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There are certain pieces of clothing that must be of great quality and practicality. Undergarments play an important role in our day-to-day lives. Choosing good underwear makes a man’s daily life easy and comfortable. Decent underwear helps protect against friction and irritation of our clothes. It prevents unnecessary itching or even infection. There are a lot of brands offering good men’s underwear. We have shortlisted some out of many available in the U.S market:

1. Fruit of the Loom

The cotton underwear by this brand is exceptional as they are comfortable and cosy. The company has designed this underwear in a special way they have added EverSoft ring-spun cotton which makes it more premium. This underwear helps you keep yourself fresh and dry. Fruit of the Loom underwear remains intact even after several washes. The ventilation as well as the support that it provides are exceptional as it is designed with a mesh fly. Try Fruit of the Loom next time you go shopping and don’t forget to check the size.

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2. AND1

The brand provides perfect-fit underwear for men. The superior fit and comfort make this brand stand apart from regular underwear. Whether you’re at the gym or home relaxing, AND1 underwear gives you amazing comfort. The brand offers multi-packs and you can choose the colour combination that suits you best. Thus, performance and comfort are what this brand offers to its customers. These are washing machine friendly as they are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Choose AND1 breathable underwear that allows you to stretch as much as you want.

3. Gildan

The brand manufactures underwear and boxers that are made up of soft cotton of premium quality. They are ideal for all-day comfort as they are made with an inseam of 6 inches. The waistband is very soft and comfortable and it can be worn for a longer period. Gildan underwear offers a modern design as well as a comfortable fit for the person wearing it. The underwear is made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Moisture wicking keeps the person’s genitals cool and dry all the time while the waistband makes him feel cosy throughout the day.

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4. U.S Polo Assn.

This company is one of the top players in clothing brands across the world. U.S. Polo has made its exceptional presence in many parts of the world. This brand is where comfort meets sport along with comfort. The top-notch quality of U.S Polo clothes is the reason that it competes with several international brands. This underwear is crafted for the utmost comfort as well as style for the customer. Soft and stretchable cloth is used in the manufacturing of U.S Polo underwear. The logo of this brand is extremely classy and looks fabulous. You also have the option to buy a pack of six which is cost-effective as well as provides a variety of colours.

5. George

This underwear keeps you cool and dry throughout the day. The comfortable underwear by George is all you need to stay comfortable throughout the day. George’s innerwear has the quality of controlling bad odour as well as unwanted moisture. The fabric consists of 74% cotton, 22% Polyester, and 4% Spandex and is washing machine friendly. A pack of 6 underwear will cost you $20 here in the United States. It comes in two styles: Full Coverage and Relaxed Fit. Explore the range of George underwear at Walmart and order online.

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6. Innersy

The brand is widely famous in the United States. Innersy underwear is among the top choices of men in the United States. The USP of this underwear is that it provides dual functionality, i.e., cosiness while you’re indoors and coolness when you’re out working. Black, Burgundy and Indigo are the top-selling colours of Innersy underwear. The fabric consists of viscose, cotton and elastane. Choose Innersy underwear to enjoy maximum comfort and style. The waistband is cosy which lets you stretch your legs as much as you want. It is great to wear every day as it prevents rubbing or itching around your leg opening.

7. Yuyang

The brand is already a hit in the United States. This underwear comes with a pouch as well as smooth flat seams. The 3D pouch lets you stay comfortable throughout the day. Its fabric is highly breathable, soft and comfortable. Yuyang underwear is among the most lightweight underwear on the market. The fabric consists of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes the underwear more reliable and stretchable. This fabric is machine friendly and comfortable as well as allows you to wear it for longer hours. Consider buying Yuyang underwear when you go shopping next time!

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8. Hanes

The men’s underwear by this brand is one of the best in the field. Hanes offers underwear made with the most breathable fabric. The cotton underwear and boxers of this brand are of top-notch quality because they help you keep away the moisture and odour away. The soft and stretchable fabric of this underwear will allow you to wear it for a longer period without any itching and scratching. The fabric is made of 100% cotton while some consist of a little polyester. A pack of 10 pieces of stylish coloured underwear is priced at $30 in the United States.

9. Athletic Works

The apparel brand is also known for manufacturing some finest underwear. Athletic Works underwear makes your day-to-day life easier as the fabric used in it is of top quality. The 4-way stretch waistband allows you to move the way you want. The premium design and classy fit of this underwear make it stand apart from the mainstream brands of undergarments. A 6-inch seam is used in making underwear. The USP of the brand is that the fibres used are recycled because the company is well-conscious about the environment. Choose from different colours from the Athletic Works underwear range.

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10. Wrangler

The brand makes marvellous undergarments for men. Wrangler is known for using top-notch fabric in its products which is up to the mark. The lightweight underwear by Wrangler is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something different from the mainstream. It promises to keep you fresh, comfortable and dry all day. The waistband is highly comfortable and cosy because it doesn’t leave any mark on the waist even after wearing it for long hours. Pick the stylish underwear of this lifestyle brand and leave no room for disappointment.


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