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Best 10 CCTV camera brands in the USA

Keeping a hawk’s eye on each part of your precious property has become mandatory for people through a qualitative CCTV camera. But choosing the right one according to the required factors and perimeters is a complex task for home or property owners. Here is the list of the best 10 CCTV camera brands in the USA that not only includes the brand name but also their promising service features, merits and demerits. Capturing a vast chuck of the market share these CCTV camera brands are quite popular among people of the USA as well as in other countries.

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1. Bosch –

Primarily centralized in the USA, Bosch is an ages-old organization that delivers quality products in the form of CCTV systems for households and access-controlling tools for industrial purposes. The AI-enabled camera range of Bosch enhances the worth of capturing videos and adding them with metadata. Relentlessly working in the direction of making the products and services far better than the previous ones is widely appreciated by the clients. A long range of equipment including video systems, intrusion alarm systems, conference systems, voice alarms and access control systems etc is offered by the renowned Bosch team.

2. Hanwha Techwin –

The quality and durability of the products of Hanwha Techwin make them more popular and reliable among people. From a low to medium and high range products are delivered by the Hanwha Techwin group across the globe and specifically in America. The easily operable equipment like security cameras, NVR, DVR and VMS solutions, software, Encoders/Decoders and peripherals etc are the best for homes, offices, service centers and showrooms etc. The consumers of Hanwha Techwin can also take the support of the app monitors and online operators. The only demerit Hanwha group’s users confront is only experts can install the tools of this brand.


3. Flir –

One of the biggest suppliers of CCTV brands in the USA is Flir which is also recognized for its strong bonding with government institutions for credible services. Also popular as Teledyne Flir, this brand has gained ground in the USA due to wider range coverage of locations for security purposes. Whether one wants to implement CCTV tools in offices, homes, enterprises, industries or for public safety purposes, Flir leaves no stone unturned in exceeding the expectations of clients. The products of the Flir brand are fully covered under the warranty feature.


Since 1979, GENETECH has been delivering value for the cost in America primarily in the fields of Biotechnology and security. The head office of the GENETECH CCTV security brand is located in California. The unified security tools, access control, video management system, license plate recognition and cloud-based video equipment are included in the product range of GENTECH. Highly trusted brand across the globe offers its top-notch quality services across the globe. Another attribute that lures the consumers of the GENTECH brand is, it holds consistency in upgrading the features of all products.

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5. American Dynamics –

Above all the acclamations of this brand’s product video-based surveillance is the most dominating feature of American Dynamics. Due to the timely updation in the tools the brand introduces the trending technology in front of its clients. This renowned CCTV brand in the USA is backed by the Tyco group. Due to presenting iconic tools like Network video recorders, video management systems, video analytics, storage solutions, monitors, monitor encoders and network video appliances, American Dynamics has created a place in the list of 500 Fortune companies. This highly trustworthy brand serves its widely popular tools across the globe.

6. Mobotix –

The cam services of Mobotix prevail from Antarctica to the tropical swamps of Florida. Both the online and offline support of this brand is trusted by scores of consumers. Being obsessed with loyalty towards valuable clients, Mobotix has become capable of including its name in the list of top 10 CCTV brands of the USA. The service equipment range includes the MOBOTIX 7, outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, thermographic cameras, Mobotix movable cameras and video management systems etc. But the clients confront one demerit of this highly reputed brand and that is, only high and middle ranged equipment are available.



Established in the year 2000, VIVOTEK has built an appealing image of its branded surveillance tools worldwide. The markets accept the reliable image of this brand and include it in the list of best brands of CCTV in the USA. But the services of VIVOTEK are not only limited to the extent of CCTV cams. Several other accessories and products are available for diverse surveillance purposes. You can find network cameras, video servers, video receivers, facial recognition devices, CMS stations, software and PoE network products at the online as well as offline platforms of the VIVOTEK.

8. Digital Watchdog –

A security surveillance company in the USA is always set to serve you with scores of CCTV cameras and network video recorders. The organization is primarily recognized for all kinds of CCTV accessories and Biometric products. Since 1987, it has enhanced its market shares and came a long way by serving customers with credible services. The clients favor this top-rated brand due to its IP products, HD over coax products and elevated skin temperature products etc. Though the high pricing of tools puzzles the consumers slightly, the consumer-friendly warranty policies compensate for this only demerit of Digital Watchdog.

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9. Adiance –

The leading organization in the field of CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment Adiance was established back in the year 2007. Along with the thermal cameras, HD and IP cams, NVRs and DVRs, the AI-enabled cameras of Adiance are gaining strong ground in this specific domain of surveillance. Both the offline and online support of this brand is highly reputed and trustworthy among the clients. The ANPR camera, 4K camera, Eagle AI camera and 4G camera of Adiance have impacted consumers across the globe but especially in the USA. Due to in-built features of high quality the cameras of this brand pose high-cost tags on them.

10. Anviz Global –

The global company of CCTV brands is quite famous in the USA for security surveillance, Access Control, Time Attendance and other security-related products. This dedicated surveillance brand offers time attendance, access control and mobile access to the people for their safety in homes, offices, industry, public places and other locations. The remarkable brand of CCTV cams and other tools is recognized everywhere for its iconic features. Along with the best features the user-friendly warranty policies enhance the worth of this renowned brand in the USA.

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Q1. Which brand is best for cctv camera?

1- VMukti Solutions:
2- Adiance:
3- Axis:
4- Hanwha Techwin:
5- Hikvision:

Q2. Which is the best wireless cctv camera brand?

Reolink Argus 3 Pro. : Best overall.
Google Nest Cam (Battery) : Best smart detection.
Arlo Pro 4. : Best outdoor camera.
Eufy Solo IndoorCam C120. : Best indoor camera.
Blink indoor cam. : Budget pick.

Q3. How many gb does a cctv camera consume per day?

On average, a CCTV camera uses 1–2 MB of data per minute for HD footage.

Q4. What is a cctv camera?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It’s a video system that uses strategically placed cameras to record footage

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