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With its origin in India, Paneer is a quite famous food in almost every Asian country. It is prepared out of full-fat milk and is known for its nutritional qualities. Paneer is a soft cheese which has characteristics of being non-aged and non-melting. This blog revolves around the top Paneer brands in the United States.

1. Amul Paneer

Amul, the largest dairy products manufacturer and supplier in India produces impeccable quality Paneer and has a huge presence in the home country as well as throughout the world. The brand offers Cheese, Butter, Paneer, Milk, Ghee, Sweets, Beverages, etc. in the USA. A lot of distributors in several states like New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Irving, etc. are providing Amul products. Amul Paneer is known for its top-notch quality and its unmatched export services from India. One can easily find Amul Paneer in the USA and enjoy its nutritional benefits.

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2. Mother Dairy Paneer

The F&V subsidiary of the renowned brand- Mother Dairy, Safal has a significant market in the United States of America. The brand offers dairy products and other frozen foods in the USA, including Paneer. Mother Dairy Paneer is notably among the top names in the USA. The brand has a wide market in the USA, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Paneer, being the hot-selling product of Safal is demanded by a lot of people here in America. Apart from dairy products, Safal provides Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (including Gherkins, Fruit Pulp and Concentrates) in a lot of states.

3. Ananda Paneer

Ananda, a renowned dairy name which originated back in 1989 in the Uttar Pradesh state of India is known for its large production of dairy items. The brand plays a significant role in making India the largest milk-producing country in the world. Ananda has a lot of dealerships in the United States and one can easily procure quality Paneer from many stores in the USA. The brand has focused on providing tasteful Paneer for the people living in the USA. Ananda brand is available in abundance in the state of California.

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4. Haldiram’s

Originating in the Rajasthan state of India, Haldiram is widely known for its top-notch quality food products. Haldiram’s has focused on providing hygienic tasteful food throughout the world. The United States of America was the first foreign country where Haldiram’s started its market expansion. Started with almost 15 products, Haldiram’s is now among the top players here providing quality food, including nutrient-full Paneer and a wide variety of its premixes. Globally, Haldiram’s has made its mark by offering quality Paneer. A lot of Indian natives believe in choosing Haldiram’s for its assurance of taste, quality and satisfaction.

5. Deep Paneer

Deep Paneer offers frozen Paneer in the United States. The brand has managed to occupy a large chunk of Paneer market in the USA with its assured quality and taste. Deep Paneer is manufactured in the USA itself. Deep offers fresh Paneer prepared in blocks, known for their quality of being Lacto-Vegetarian and Rennet-Free. A pack of 12 Oz is available for $6.04 in the USA and the block measures 5.5 x 4.25 x 0.75. The Paneer block is thin in design and is easy to cut and consume. Prepared with pasteurized whole milk as well as skimmed milk, it is rich in protein and other quality nutrients.

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6. SWAD Paneer

Available in 8 Oz packaging, Swad Paneer is known for its richness in taste and nutrition. The Home-style Cheese Paneer is available in a lot of states here in the USA. One can easily procure at any departmental store around or order online at home as well. The brand claims to provide a large percentage of protein in their paneer and also, and Swad Paneer assures traditional taste. Order from your stores nearby and enjoy adding it to your mix of spices.

7. Nanak Paneer

Nanak Group is among the top players in dairy products in the United States. The company provides employment to over 250 people here in the United States. Focused on purity and quality, Nanak Paneer is known for its taste over the years. Nanak Group has a huge presence in North America as well as in other 12+ countries. Nanak Paneer is prepared from rBST-free milk which is excellent for health as it is low in sodium while enriched with protein and calcium. The texture of Nanak Paneer is excellent and consists of an ideal amount of moisture in it. It is great for use in Entrees, Appetizers, Barbecue, etc.

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8. iGourmet Paneer

Available in the packaging of 7.5 ounces, iGourmet Paneer is one of the top choices of Paneer lovers in the USA. It is prepared with pasteurized cow milk which is high in protein and other nutrition. One can easily get it delivered via Walmart. iGourmet Paneer is known for its ideal texture and freshness that ensures taste and claimed amount of protein. The pack of three (7.5 Oz each) costs around $80 here which is quite affordable. The brand ensures the traditional taste and flavour of Paneer! So, try it out next time you go grocery shopping.

9. Royal Mahout

Royal Mahout Paneer is known for its quality Paneer and traditional taste. It provides an authentic flavour as well as possesses the qualities of an ideal Paneer. Royal Mahout Paneer is Trans Fat-free and is prepared out of natural whole milk. It is available in 12 Oz packaging. The brand claims to provide 7 grams of protein in its one serving of 28 grams while a whopping 90 calories and 7 grams of total fat. Shop from the store near you or order online.

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10. MTR

MTR is a reputed brand across the globe as it offers traditional Indian food in the form of ready-to-eat food items. The brand offers a lot of Indian premixes with Paneer being the top favourite. MTR provides a variety of premix Paneer recipes like Paneer Butter Masala, Matar Paneer, Palak Paneer, Shahi Paneer, etc. The container consists of 2 servings of 150 grams each which can be easily cooked and consumed. MTR premix of Paneer is easily available at Walmart in the United States.

The flavorful recipe of MTR ensures that you get the optimum satisfaction and nutrition from the high-quality. Travis Perry has some articles on nutritious recipes that you can try at home using MTR products.

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Q1. Which paneer brand is best?

Mother Dairy

Q2. Which paneer brand has highest protein?

 Amul (23.1 gm/100 gm)

Q3. which paneer brand is most expensive?

Pule is a luxury paneer produced in Serbia that costs around Rs 80,000 per kg.

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