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Top 11 Treadmill Brands in India

When it comes to working out and getting the run in that you might enjoy it might not always be easy to go out and run on the hard surface. However, if you are interested in keeping up your workouts even when you don’t want to go outside, especially when it is hot or dangerous out, then this is the best way to get it done.

Here are just 11 out of the numerous brands for treadmills that are popular in India, so keep reading to find out more.

1. Fitkit

Fitkit treadmil

This brand creates treadmills that are useful, yet small enough they can fit into any space in the room even if you aren’t storing it. They make models that are great for beginners if you are just starting to run or even for intermediate levels as well. They have around 12 workouts that are pre-set into the machine so you can increase or change it as you need.

2. Powermax

Powermax treadmil

This is another one of the top brands in India when it comes to working out and fitness. They have models that are extremely durable and have a sturdy look, which means that it would support you no matter what. They have plenty of console programs that you can use to get the right workout for your needs and they are almost fully set-up when you take them out of the box.

3. Durafit

Durafit treadmil

For those who want something a bit more heavy duty, but that can still be folded up, then the models created by Durafit would be great. The settings on these models can be personalized and they are extremely easy to use and set up. Also, if you have any issues with installation there is online support that is available from the company, which means they have great customer support after purchase.

4. Cockatoo

Cockatoo treadmil

You might not see a white or stylish design for a treadmill regularly, but if you go with Cockatoo that is exactly what you are going to get. They have a huge array of options that are all stylishly designed so that you are going to get the support that you need while you are running. They also use thicker belts to make sure that you are getting the surface tension needed and they are going to be easy to transport and fold up.

5. Sparnod Fitness

Sparnod Fitness treadmil

If you want the frame to be built out of steel, then Sparnod is the brand to consider. Their machines are made of the best steel, which makes them very durable and long lasting in terms of other machines. They have a huge range of machines that are ideal for any beginner wanting to do their workouts at home or even for intermediate level runners. Their machines are also easy to fold up and store when you need the extra space.

6. Healthgenie

Healthgenie treadmil

If you don’t need something that is very sturdy or that has a heavier look to it, then Healthgenie would have the best models for you. They give you free installation with any purchase of the machine and this is perfect for those just starting out running. There are models that don’t have any inclination and there are some that do, so make sure to find the one that meets your needs.

7. Kobo

Kobo treadmil

For those who are looking for some unique features, including a massager vibrator, then the models created by Kobo are perfect for you. The belts that they use are of the highest quality fibres, which means that you won’t have to replace them often and you can even fold these up and place them in a corner. They are also low in terms of price when compared to the quality of the machines.

8. Lifelong

Lifeline treadmil

For those who are searching for a brand where you are going to be able to find a basic model, then Lifelong is great. They have models that are simple and easy to use for those just starting out and other options for those who are intermediate runners. They have created models that are great for smaller spaces or for those who need to get in a quick workout between working or going to sleep.


MAXPRO treadmil

This is one of the top selling brands all over India and their models look sturdy without being over the top. Their models can be perfect for those who are just starting out, especially if you want the inclinations and various other features to make running fun. The speed and inclination can be changed easily and this is going to be very simple to learn how to operate and use in your home.

10. Kamachi

Kamachi treadmil

For those who want to find a treadmill that won’t be overly heavy, then the models from Kamachi are going to be great. This is one of the top brands all over India and they have models that are easy to carry and that can be stored away if you aren’t using it. They are also very affordable so you can find the model and specifications that you want without spending a lot of money.


STAY FIT treadmil

This brand has been around in India for 18 years and their quality is the some of the best you can find anywhere. Their models are great for runners of any age or skill level and they have great features, including inclines that you might want to use. They also have models that can be folded up to make storing the equipment that much easier when it isn’t in use. Go ahead and make sure that you are checking out any of these brands if you want to purchase a treadmill. You need to know what brands are going to have what features and what ones are going to be ideal for your various needs. These are just a few of the top brands, so ensure that you are looking at all of the brands that are popular in India before you make any final decision.

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