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Top 15 Refrigerator Brands in India

There are numerous brands of refrigerators that you can purchase within India and you need to know what ones are the best. There are options that would have a single door or double doors and a larger freezer area as well. You should think about what you would want to have in your refrigerator before you start the search to decide which one would work the best for you as well as your budget and available space.

Buying from a reputed brand is a great way to go since you can be sure that the quality of the refrigerators would be great and you can also get reliable customer service. Trusting a household name is the only way to make sure you are getting the best model for your needs and there are many within India you can purchase from. Here are just 11 of the best brands in terms of refrigerators that are purchased by homes all over India, including the following:

1. Godrej

Godrej Refrigerator Brand In India

This is one of the most trusted names in the Indian industry of appliances and Godrej has some powerful refrigerators. They use highly efficient coolers that would keep the food good for longer as well as 360° cooling to keep the entire interior the right temperature. Their selection of models is huge and they have something for every household, so go ahead and check out what they have to see if it meets your needs.

2. Samsung

Samsung Refrigerator Brand In India

Samsung is a South Korean brand and it has exploded all over the world and it doesn’t just sell household appliances. This is a brand that is definitely a household name and you can purchase just about anything from this brand. They have a large selection of refrigerators in any size imaginable and with different colours, designs and more to keep everyone happy.

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3. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Refrigerator Brand In India

This is a household name all over the world and Whirlpool is known not only for their refrigerators, but a huge array of household accessories. There would be plenty of designs that you can easily pick from to ensure that you are getting the right size, look and even freezer space for everything that you want to purchase.

4. LG

LG Refrigerator Brand In India

If you are looking for a trusted brand, then LG is the one to go with. This is one of the hottest brands all over the world and they sell washing machines, televisions and much more. They have a huge line of freezers and refrigerators that will keep all of your food fresh longer with features like smart connect. This brand can be found at all of the shops nearby your home and there will be plenty of models you can pick from.

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5. Haier

Haier Refrigerator Brand In India

If you want something that is unique, then you need to check out the options from Haier. They use the standard sized refrigerators and they turn them into something special by adding a wide array of beautiful designs on the doors. These designs don’t interfere with the technology or the usage of the appliances, but just help to add a bit more unique feeling to them. They also use popular technology to keep the food last longer and the temperature can be set easily.

6. Voltas

Voltas Refrigerator Brand In India

For those who want a simple refrigerator with high quality parts and good customer service, then Voltas is perfect. Their Beko model has a system that uses smart cooling to ensure that the temperature is at the right level and that all of your food is being stored properly. It also works hard to neutralize any of the bacteria and odours that might be growing inside.

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7. Bosch

Bosch Refrigerator Brand In India

If you are searching for an innovative brand, then you want to look at Bosch. Their line of refrigerator and freezers are some of the best in the industry and they even have a unique look to them. They have top of the line customer service and they have options that would fit any budget that you might have.

8. Electrolux

Electrolux Refrigerator Brand In India

This is a Swedish company that has made its way into India and it is one of the top brands available. Electrolux is the 2nd biggest company in the appliance making industry, which means you are going to be assured of the quality and customer service from the company. The brand has a huge array of refrigerators of various sizes, designs and they even use advanced filter technology.

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9. Panasonic

Panasonic Refrigerator Brand In India

Panasonic is a Japanese company and they are well-known all over the world for their appliances and household accessories. Not only do they have a huge line of refrigerators that would give you the options that you need and want, but they also manufacturer televisions, telephones and even digital cameras.

10. Hitachi

Hitachi Refrigerator Brand In India

If you are interested in eco-friendly technology, then Hitachi is the brand for you. They use very high efficient systems for insulation to make sure that your food doesn’t spoil as fast as it might in other models. Also, they have refrigerators with French doors, 6 doors and even 3 doors based on your needs as well as the bottom freezer style.

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11. BPL

BPL Refrigerator Brand In India

If you don’t care about having a few choices, then BPL is another great brand that you can choose. Their refrigerators are the larger sizes and they come in 690 and 564 litre options with side by side doors. They are known for their huge array of household accessories like dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions and they are making a name for themselves.

12. KitchenAid

KitchenAid Refrigerator Brand In India

A refrigerator brand that will keep your food not just fresh but also hold back the flavors. Kitchen refrigerators deliver form and function. It adds a class to your kitchen. The well organized compartments inside the refrigerator makes it easy clean and place the items. KitchenAid refrigerators keep our food ready to eat while maintaining the nutrient content. They are a great choice especially in summers. The products have moderate pricing and are very affordable.

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13. Maytag

Maytag Refrigerator Brand In India

An American brand fairly famous in India commits to the products you can depend on. Maytag builds a brand refrigerators that deliver excellent performance with world class features. The refrigerators from Maytag make sure you get a smooth running home. Maytag refrigerators are long lasting and offer a wide range of models and colors options to choose from. The brand shows unmatchable dedication towards performing better each day.

14. Thermador

Thermador Refrigerator Brand In India

Thermador refrigerators are an exception inside out. The stainless steel body, iconic interiors and top notch lighting defines elegance in true sense. They are inbuilt with easy temperature and humid control systems. Thermador refrigerators offer flawless functioning and work excellently to give their consumers value for money. The brand is well know in India. Thermador Refrigerators are a premium collection of integrated Refrigerators that offer ultimate design and space. The design of Thermador refrigerators is such that it matches your culinary lifestyle and enhance your interiors.

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15. Hotpoint

Hotpoint Refrigerator Brand In India

A renowned British brand, Hotpoint understands what it is like to be at home. Hotpoint makes it a point to work as hard as you do. The brand is a perfect combination of storage, style and performance. The wide range of models provided by the company suit all the needs and requirements of your kitchen. The well arranged compartments in Hotpoint refrigerators redefines the storage capacity. The Hotpoint refrigerators are easily available across all the stores in India.

16. Croma


Croma, a multi-brand appliances store in India, which is run by the legendary Tata Group, offers its range of home appliances as well. Croma Refrigerators have made their mark in recent years as they are known for their performance and after-sales service including the warranty offered by Croma. Choose from the wide range of refrigerators at Croma stores as well as online.

There is so much that you would need to think about when you are looking at refrigerators before you can even buy one. You should know what the top brands are in India and which ones will have the models that you want. These brands are all great options and they would have a huge selection that one could pick and choose from, so why not go ahead and purchase from them to keep your food better for longer periods of time?


Q1. Which are the best refrigerator brands in India?

A. Godrej
LG Corp

Q2. Which is the only brand in india with 5-in-1 convertible feature in side by side refrigerator?

A. Samsung

Q3. Which is the only brand offering 95 food surface disinfection in double door refrigerator?

A. Godrej is the only brand offering 95%+ food surface disinfection in double-door refrigerators.

Q4. What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

A. LG.


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