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Top 11 Agarbatti Brands in India

Incense sticks or in India as they are known- agarbatti are a very popular sight in every temple and for almost all of the religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christians, and Punjabis as well. It is believed that the incense sticks, the smoke that they emit, it reaches the gods and that is how the prayers are heard. They are made of aromatic material which emits these fragrances when they are burned.

You would find these incense sticks in every home that you would go to. People often use them in the morning as well as for the evening prayer. Also, when you are meditating or you are in therapy or a spa, you would often find incense sticks because of the fragrance that they impart. 

In any auspicious occasions to various ritual ceremonies, you would find them everywhere. They have health benefits too when you use good quality incense sticks. You would find them online as well as in various stores. They are available in different budgets and there is so many fragrances range that you could go for.

The natural ingredients that are present inside the agarbatti, you would see that they would help in calming the mind. It would enhance your mood and would soothe your senses as well. It is a vital component when it comes to increasing your concentration while meditating.

It provides you with an aroma which is pleasant and would help you gain positive energies. Here are the top 11 agarbatti brands that have been serving the people for years now and have been gained a permanent place in temples and other worship places. 

1. Cycle Agarbatti : 

Cycle Agarbatti brands

This is the topmost brands that you would find people using in India. Also, as an exporter, they are the largest exporter of Agarbatti all over the globe. They have been in the market from the year 1948. And the headquarters of this brand is in Mysore, India. You would see that the products that they manufacture are aromatic, natural and eco-friendly as well. If you mention Cycle agarbatti to anyone who goes to the temple or is a worshipper, you would find that this is quite a popular brand. It was founded by Mr N. Ranga Rao. They are an innovative company, provides you with environment-friendly and pure products and also has been gaining a lot of fame worldwide. 

2. Moksh Agarbatti:

Moksh Agarbatti brands

This is the second-ranking agarbatti brand in India and has its headquarters in Bangalore. It was founded in the year 1996 by S.K. Ashiya. This brand has some amazing fragrant agarbatti that would leave you with positive energy. They have a total of thirty-five fragrances that you could go for from Gulab, Chandan, and other such mesmerizing fragrances.   

3. Mangaldeep Agarbatti:

Mangaldeep Agarbatti

A brand of the ITC group, it is a premium branded agarbatti that has been gaining a lot of attention since its inception. It is on number 3 when it comes to the top brands of agarbatti that are used in India. They have five manufacturing units all over India. And you would see that they have some enchanting aromas and fragrances like lavender, rose, bouquet, sandalwood and a lot more to buy. 

4. Zed Black Agarbatti:

Zed Black Agarbatti

This ranks in the top 4 when it comes to the top brands of agarbatti. It is a pioneering brand and its headquarters are based in Indore. It exports its premium products in more than 10 countries and has gained popularity. Their incense sticks have a long-lasting fragrance which would delight you. 

5. Hem Agarbatti:

Hem Agarbatti

Another brand which has been gaining a lot of popularity and was established in the year 1983. And with its headquarters in Mumbai, you would see that they provide you with handmade incense sticks as well. All across geographies, this is a very popular brand and from cones to dhopps, they supply them all.  

6. Patanjali Agarbatti:

Patanjali Agarbatti

This is an Indian brand which has gained a lot of popularity and not just for its agarbatti. From dairy product to everyday care, they provide you with all. The products are made from chemical-free materials and give you positive energy when you light them up. They produce a soothing effect and do not produce any kind of unhealthy smoke. This is a very budget-friendly product and the aroma that it would emit would be great and you could buy from a huge range of fragrances that they have. 

7. TataF Agarbatti:

TataF Agarbatti

The Company provide you with agarbatti under the name Pooja Deep agarbatti. A huge range of aromatic agarbatti is manufactured by them and they have so many fragrances to choose from. The prices are very reasonable and are long-lasting too. From sandalwood to rose, you would find so many aromas. It helps you enter into a divine experience and the aroma would soothe you.    

8. Hari Darshan Agarbatti:

Hari Darshan Agarbatti

One of the largest manufacturer of incense sticks in India s well as all over the world. This brand was established in the year 1980. You would see that they would provide you with pure ingredients and would provide you with aromas that would emit positive vibes in your surroundings.  

9. Nandi Agarbatti:

Nandi Agarbatti

This brand was established in the year 1936. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore. And the product that you would be buying from the manufacturer, they would be completely pure and would be made of natural ingredients. 

10. Nag Champa Agarbatti:

Nag Champa Agarbatti

This is a well-known brand in the world of incense sticks in India. It was founded in the year 1964 and from there it never had to look back. They have very innovative agarbatti products and people from all over the country like it. They also export it to various western countries. 

11. Kalpana Agarbatti: 

Kalpana Agarbatti

This brand was founded by Kanubhai K Shah. And was founded in the year 1970. It started working from the state of Gujarat and the aroma and the fragrance of the agarbatti has gained a lot of popularity among the people.   

These are the top 11 brands of incense sticks in India that not only provide you with quality manufactured products for your peace of mind but are exporting globally as well. 

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