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Top 11 Perfume Brands in India

When it comes to smelling good you want to make sure that you are getting the best perfume possible. There are so many brands that are available for both men and women, which can make it hard to decide just which one is going to be right for you. Think about what options they have and who they cater to before you choose what brand you would purchase.

Ensure that you are thinking about what type of product you want along with the reputation of the company. These are important when you are making the decision about what item you are going to purchase, which means you need to be informed in advance. Here are just 11 of the top brands of perfume all over India, so make sure to check them out to see if they can cover your needs.

1. Adidas

This brand originally started by selling athletic items, but over time they have significantly expanded their market into various industries. Back in 2006 Adidas was purchased by Reebok, but they still create and sell their signature scents, which are made for men. Not only do they have perfumes, but they also have other body care items that are available.

2. Victoria’s Secret

If you can find this lingerie store near you, then you are in for a huge treat. They have some of the most seductive and delicious fragrances that you can purchase. These products are made and created for women, which is obvious considering that it is a lingerie brand. However, they are trusted all over the world by women for all of their needs.

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3. Wild Stone

This brand started out creating body sprays and deodorant, but lately they have emerged as one of the top brands for perfumes as well. There are plenty of varieties that you can pick from with the Wild Stone brand and you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything. The brand is known for their high quality products and unique scents, which sets them apart from other brands.


This brand is part of the Vini Cosmetics Care line and they have just recently came into the market. However, despite being newer to the market they still have their fair share of customers who love their products. The majority of their scents are marketed towards men, which gives them a spicy, yet intriguing scent with plenty of options to pick from.

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5. SKINN Titan

For those who want a French based scent, then the options from SKINN Titan would fit the bill perfectly. This is one of the top brands in India that are trusted not only for perfume, but also for other items like watches and more. However, in 2013 the Titan brand partnered up with SKINN to take over the market and the popularity has just increased.

6. Jaguar

This brand has been around for years since they started out in 1993 with fragrances for women, but they have since expanded their products. They are known for their scents, which are extremely high in quality and they are one that you can find internationally as well. The majority of their most recent options are geared towards men, but there are plenty of floral and fruity options for women as well.

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7. Bath and Body Works

This brand might not be as popular in stores yet, but you can purchase this brand online. It is a brand that comes from the US and they not only have some unique scents for perfumes, but also for lotions, body sprays, body wash and much more. They partner with a huge array of companies to give you the scents that you want and love.

8. Park Avenue

If you want to smell good and get all of your grooming products from the same brand, then Park Avenue is the one for you. These perfumes are mainly for men since they coincide with their other products, but the smell is going to be amazing and high quality. The prices are also affordable, which means you don’t have to spend more than you can afford.

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9. Yardley London

This brand is an international sensation and they have stores all over the world and they not only create perfume, but amazing body sprays as well. The brand was founded more than 400 years ago and it is still going strong with some basic scents and familiar smells like lavender, floral scents and much more.

10. AXE

This is another company that started out with body spray as their main product, but then they veered into the perfume industry. They sell products that are for men and they have scents that are invigorating and that would draw people to you. They are also extremely affordable and they use oriental spices along with sweet wood scents for their perfumes.

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11. Ajmal

This is just one more of the top brands that you can find all over India and they create the best perfumes for their customers. They also have options that would fit every budget no matter what it might be and the scents last a long time. They have a wide variety of options and some of them includes Bombay Dreams Floral, BLU Concentrated Citrus and much more to fit any of your needs no more what they are. If you want to use perfume as a way to smell good or even entice the opposite sex, then you are going to need to have the best that there is. This means that these are some of the brands that you should be checking out since they are the most popular ones all over India. There are so many different scents that you can go for, so make sure that you are heading to the store to find one that you love. Once you find what you love, then you can spray it on you and enjoy smelling delicious and simply enjoy basking in the amazing fragrances that are created by various companies.

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