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Top 15 Backpack Brands In India

Bags are always an essential thing which helps to carry our important things. The bag packs are used to carry books, copies, files, laptops, makeup, etc. it is very important to have a bag that is very comfortable to use and at the same time has a spacious space.

There are many different brands which will give you full information about their bag packs but you need to choose the best brand for yourself. The bags should be light weighted so that you can carry heavy stuff without feeling the pain on your shoulder.

Here are the top 11 backpack brands in India. you should check and see which brand will suit your taste.

1. American Tourister

American Tourister Brand in India

American Tourister is one of the bestselling bags in India. it is one of the popular bag packs of the Samsonite brand. The company promises to deliver the best backpacks and laptop bags to their customers. The quality of the bags is very good and all the bags last for a long time.

The American Tourister bag packs are light weighted and it is very good to travel with it. The color of the bags does not fade away easily. The price of the bags is reasonable and using these bags is also beneficial. The bags can take up a heavy load, thus these bags can be used in trekking and for other purposes.

2. Skybags

Skybags Brand in India

VIP bags is one of the most popular brands in India, and Skybags falls under the VIP brand. The quality of the bag is very good and all the materials used are of the top quality. Travelers and school kids love the Skybags as the bags are very fashionable and easy to carry.

The straps are adjustable and the most important thing is the straps are padded. It puts less tension on the shoulder. The bags last for a long time due to the materials used. The bag packs available are of the standard sizes and you can get spacious backpacks.

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3. Wildcraft

Wildcraft Brand in India

Wildcraft is one of the famous Indian brands which are famous for making tough and good backpacks. The company is based in Bangalore and it is regarded as the best bag pack brands beside American Tourister and Skybags. It is the favorite brand of college students due to its various innovative designs and spacious bags. They also make travel bag packs which are a lot of space.

The company uses padded straps so that there is less stress on the shoulders of their customers. The bags last for a long time and they are washable. These bag packs are available in various sizes and a wide range of colors. They are preferred and the bags can be used on different occasions.

4. HRX

HRX Brand in India

HRX is one of the famous brands produced by Hritik Roshan. The brand has the vision to keep pushing until you reach the extreme. The X in the name stands for extreme. The bag pack shows a blend of fashion and fitness.

The bags have padded straps which makes it easier to carry loads. There are many colors available in the bags. The bags are available in many sizes and the price is also fine. The bags are mainly made for fitness people, due to that the bag is very tough and hard. It will not get damaged or destroyed easily.

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5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Brand in India

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand, one of the famous brands in the world. The company produces beautiful and amazing bag packs which can be used for traveling or for schools and colleges. The bags are ideal for people who like to use branded and classy bags.

The bags are very spacious. There are padded straps and soft cushions in the back side. They are to give comfort to the human shoulder and back. The bags are light weighted and can be easily carried. The backpacks are resistant to dirt, water, and different climate.  

6. Nike

Nike Brand in India

It is one of the favorite brands for athletes. The brand produces some amazing bag packs and many other accessories. The American brand is always loved and used by millions of athletes and other people. There are different ranges if bag packs available. All the designs of the bag packs are designed and largely inspired by big athletes and footballers this will drive a football fan crazy.  

All the bag packs are spacious and are available at the best price. Famous athletes choose Nike products. There are different types of bag packs available for athletes, office and also for travelers. So, you try the Nike brands for a better experience.   

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7. F Gear

F Gear Brand in India

F Gear is an ideal brand for men. The company mainly produces bag packs which are designed very nicely and it is very comfortable to use the bag packs. The stylish bags are liked by many people and it is one of the bestselling bags. These bags are compact but have a lot of space inside.

The bags are water-resistant and the finishing of the bag will give a leather bag looks. The bags are very much budget-friendly. They last for a long time. The bags give a professional look but you can use these bags anywhere.

8. Puma

Puma Brand in India

Puma is one of the famous brands for making ultimate sportswear and bag packs. The brand is a favorite of every athletic person. Germany based brands have all the exclusive bag packs which are very tough and long-lasting. The bags have their style and design which will attract t many people.

The company ensures the safety of its customers, so the bags can be used for hiking and also for trekking. The bag has spacious space and you can keep all your daily necessities. The company makes compact bags but they have a lot of space to keep all the important things.

