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H2o needs no introduction! The basic necessity to live in this beautiful world must be of top quality and there shouldn’t be any compromise. The water you drink should be free of all kinds of impurities unwanted substances. Therefore, we bring you the top brands of drinking water in the United States:

1. Great Value

Among the top Water Brands in the United States, Great Value is known for its purity. Great Value Purified Drinking Water is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing your daily drinking water. Great Value Water is the signature water brand of the renowned Walmart. DS Services of America is responsible for manufacturing this water. Affordable water is available at every store near you, especially Walmart. The premium water brand can be used for both commercials and residential purposes. The water is easily available at Walmart online and offline stores.

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2. Smart Water

The renowned company made its debut in the year 1996 in United States. They started by combining electrolytes with vapor-distilled water, making it extraordinary. Since then, the company has invested a lot in the R&D process and has improved the water quality to a large extent. In the year 2019, Smart Water introduced Smart Water Alkaline and Smart Water Antioxidant to meet the rising market demand. The brand offers other ranges of water as well like the SmartWater+ which is enriched with essences of fruits and other rejuvenating components. Try Smart Water if you haven’t!

3. Crystal Geyser

Another famous brand in the United States started its journey of providing quality drinking water back in 1977. The beverage company has been a top choice for the people of the United States of America. Crystal Geyser was among the first companies which pioneered unsweetened tea which is ready-to-drink and doesn’t contain any preservatives. The beverages produced by Crystal Geyser, including their special sparkling water are free from any kind of preservatives and chemicals. A pack of 24 bottles (17 Oz each) costs $24.67 at any store near you.

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4. Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life is among the best choices for people who rely on packaged drinking water. The brand Nestle, as we all know is globally a reputed brand and the products sold by the company are of top-notch quality. The manufacturing process of Nestle Pure Life Water goes through many stages of a rigorous quality process. The safety standards and measures used in the manufacturing process are top-of-the-line. The brand provides quality drinking water to the people of the United States. A pack of 24 bottles of Nestle Pure Life Water costs $16.25. The water is easily available at the stores near you.

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5. Niagra

Named after the globally renowned waterfall Niagra Falls, Niagra Bottling Company is among the top players in the industry. The company started its business back in the year 1963 when it started delivering drinking water to homes & offices in 5-gallon containers. This brand has widespread operations as well as great customer service. Niagra Water started climbing the success stairs in Southern California. Since the beginning of its operations, 60 years ago, the company is inclined towards its foundational idea of providing high-quality water at the most affordable price.

6. Ice Mountain

The tagline of this famous brand- 100% Natural Spring Water, justifies its quality. Made with top-notch quality, the water is a hit in the US. Ice Mountain is a choice that you can consider while choosing your daily drinking water. The company claims that the company sources its water from the three natural springs. These springs are situated in the middle of Michigan. The USP of the brand is the taste that it provides to consumers. The brand is dominant in a lot of states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. 12 bottles costs $14.25 in many states.

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7. Aquafina

Aquafina is a worldwide famous brand. This is because of the quality and purity. PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA) is the parent company of Aquafina. The company ensures that apart from the quality and purity, the consumer must enjoy great taste. The parent company PepsiCo needs no introduction. PepsiCo serves over 200 countries around the world. The company had a net revenue of $79 billion in the year 2021. The company has a very strong portfolio. Its portfolio includes Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Mountain Dew, Quaker, Gatorade, SodaStream, etc.

8. Poland Spring

Poland Spring Water claims to have 100% purity. The renowned brand is in existence since 1845. The water consists of naturally occurring electrolytes that help in providing great taste to the consumer. Poland Water is working to make the environment healthy. Therefore, the brand uses bottles and is ecofriendly and recyclable. The company claims to source their water from natural and clear springs. The company’s most recent spring that it added to its portfolio is the Ellis Spring which is located in Rumford, Maine. Try the Poland Spring Water if you haven’t!

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9. Dasani

Dasani is among the top names in the drinking water industry all across the world. The water company provides freshness and great taste. The water has mineral extracts that make it pure and refreshing. The company always make sure that it constantly gives back to the environment. 100% Recyclable plastic is used in manufacturing their water bottles. Thus, they can be reused, recycled and refilled. Another interesting fact about Dasani is that it is owned by the global beverage tycoon Coca Cola which is another great reason to choose Dasani as your regular drinking water.

10. Core Hydration

As the name suggests, the company is dedicated to manufacturing quality water that helps shape your daily lifestyle and physique. Choose Core Hydration to maintain your quality wellness. By quality wellness, we mean mentally and physically. The water is purified to the maximum limit. A lot of minerals are there in the Core Drinking Water. Core Water contains a balanced pH-level. The renowned water brand is a sustainable brand all across the United States. $6.58 is the price for 6 bottles of 0.5L each. Try the amazing Core Hydration Nutrient Enhanced Water from the store near you.

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Q1. What is the healthiest bottled water brand?

Evian, Fiji, Liquid Death, Acqua Panna, Waiakea

Q2. What is the best water bottle brand?

FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Q3. Which brand bottle water had no plastic?

JUST Water

Q4. Which bottled water brand is the best purification science project?

Grayl Geopress Water Purifier

Q5. What brands of bottled water have the least flouride?

My Own Water, Evian, Smartwater, Aquafina, Icelandic Glacial, Dasani.

Q7. What brands of of bottle water have the least chlorine?

My Own Water. …
Aquafina Bottled Water. …
LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water. …
Glaceau SmartWater Water. …
Evian Natural Spring Water. …
JUST Water. …

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