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Pocket Knives have been in the trend since time unknown. A pocket Knife is a legal protection gear that you can carry and secure yourself from any kind of attack. In order to handle or learn the technique of pocket knives, you need a high-quality knife that is durable and lightweight. Pocket Knives are multipurpose, i.e., they can be used for safety purposes as well as other chores. Here is the list of top brands that offer pocket knives in the United States:

1. Damascus

Damascus Steel pocket knife is a great pick if you’re looking for something out of the box. It is ideal for keeping it in your collection as the design of the Damascus Pocket Knife is something you can’t resist. If you’re a knife collector, you can’t skip the Damascus pocket knives because they are made by hand. The steel knives by Damascus are foldable and come with Brass Bolster Lock which makes them look classier. High-quality steel is used in making these knives. They are extremely durable and rust-resistant. So, you can buy it online at a reasonable price.

2.  Gerber

These pocket knives are foldable as well as known among the top sellers in the United States. Gerber Gear Paraframe is the top favorite series of the brand as it comes with a frame-lock design. These knives are simple in design with an open frame and fine-edge locking blade. The USP of this pocket knife is its titanium coating. Gerber Pocket Knives are light in weight, easy to clean and easy to handle. It comes with a stainless-steel handle which makes it easy to use. Another reason to buy Gerber Pocket Knife is its lifetime warranty.

3. Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail is a renowned name when it comes to pocket knives. These are made with stainless steel of high quality. The folding knife comes with a 3.75” aluminium handle and 3” blade which is an ideal size to carry on a daily basis. The knife has a liner lock which is great for safety and also has a pocket clip so that your knife remains safe & secure. The sleek design allows you to keep it in your pocket or backpack. The textured handle of the Ozark Trail Pocket Knife looks excellently classy.

4. Buck Knives

Buck Knives is a brand that is famous for making pocket knives that are ideal for daily use. The USP of Buck Knives is that they come with an option of multi-blade. The classic design will make you buy it in just one look. The inlay is made of nickel silver which makes it look traditional as well as urban at the same time. The multiple blades make this knife versatile and multipurpose. The company is confident about its quality and durability it provides the customer with a warranty of a lifetime. Go and shop online from the accessory store near you.

5. Doom Blade

Doom Blade Pocket Knife is an ideal pick for knife collectors and people who want to use it for multiple purposes. The subtle design makes it look decent and is ideal for use for different purposes. The blade length, as well as the length of the handle, are 3.54” and 4.33“ respectively. The stainless-steel handle in it makes it easy to use. Doom Blade Pocket Knife is ideal for camping and trekking purposes as it can easily cut the rope. Choose from the variety of pocket knives supplied by Doom Blade at Walmart.

6. Mossy Oak

Made of stainless steel, Mossy Oak is ideal for keeping in your collection. The knives are rust and corrosion-proof. The ultimate durability of Mossy Oak Pocket Knives makes them outstanding. These knives provide great rigidity and easy access to the user. The liner lock and pocket clip make it easy to carry and use. These convenient knives are easy to carry while you’re out camping, trekking or hunting. The camouflaged pattern highlights 3 decades: Elements Terra, Roots White, Country DNA, Mossy Bottomland, Elements Aqua, Mountain Country, Shadow Grass and Obsession. Get ready for any adventure if you have Mossy Oak Pocket Knife with you. Go and buy it from the store near you.

7. Old Timer

This is a famous brand in the United States that is known for its quality pocket knives. Old Timer Pal is the top-selling product of the brand. It is known for its lightweight which makes it easy to carry and use. The camo color of the knife makes it classy in every way. The blades are made up of good-quality steel and are razor-sharp. Thus, Old Timer Knives are great for safety purposes and are also pocket friendly. The 440A steel razor makes it an outstanding choice to have in your knife collection.

8. Reapr

Reapr is one of the top brands producing pocket knives for enthusiasts as well as people who keep them for safety purpose. The versatile brand’s top-selling knife is the Reapr Versa Cleavr knife which can be used for multiple purposes. It is ideal for using on your adventures of camping and hunting. Reapr Versa Cleavr Knife can be used as a butcher knife as well as strong build quality makes it stand apart from other pocket knives. It comes with an amazing 4 mm full tang 420 stainless steel blade which makes it even stronger.

9. Kershaw

Kershaw is a great name among knife enthusiasts. The brand is in the business of making convenient and raw pocket knives. One famous knife of the brand is the 1306BW Filter Blackwash which gives an ultimate machine look and functions great. The finish of this knife is unmatched and the metal used in its manufacturing is top-notch. For safety, the knife comes with a frame lock as well as a pocket clip which makes it easy to carry the knife. 3CR13 steel and the stainless steel used in it make this knife a perfect buy. Explore the wide range of Kershaw Knives at Walmart and choose the one which suits you best.

10. Swiss Tech

Swiss Tech produces pocket knives which are fit for any adventure. The top-selling knife of this brand is the Swiss Tech Wurdig 7” Ball Bearing Flipper. This pocket knife is designed for any kind of adventure because of its smooth handling. The Canvas Micarta handle of this knife makes it stand apart from the regular brands. It has a 3” AUS-8 Titanium Blade and a 4” handle that makes it an ideal-sized knife. You can easily grab this knife from any of the e-stores.


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