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Top 15 Innerwear Brands In India.

Every person wears innerwear this is often the etiquette in society. A far better reason than the personality is that it protects one’s genitalia and also makes them feel comfortable. This is the reason why there are several companies that produce men and women innerwear. There are several shops and malls with their stores where you will find different types of men and women innerwear.  

The innerwear is sort of a second skin and needs much attention. One should always wear the proper innerwear to enrich one’s somatotype and dressing. For linen pants and satin trousers, one requires seamless panties and for evening body-hugging clothes and dresses, high waist panties make women’s body look more flattering. Also, low waist panties and bikini are perfect to wear short tops and low waist pants. These are truly meant for ladies who want their innerwear to be funny as well as sexy.

We have enlisted the top 11 best innerwear brands in India keeping in mind about the style-conscious women and men.

1. Jockey

Jockey Brand in India

If comfort is your style statement then nothing can be best than Jockey. This brand has several different types of women panties, such as French cut, thong, bikini, brief and a lot more. They are mostly cotton panties which are long-lasting and skin-friendly. They are available in various colours and prints. It also provides a mole amount of coverage. It is a reasonable brand that produces quality products for both men and women. Their sales are increasing with time. The products that they produce are durable and long-lasting and also provides great comfort to both men and women. The products are of standard quality and hardly has any match, which is why men and women using this product can’t get over it.

2. Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets innerwear Brand in India

 This brand has revolutionised the way Indian women buy and wear lingerie. This brand meets the need of each Indian women. The designs are sexy, stylish and alluring. They fit every Indian somatotype. They offer an outsized sort of panties. Their net and lace panties are great to hit and love along with the super-soft thong. They are perfect for your daily wear.

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3. Zivame

Zivame innerwear Brand in India

It is one of the best innerwear brands in India and it is the biggest online store of innerwear were you get different sorts of innerwear for ladies. You will find sexy bikinis, panties which you can wear at work, cheekinis and panties for zero to full coverage. You can also choose to buy low waist panties, hipster panties, and full or zero coverage panties etc. The store is full of such products that fit all size women perfectly. The material that is used to make the inner wears are usually soft cotton fabric that is the breathable and best choice for all kinds of weather.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger innerwear Brand in India

It is another exceptional brand. This brand manufacture apparel and have their own stores in every city in India. This brand also offers a good range of undergarments for men. They are available in the least stores with a special price range. This brand produces high-quality fabric and is a prominent brand.


 5. Rupa Underwear

Rupa innerwear Brand in India

It is one of the oldest innerwear brands in India and it is counted one among the best innerwear producing companies for Men. It offers cosy as well as stylish innerwear like underwear. They are available for people of all age, starting from young boys to men. You get vibrant colours and stylish materials. This is popular and available in almost every part of India. Many Bollywood actors have become a brand ambassador and have endorse Rupa innerwear in the last years. This is famous for its top-quality material that lets your skin breathe through the material.

6. Clovia

clovia innerwear Brand in India

If you are looking for branded and comfortable cotton hipsters, lacy bikini briefs, boy short panties, then Clovia is the right choice for you. It is the best innerwear brand in India where you get everything as per your requirement. The products are elegant and beautiful and the material that is used in the production is durable, soft and comfortable. You get everything that you need here at affordable pricing. You can also get animal prong thongs and panties at Clovia. They offer you a wide range of designs and offers lingerie that fits you right.

7. Hanes

Hanes innerwear Brand in India

Hanes is one of the leading innerwear brands in India. They provide you with cosy, stylish and comfortable products. It comes with varieties of brief segments and boxers. This brand is best with its collection which is why it is so popular. The other things which make this brand a must buy is its quality and comfort. The products that are been produced are made by keeping peoples comfort in mind which is why it is both comfortable as well as great in quality. It is one of the best selling brands in India.


8. Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones innerwear Brand in India

Jack & Jones is one of the best innerwear brands for men. Their products are comfortable and airy and fit you perfectly. You will be amazed to see the vibrant colours and designs that they have to offer you with. You get several options for you to choose from. The products are made of good quality material which is why it is so popular in India.

 9. Bwitch

Bwitch innerwears Brand in India

It is a designer brand lingerie that comes at an inexpensive price. It has a good range of panties which is best for young Indian women. If you are looking to shop for stylish panties and need to feel sexy, you’ll choose lace panties, sheer panties, ultra-low waist bikinis, microfiber panties, and embroidered thongs. They also manufacture unusual print panties like animal and cartoon prints.The products are all top-notch and affordable.

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein innerwear Brand in India

This innerwear is for men that comes in several patterns and designs. It is an upscale and popular brand. Many young boys and men love this brand. They often wear it as it is a kind of a brand that’s visible inside jeans. This is a well-liked product among young boys and men because of the quality and comfort that they get. If you want to look hot and stylish you should at least own a pair of this in your cupboard.

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11. Triumph

Triumph innerwear Brand in India

It is a great brand with great appeal. It is a premium lingerie brand which is available in many exclusive stores. They are available in in-house retail and exclusive lingerie stores. The products are also available in multi-brand stores like shoppers stop and lifestyle. They produce an outsized sort of panties like body shapers and tummy tucker panties. It is a really stylish brand with sexy panties in prints, embroideries and laces. They produce some excellent quality product which is liked by all. They are Constable and breathable materials which makes it perfect for all kinds of seasons.

12. Body Care

Bodycare innerwear Brand in India

Bodycare innerwear are something that are in trend as well as stylish. The innerwear is made up of stretchable fabric that complements comfort and breathability. Though body care specialize in women innerwear, italso produces innerwear for men as well as children. These are the inner clothing that makes you fall in love with your body. They go gentle on your skin and gives a feel good factor. Bodycare innerwear are a great combination of style and innovation. They are a fabulous fit and feels light and cool upon wearing.

13. Playboy

Playboy Innerwear Brand in India

The ultimate brand that redefines elasticity and comfortability is none other than Playboy. Specifically designed for the masculine bodies of all shapes and sizes, Playboy innerwear are soft, cosy and stylish. Playboy innerwear complements the man in you. Playboy innerwear come in array of colors and sizes and are absolute delight to the skin. From briefs to boxers to lounge wear to vests, Playboy has something for everybody.

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14. Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer Innerwear Brand in India

Marks & Spencer is a British all under one roof retail store that has a global presence. It produces innerwear with 100% original quality products. The innerwear offer flexifit and comfortable wearing that feels like a feather on screen. Marks and Spencer’s innerwear have fine detailing, waist bands and closed slip ons for best wearing experience. Though the innerwear from marks and spencer’s have a little greater price but they anyway are the value for money.

15. Fcuk

Fcuk Innerwear Brand in India

French connection UK is a British brand that speaks of eternal style and comfort. Fcuk innerwear lay down the base for style and sustainability. the innerwear are light and feel soft on the skin. They bring the best for your wardrobe and fashion requirements. Fcuk innerwear are premium quality brand that are available across all the e commerce sites in the India.

16. La Senza

La Senza

The premium undergarment brand La Senza is known for its impeccable styles, fabrics and colors. The brand was started back in 1990 in Canada and now has stores in almost every continent. The brand operates both offline as well as offline. Pick your stylish innerwear or lingerie from La Senza and experience great comfort.

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Q1. Which are best innerwear brands in india?

A. Jockey – Best Men’s Underwear Brand in India. …
Calvin Klein – Luxury Underwear Brand for Men In India. …
Marks & Spencer – Best Premium Underwear Brand for Men. …
Van Heusen – Best Branded Underwear for Men.

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