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Top 15 Watch Brands In India

When it comes to watch compilations there are a few watches you cannot afford to skip from your personal collection. We have simplified the choice for you. Every watch fetish needs to look at these top brands in India.


Casio watch Brands In India

Casio has been quite a big and loved brand name for a long time in India. It belongs to a Japanese manufacturer. It has a diverse range of watches to fit all your requirements. Casio additions like G-Shock, sheen and edifice are the most trending ones among all age groups. However youngsters are crazy about Casio G-Shock as it reflects a sense of style along with great built. The whole Casio variety is full of fantastic watches, at all rate tiers that nobody would want to miss. If you are looking for an affordable wrist watch, without compromising on the quality and style then Casio is the name for you.


Timex watch Brands In India

Timex is a renowned and trusted watch brand in India. This particular brand name is acknowledged through many as one of the exceptional watches.  In case you’re looking for a cost-effective, stylish and durable wrist watch then you should consider a Timex watch. Timex has a wide array of styles. Few of them are The Waterbury Traditional, Timex MK1 Steel Watch With White Dial. Timex Navi Harbor, Timex and Expedition Field Metal Women are quite popular these days. It has a range of luxury, digital, classic & sports wrist watches for men, women as well as kids. A broad collection of stylish watches by Timex are worth buying.

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Titan Watch Brands In India

Titan is an excellent brand according to the class standard. It is considered to be one of the fine watch manufacturers in the globe. The titan brand is a product of Tata sons which itself is a super global brand.  This particular brand is simply devoted to presenting its clients watches that embody class and their creativeness. Titan corporation ltd is among the sector’s largest wristwatch producers and if we talk about India’s it holds the top position. Titan Raga is the female watch collection that is trending in the Indian market.


Fastrack Watch Brands In India

Fastrack is acknowledged as a youth brand in India. It is a sub-brand of titan. It was originated in the year 1998. The brand received a great appreciation and liking from the youngsters and teenagers in India. Fastrack is considered to be India’s major youth brand name. It streams a variety of sporty watches for men and women. Fastrack reflex 2.0 is the latest addition to the fitness style bands and watches. The quirky colors and styles makes it irresistible to not to buy it. Youngsters tend to find it quite affordable and within their budget range.

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Tommy Hilfiger Watch Brands In India

Tommy Hilfiger is known to be one of the highest acclaimed and beloved American watch brand. It is equally loved in India as well. If we talk about quality, durability, style and features a Tommy watch own it all. The watches stream a sense of class and elegance. It is a premium watch brand in India. Best Tommy Hilfiger watches in the year 2019 were Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710294 and Tommy Hilfiger 1781271. If you select Tommy Hilfiger 1710308 to be in your watch collection then you won’t be dissatisfied at all. Appealing quality and looks can never be ignored we all know.


Rolex Watch Brands In India

Rolex truly isn’t care for some other watch brand. Truth be told, the secretly held, freely run element isn’t care for most different organizations. Rolex is its very own vast expanse: regarded; appreciated; esteemed; and known over the globe. Rolex is the main watch brand that produces 2,000 watches each and every day. The organization is presently possessed by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. Rolex is one of the most costly global watch marks on the planet. From famous people to top businesspeople, these extravagance watches are enhanced by the world class. Rolex offers a wide scope of its choice watches that goes from proficient current plans to its vintage assortment.

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Fossil Watch Brands In India

It is an elite brand name in the field of watches. The American brand Fossil is extraordinary compared to other watch marks in India. It is very well known in India on account of its a la mode structures and moderate value extend. The smooth, tough and elegant plans of this best watch brand for men are recognizable. They have an integral explanation behind its prevalence. It provides the best assortments and range of watches for both men and ladies. The Fossil smart watches are one of the most exceptional and well-worked watches that track your portable’s ordinary occasions.


Swatch Watch Brands In India

Swatch is a Swiss brand established by Nicholas Hayek in the year 1983. It incorporates a shifted assortment of watches from tempered steel, plastic, and aluminum to elastic and engineered texture. The brand arrives in an assortment of value extend. It is recorded as extraordinary compared to other watch brands due to the quality it offers at reasonable costs. A Swatch watch is accessible at reasonable costs in pretty much every Indian city. It is one of the main 10 top of the line watch marks in India. This particular watch brand hold its prevalence on account of one of a kind structure and trendy innovation.

