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Top 11 Formal Shoe Brands In India

Shoes are not only footwear, but they form the part of one’s body language. Shoes define the way of one’s walking style, personality, taste, and preference. As one’s attire help in creating an impression on other’s mind, the same goes for shoes as well as they reflect one’s likes and dislikes.

Wearing formal shoes with any dress helps in enhancing the appeal of the attire and makes one look more confident and bold. They could be worn for any occasion ranging from a corporate event to a party. It is recommended to contemplate those formal shoes, which makes one feel comfortable and provide ample support instead of leading to leg pain.

Following are the top 11 formal shoe brands in India that would make feel stylish and comfortable simultaneously-

1. Bata

Bata formal Shoes

A Swiss shoemaker, Bata is one of the largest shoe producing companies across the world, manufacturing a considerable volume of shoes in one day. Bata started its journey in 1931 as a small operation in Konnagar near Calcutta, which now has spread across all over the world. At present, there are more than 1375 Bata stores.

Bata shoes are particularly famous for its affordability and wide range of availability in the form of a massive number of formal shoes varying in design, style, look, color, etc. Bata has shoes for everyone, whether the person is looking for elegant or wedding shoes.

2. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies formal Shoes

Got its name from Basset hound of dogs, Hush Puppies formal shoe brand is an American internationally marketed brand. The brand is famous for its contemporary and casual footwear for women, men, and children. The brand is also known for manufacturing lightweight sole, comfortable fitting, elegant and excellent looks, and quality shoes.

Hush Puppies’ formal shoes are capable enough to cater to anyone’s needs, whether one needs to purchase shoes for a formal event or daily use. These are one of the most enviable men shoe brands in India.

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3. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe formal Shoes

Named after French king Louis Philippe, Louis Philippe is one of the largest Indian formal shoe brands in India, which was founded in 1989. It is a division of Aditya Birla Group and is primarily known for its stylish and qualitative products. The main motive of the brand is to ensure comfortability along with the high quality.

Being one of the largest apparel and lifestyle brands in India, they always try to bring creativity and innovation in their shoes, which makes the brand the most admired choice among men.

4. Clarks

 Clarks formal Shoes

British shoe brand founded back in 1825, Clarks is a privately owned business which is now is now selling shoes over 30 countries across the world, marking its global presence. Being a UK brand, it is still counted in the list of top formal shoe brands in India because of its quality, reliability, and durability.

Moreover, it is giving fierce competition to Indian shoe brands. It makes the products according to the latest trends and fashion. One could create a good impression on others by wearing such stylish and alluring shoes.

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5. Red Tape

Red Tape formal Shoes

Affordability and amazing stylish designs are the main pillars of the international company, which is renowned by red tape is incorporated in 2006. Instead of dealing only with footwear, the brand now also produces a diversified range of apparel ranging from shirts to wallets.

Red tape shoes are primarily famous for its excellent leather quality, comfortable fitting, a plethora of styles, and highly affordable that could easily fit into one’s budget. The brand is endorsed by famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

6. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper formal Shoes

Founded by Morris Cooper and Louis Maister, Lee Cooper is an English clothing company that was incorporated in 1908. The company is admired for manufacturing a range of staggering formal shoes. Being an amalgamation of contemporary and comfortable characteristics, the brand could easily stand out among the entire official shoe brand in India.

The company targets mid-segment and provides high quality and value for the money spent by the customer. So, one could easily find a range of remarkable formal shoes.

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7. Tresmode Shoes

Tresmode formal Shoes

Being an Italian brand, Tresmode draws its innovation from a charming European lifestyle and designs shoes for both men and women. The boots add elite look to one’s personality and are considered as the prime choice for occasions like dinner meetings with clients, parties, formal or informal events.

Fabricated with the best material, these shoes are even worn by models during ramp walk and loved by urban city people. The shoes are highly durable, reliable, affordable, and comfortable.

8. Alberto Torresi

Alberto Torresi formal Shoes

Formal shoe brand by Virola shoes, Alberto Torresi’s footwear presents a perfect amalgamation of impressive comfort and staggering style. The brand pays critical attention to ensure comfortable fitting, whether one is in the motion of is stationary. The main motive is to provide superb freedom of movement without any slightest pain.

One could feel confident while wearing such fabulous shoes on any occasion, like meeting with the client, corporate event, or party.

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9. Woods by Woodland

Woods by Woodland Formal Shoes

Brand by Woodland and owned by Aero Group, Woods entered the Indian market in 1992. It is mainly known for its rough and tough design, which makes it perfect for outdoor wear. Moreover, the brand ensures a seamless combination of formal look with rough and tough design.

The manufactures design the shoes according to the latest trends and fashion so that one could accompany these shoes for any occasion.

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10. Metro Shoes

Metro Formal Shoes

Metro is one of the oldest shoe brands in India, which now has become one of the most sought-after formal shoe brands in India with more than 150 stores around the world. The brand is primarily hit in the men’s formal shoes. It designs shoes according to the latest international standard.

The brand does not compromise in the quality and ensures highly reliable and durable shoes. One could easily find crafty design at an affordable price.

11. Red Chief

Red Chief Formal Shoes

Brand by Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd, Red Chief, is an Indian brand that was incorporated in 1997. The brand is liked and preferred for its quality and durability. It deals completely in leather footwear and provides pure leather shoes.

One could find a variety of leather shoes at a decent price instead of worrying about the high price. Moreover, the shoes are endorsed by Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli.

With a wide range of shoes available in the market, which makes it difficult for the person to choose, the article entails the list of top formal shoes in India. So, one could easily make a choice by comparing the features of the above brands.

Shoes FAQ

Q.1) how to get bata dealership?

If one wants a Bata dealership, he/she can easily avail one by simply proceeding to their website where one has to fill in the information required and soon a Bata official will get in touch with the person. A person can also directly contact the company by calling the number mentioned on Bata’s website.

Q.2) hush puppies shoes made of which leather?

Hush Puppies is made of pigskin leather, which in turn is known to be the best and most durable leathers of all time.

Q.3) how to identify original louis philippe?

You can simply tell which one is fake and which one is real by touching the material. A real Louis Phillipe clothing uses good quality and soft material clothing in its production. The stitching is also perfect without any loose ends. The logo in fake ones will be slightly different than original ones.

Q.4) where are clarks shoes manufactured?

The Clarks shoes are manufactured in its headquarters at Street, Somerset in UK, which in turn has the capacity to produce 300,000 pairs of fine Desert Boots annually.

Q.5) how good is red tape shoes?

Red Tape shoes are made from genuine leather. The shoes are durable and comfortable to use. The shoes can be used for a period of 2 to 3 years if maintained properly.

Q.6) how much lee cooper shoes?

Price ranges start from Rs.2100. However, the price of Lee-Cooper shoes varies from different online shopping sites. In online shopping websites, the price range starts from Rs.800 to Rs.3500. Prices on Amazon and Flipkart may vary for such branded jeans and shoes. It may start from Rs.800 to 4000.

Q.7) how to clean woodland shoes?

Clean the shoes with a leather cleaner to get the grime off the top. Any product that has a detergent or contains an acid which destroys the natural oil and makes ageing of the shoe faster so make sure that you use a non-detergent and non-acid cleanser or use a brush to remove the dirt and scuff.

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