short period. The Citroen C3 and C5 Aircross models have proved to be the favorites among car enthusiasts in India. The brand offers safety, performance engines, and infotainment features in their cars and is competing well with other car giants.


Q1. Which is the biggest car brands?

A.  Maruti Suzuki is undeniably the leading car manufacturer in India.

Q2. Which car brands depreciate the least?

A. The Honda City is a great resale value car in 2022 due to its reliable engine, spacious interior, and excellent fuel economy.

Q3. which car brand has lowest maintenance cost in india?

A. Ford Figo.

Q4. which luxury car brand is best in india?


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