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Guess Watch Brands In India

This is an advanced brand that mixes design, style and remarkable craftsmanship. Speculation watches have an engaging structure and rich completion. You make certain to become hopelessly enamored with this American wrist watch brand that has staggering models, for example, Guess Sport, Guess Oasis, Guess Dress, and others. You can discover every timepiece transmitting in regal and sheer style. Additionally the durable look of men’s watches would make you display your watch at the gathering. So become a pioneer with this remarkable watch. From impeccable styles to the most astounding craftsmanship, these extravagance watches will undoubtedly make you begin to look all starry eyed at.


Giordano Watch Brands In India

It is really a magnum opus with swanky and exemplary style. It looks which is an outright victor for each design. Enjoy a running timepiece that has the correct mix of class and smooth. Giordano offers simple, computerized and chronograph show with programmed, quartz and hand-driven development. You even have a wide scope of lashes assortment, so Giordano has a plenty of styles. It is simply intended to ruin you totally. Giordano Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Giordano Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch are the two hits. However, the price ranges between INR 1300 TO 13000.

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Omega Watch Brands In India

Omega watches are the best perceived as the main maker of sports watches on a worldwide level. They are additionally a lot of adored by the Indian Audience and are respected for their extravagance watches. Individuals who possess an Omega tend not to redirect from this brand later on. It is probably the most established brand on the planet, which was presented in 1848. They are above all else venerated for their front line innovation, which gives them high exactness. The James Bond establishment has utilized Omega watches in a considerable lot of its motion pictures and in this manner; the establishment has earned a significant part of the distinction it appreciates today.

12. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klien Watch Brands In India

With Daniel Klein watches, you don’t need to ask for more. The DK watches are one stop solution for each and every outlook. It can go with any attire and style. The DK watches have strong metal built that are ought to last a little longer. The metal as well as non metal straps makes it a perfect buy. The watch brand serves all segments of consumers. It comes in all designs and colors. The wide variety of watches to select from is another best thing about DK. The watch brands are selectively designed and carefully crafted to deliver the best possible product. These watches start from INR 1400 onwards.

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13. GANT

Gant Watch Brands In India

GANT watches are build with genuine leather and 24 years manufacturer warranty. The brand has a fair presence in the market and offer style with class. These watches are for the ones who seek distinctiveness in their looks. GANT watches have a finished body with a buckle clasp that provides a strong fit on the wrist. These Vermont collection of GANT watches are water resistant. These watches can elevate any kind of outlook with their elegant design. This very Swiss watch sails the market with the luxury label. The price of these watches starts from INR 5100 onwards.

14. G shock

G Shock Watch Brands In India

A sub product of Casio, G shock is as the rough and tough as a rock. These watches are the best digital-analog watches that are there in the market. G shock watches appear on the wrists of by military personnel, athletes and sportsmen. They outlast extreme conditions. They are cent percent water and dust resistant. The heavy duty models of G shock are a great fashion accessory. The street fashion has another name in the form of G shock rough and tough watches. G shock watches have a robust finish but are extremely durable and light weight. The price of G shock watches start from INR 8400 onwards.


15. Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange Watch Brands In India

Armani as a brand needs no introduction. It is one among the premium luxury brands throughout the globe in the fashion industry. The Armani Exchange watches have a finish that suit all the wrist and adds up to the grandeur of personality. From the chronographs to the clean finish, Armani watches are a delight for the consumers. It keep the look game on point. These premium watches carry fine quality material. They go through methodological engineering in a way that nothing can beat it down. The watches from Armani Exchange are sure to woo anybody away. The price starts from INR 4500 onwards.

16. Diesel


The Italian brand Diesel is known for its amazing collection of wristwatches. Diesel offers a stylish range of watches at affordable prices. The brand has its stores spread across India as well as a huge presence at shopping e-stores. The premium watch brand is a must-try if you’re looking for something unique.


Watch Brands FAQ

Q.1) lois caron watch brand which country ?

Lois Caron Private Limited is an Indian Private Company. It is classified as ‘company limited by shares’

Q.2) which watch brand is best in India ?

There are many watches brands in India, like Casio, Timex, Titan, Rolex, Swatch,Omega You can click to know more details about these brands

Q.3) hrithik roshan is brand ambassador of which watch company?

Ascent Meditech’s Flamingo

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