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9. Mi India

Mi India Brand in India

Mi bags of the Xiaomi brand are the fastest growing brand in India. the bag packs are the latest products that the company has launched. All the products are of high quality and durable. The company has produced a very stylish and beautiful bag packs. The bag packs are ion to the latest trend in the market.

These bag packs are loved by students and graduates and people who are working. The bags are spacious and are very to carry. They have padded straps which makes it easier to carry heavy things. All the bags have vibrant colors which make it very attractive and eye-catchy.

10. Fastrack

Fastrack Brand in India

The company makes sports or casual accessories. Fastrack is one of the famous brands in India. It has taken over the Indian market for a long time. all the bag packs are of the best quality. People use this brand for a long time. All the bags are made with the best material.

All the bags have cushioned back and the straps are widened and padded to avoid any stress. The company has always been making light-weighted bags so that it can be easy to carry. The bags are very fashionable and can last for a long time.

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11. Flying Machine

Flying Machine Brand in India

Flying Machine is an emerging bag pack brand in India. it has produced a lot of stylish and spacious bag packs for different purposes. The bag packs have a lot of features and many extra chains for keeping your daily things. The company also offers a warranty period for the bags.

The bags are made with the best quality materials and no chemicals are used in the production of the bags. The bags last for a long time. It is washable and also the colors will not fade away easily. Thus, you can try this bag as they are good and are long-lasting.

12. Adidas

Adidas Brand in India

How about choosing a bag that keeps up with your move ? From gym to class to class or work to outings, choose a bag that moves with you. Adidas is a brand that will adapt to all your backpacking needs. The backpacks carry double layer shoulder straps, back panel, rich quality padding and a divider. Adidas backpacks offer strengthened hold and comfortable grip. The backpacks from Adidas have ample room for all your things. Be it office accessories or heavy books. These backpacks come in all colors and sizes.

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13. Diesel

Diesel Brand in India

The Diesel backpacks come with an elegant and iconic outlook and a sense of funkiness. Diesel has been a pioneer in fashion for the longest time now. It is a luxurious brand that envisions passion, individuality and expression. The backpacks have a tinge of vintage and nostalgic elements in it and offers style that creates a mark. Diesel backpacks contain premium quality PU fabric with sporty tape handles, metal military pullers and shoulder straps for additional comfort. These backpacks are spacious for everyday essentials and offers unforgettable combination of practicality and chic. Diesel backpacks own purposeful design that do not compromise on style.

14. Aristocrat

Aristocrat Brand in India

Aristocrat backpacks are most sought after collection of A1 bags that are perfect for any setting. It comes in all forms and variants like outdoor or business, stylish or formal, short trip or long vacation. Aristocrat backpacks are super durable and offers additional utility. They carry waist pads for extra support and easy handling of heavy commodities. The backpacks are trendy, spacious and complement your distinctive lifestyle. Aristocrat backpacks offer perfect mixture of design and number 1 class durability. They have easy to organize compartments, young-at-heart design and is all sleek and suave.

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15. Safari

Safari Brand in India

Safari backpacks are an epitome of toughness and class. They come with fabrics that do not wear down frequently. Safari backpacks carry shrink resistance quality. They are light weight and easy to carry. These brand offers wide array of items to choose from. Safari backpacks are weatherproof and endow ergonomic shoulder straps. They have sturdy cross structure and are ever ready for the next big adventure. If you are looking for backpacks that will assist you in all your adventure, you should choose Safari.

All these brands of bags are Inia’s top ranked. These brands have unique features that have always attracted people. You should choose the bag packs wisely and use them.

16. Quechua


Quechua, a French brand that has over 1650 stores in around 60 countries is known for its products like backpacks, sports apparel, etc. Quechua backpacks are mostly marketed by the famous sports brand Decathlon. These bags are fit for regular use as well as for trekking and other adventure purposes.


Q1. What is the best backpack brand?

A. Wildcraft 44 Ltrs Casual Backpack

Q2. What is the most durable backpack brand?

A. Osprey backpacks are known for their durability, comfort, and versatility.

Q3. What is a good brand of camping backpack in India?

A. Skybags Brat Sea Green 46 Cms Casual Backpack

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