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Top 15 Furniture Brands in India

If you are searching for new furniture for your home, then you need to be aware of what the top furniture brands in India are. There are so many brands all over India it can be hard to decide what one you would go with, but you need to think about if they have the design that you want. Not only that, but you should think about where the nearest showroom is in your area and what their price range is.

Here are just 11 of the best and most popular furniture brands that are available to purchase all over India.

1. Ikea

Ikea Furniture Brands in India

This is a Sweden based company and they have been around for years, but only came to India a few years ago. However, since they have arrived in India they have taken the country by storm and become one of the most loved companies for furniture. They have innovate designs that would fit all of your needs and they have everything you need from beds to tables and desks.

2. Fabindia

Fabindia furniture

If you want a brand that is trusted in India, then Fabindia is one. You might associate this name with clothing, but they have expanded into furniture and other household items over the last few years. The designs that they use are based on the local environment and they are made using wicker and much more. They have local made furniture that would fit into your current décor without breaking the bank,so why not choose them so you can get unique pieces.

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3. Wipro Furniture

Wipro Furniture

This brand has been around for years and years and it is one that everyone knows by now. The headquarters are in Bangalore and there are more than 40 locations all over the world. They sell a huge array of items, including office furniture, tables, partition systems, benches and much more. They are also very innovate in terms of their designs and the quality of items that they supply is one of the best in the industry and that is important.

4. Hulsta

Hulsta furniture

This is a newer company within India, but they have made their own mark on the market. This is originally a German company, but here they market under the brand NOW and there are 2 stores throughout India for you to visit. They make custom made pieces for their customers in Delhi before they are shipped out and their products are durable and superior, especially if you want something made just for you. However, their prices are a bit higher than other brands despite the quality being higher.

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5. Style Spa

Style Spa furniture

For those who want something a bit more sophisticated, then Style Spa is the brand for you. They have unique designs for their entire home range and they have managed to win over the customers in a short time period. They like to encourage their customers to come to the store so you can see what the actual products look and feel like before you buy them so you can be sure they are comfortable and what you want.


EVOK furniture

The brand was initially started in 1962 and the headquarters is in Gurgaon and they have physical stores as well as online ones. They are one brand that has managed to take the internet stores by storm and they are one of the most trusted brands. They have innovative, yet classic designs and options for your whole house from the kitchen to the bedrooms and even your living room.

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DAMRO Furniture

This brand calls themselves the largest furniture manufacturer in South Asia and they opened up in 1996. The headquarters for the brand is in Chennai and they are known for the high quality of their wooden furniture, including sofas, tables, cots, bedroom sets and more. All of their products have a good warranty and they help you with anything that you might need.

8. Durian

Durian furniture

This brand was started in Mumbai in 1981 and they are one of the top trusted brands in all of India when it comes to furniture. The first retail store by this brand was opened in 1999 in Ahmedabad and their quality is assured with their ISO certification. They have plenty of offices and home-related furniture that you might need like desks, tables, chairs and much more at affordable prices.

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9. Zuari

Zuari Furniture

This company is relatively new since they started in 2001 and their main office can be found in Chennai. There are more than 800 dealers that you can purchase this brand from all over India and they are ISO certified. They customize their products to the current needs of the customer and they have a huge array of furniture to pick from for all of your household needs in plenty of design options.

10. Usha Lexus Furniture

Usha Lexus Furniture

This company was started in 1983 and they are based in Gurgaon and they have furniture options for every room in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen and much more. They care their furniture with the highest quality wood that is available and they give great service after you purchase from them. They also offer water purifiers, fans, cookware and much more for all of your household needs.

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11. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio furniture

For those who want a brand that is well-known this is one of the top ones. Godrej has a huge line of household items that you can purchase, including furniture, electronic gadgets and much more. Their furniture is the highest quality possible and they have plenty of designs and sets that will make you happy and fit the design needs of any room in your home.

12. Nilkamal


A world leader in the moulded furniture segment, Nilkamal’s association is India’s favorite furniture brand. Nilkamal Plastics understand that Indian homes are filled with emotions and stories of their own. They come with a wide range of products for their customers ranging from a simple plastic chair to huge bedroom and office decors. The company specializes in wooden furniture and has a robust network of 50 stores, 3000 distributers and 20000+ dealers throughout the length and breadth of the country. Nilkamal’s offer best furnishing experience with budget friendly categories and charming styles and designs.

13. Wooden Street

Wooden Street

A Jaipur based company serving their customers across the country; Wooden Street is India’s first Online Custom Furniture Store. Wooden Street acknowledges the differing requirements of their customers and they provide a distinctive furniture experience with a spectacular range of customization options. The furniture in Wooden Street suits every type and pocket. It is a visionary step to do away with one size fits all approach and build furniture according to the will of customers. The company furnishes their products with premium quality wood to ensure durability. They feature free installation and delivery services.

14. Pepper fry

Pepper fry

Pepperfry has goodwill of country’s top notch online furniture website and a one stop solution for your entire designing needs and homely ambience. It has a splendid array of furniture products for each and every space and corner. The Pepperfry is more like a complete package and a classified e-commerce website. It is a right spot to get you furnishing requirements right. The other complementary items apart from your furniture like glassware, cushions and home décor are easily available on the website. Next time when you can’t find something in the stores please don’t forget to visit Pepperfry.

15. Urban ladder

Urban ladder

A consecutive entry surely has to be of Urbanladder because the e-commerce website is highly affordable. It offers most promising brand choices with premium quality commodities. The rustic items features on Urbanladder will enhance the aura of your home and will make it delightful for you to retire for the day. It comes with exciting festive offers and jaw dropping discounts. The value for money in Urbanladder is unmatchable.

16. Home Centre

Home Centre

Home Centre is one of the most reliable furniture and lifestyle store in India. The chain had its first store opened in 1995 in Sharjah, UAE. Since then, the brand has acquired the market of the Middle East, North Africa, and India. The brand offers several types of furniture and home décor items for your bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Knowing what furniture brands are available makes it easier for you to get what you need without worrying. There are going to be a huge array of brands to pick and choose from, including internationally known brands and those that are more local. Go ahead and ensure that you are checking out what is available from each brand and you can get what you need within your budget

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Furniture Brands FAQ


Q.1 ) what are high end furniture brands in India ?

Top 11 high end furniture brands are Ikea, Fabindia, Wipro Furniture, Hulsta, Style Spa, EVOK, DAMRO, Durian, Zuari, Usha Lexus Furniture, Godrej Interio. Click to know more in detail about these brands.

Q.2 ) what are the best bedroom furniture brands in India ?

Ikea,, Godrej Interio, Zuari are few best furniture brands for your bedroom

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