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Top 11 Laptop Brands in India

There are numerous brands of laptops that you can purchase all over India. Each of these brands have different models that you can purchase with a huge array of prices and specifications that you can enjoy. Make sure that you know what they are so that you can make the right purchase for your needs from the ideal store, so keep reading to find out what the top 11 brands for laptops are all over India.

1. Apple Laptop

If you are searching for a high end laptop that will fit all of your needs, including the design and high end specifications, then Apple is the brand for you. This brand is known for their Apple iOS, which is used for both their phones as well as their laptops. Some of their most popular models includes the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and even the regular MacBook.

When you choose Apple as the brand that you prefer, then you are can pick from a huge array of specifications like the hard drive, RAM, display and much more. Why  not go ahead to the store and ask them to show you the models that fit your needs and your budget?

2. Dell Laptop

This is one of the top budget brands in India and they have models that would suit all of your needs regardless of what they might be. They have models that would fit any budget range that you might and all of them have the highest specifications possible. They also have options that have both Windows and Linux, which you can get based on what you want.

They are known for their high quality built laptops as well as their customer service, which makes them one of the most popular brands in India.

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3. Lenovo Laptop

For those who are looking for a brand that will give you durability along with great quality specifications and customer service, then Lenovo is perfect. Their options are wide, diverse and can fit whatever you need them for, including for someone who is just starting out in college. They have created the ThinkPad line, which is one of the chosen lines for businesses all over the world.

4. Asus Laptop

This is another great brand that all of India loves and Asus has laptops that can handle all of your needs. They have the some of the highest quality specifications available at prices that allow anyone to get what they need easily. They have smaller laptops that are perfect for carrying to school and those that are great for business employees and those who need extra power

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5. HP Laptop

When it comes to international brands and service HP is one of the top brands you can find in India. They have numerous models that one could pick and choose from that would be ideal for writing, programming, playing games and even watching movies or television shows. Their prices are affordable and the customer service is just as good when you have problems, so why not purchase one of the top brands in the world?

6. Asus Laptop

If you want something that is simple, yet hard working, then the laptops from Asus are what you might want. They have models with high specifications that would be a work horse to handle everything easily or they have others that aren’t as high for students. There are numerous models that you can pick and choose from, so make sure that you are looking at the range and their prices to pick what you want.

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7. iBall Laptop

This is a newer brand in terms of laptops and iBall has been a name in India for years. Earlier they were focused on other computer accessories and now they have a new model out that is the CompBook. It is a budget model, which means that you can get this small laptop at a great price without having to compromise on customer service or the specifications that you need.

8. Micromax Laptop

The Micromax brand started out with mobile phones and after that took off they started making laptops. If you are looking for a netbook or a 14” laptop, then their models would be ideal for anyone who is just starting out. They are extremely affordable and will be perfect for a student who needs something to carry around for notes or to do homework.

9. Acer Laptop

Another one of the top brands that you can purchase in India is Acer and there are so many models that you can choose from. They have options that would be perfect for those who are interested in gaming or even some for people who are heading to school. If you don’t have a large budget, but you want a computer that will do whatever you need, then this is one of the brands to go for.

10. Alienware Laptop

If you are a gamer, then Alienware is going to be the brand that you want to go for. This one isn’t as popular as some of the other models, but that is mostly because it is just emerging in the market. These have some of the best graphics cards available along with higher end RAM and memory to make playing games easier. Why not make playing games easier when you can get the laptop of your dreams that is built just for that?

11. Lava Laptop

Another new business on the market in India is Lava, which is brand more known for their mobile phones. However, their new Helium model is 14” and is ideal for any student who wants something that is lightweight enough to carry with them. These are some of the best budget models, so make sure to look at them if your budget is on the lower end. You should always make sure that you are thinking about what the major brands of laptops are in India and which ones are most popular. This would help you to decide what brand would have the best customer service and the right model to fit all of your needs, including specifications and budget. These are only 11 of the top models that are purchased in India, so go ahead and get what you need now.

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