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Top 15 Brandy Brands In India With Price

Brandy mostly contains around 35 – 60% ABV and is produced by distilling wine. Few of them are aged in wooden casks while others are coloured with caramel colouring which is completed to imitate the effect of ageing, and a few are produced employing a combination of both.

Brandy is formed from fermented fruit crush often grapes, but there are a variety of brandies supported apples, pears and other sweet fruits. There is still confusion when it actually comes to brandy and cognac. Cognac is a sort of brandy, only made up of white grapes. Brandy can come from anywhere within the world while cognac must come from the Cognac region in Southwest France.

1. McDowell’s No. 1 Brandy

McDowell's No. 1 Brandy in india

McDowell’s No.1 is on the top of the list of best brands of brandy in India. This brand is an USA brand that has three categories, rum, whisky and brandy. Launched in the late 1960s, McDowell’s No. 1 has been a market leader since then. McDowell’s No.1 is the largest selling brandy within the world by volume. This contains 42.8% of ABV. The price of a 750 ml bottle is INR 450 approximately. It is one of the popular brands.

2. Mansion Brandy

Mansion Brandy in india

Mansion House is a fairly fashionable brandy brand in India. The headquarters of this brand is in Mumbai and it is more popular in the southern region of the country. It had to be our next feature within the list of best brandy brands in Indi. because it is sort of affordable. This brandy has smoky notes and its total sale in 2010 accounted for a rise of about 35.9% as compared to the previous year. Talking about the ABV, it has around 42.86% approximately. The 750ml bottle costs around INR 350 approx but the price may vary.

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3. Honey Bee Brandy

Honey Bee in india

This brand actually belongs to the United State. Honey Bee is a rich and smooth brand which also contains honey in it this provides it with a sweet taste. This brandy product saw a enthusing sale of 4.37 million in 2010 which represented a sale increased by 21.4%. It is an excellent choice to choose if you’re trying to find a brandy that has quality also as affordability. Affordable because of 750ml costs around 420 INR approximately. In this price, you get great taste and texture with 42% ABV approx.

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4. Dreher Brandy in India

Dreher Brandy in india

Dreher brandy has a great amber color that is a treat to the eyes. It is one among the most renowned brandy brands in India. The preservation process is quite interesting because it utilises cylindrical oak barrels in order to get the enriched quality. The ingredients include natural vegetable extracts and cane sugar tones. Its costs around INR 350 approximately for 750ml which is great. The ABV level is 38% (approx) in it.

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5. Old Admiral Brandy

Old Admiral Brandy in india

Old Admiral is a brand of Radico Khaitan, which is a manufacturing company that is based in Delhi, the capital city of India . For its overall experience, it won a silver at Monde selection in the year 2008 Belgium. It has seen a tremendous response in recent years and vehemently crossed the sale of 2.99 million cases within the single year count of 2010. The ABV in this is 40% approximately and it cost around INR 300 (approx) for 750ml. This tropical brandy is the best brandy brand that India has till date.

6. Hennessy Brandy

Hennessy Brandy in india

Hennessy is the king of all when it comes to Cognac or Brand. This company was founded by had Richard Hennessy and is the highest-selling cognac brand within the world. This is an absolute choice of high-class society and it is in great demand. It is an unbeatable and toothsome flavour and has got a stylish taste. The first production of this brand was in the late 18th century. Hennessy has Irish roots and still preserves it somewhere or the other. The ABV is 40% approximately and the price of 750ml is INR 400 ( approx).

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7. Remy Martin Brandy

Remy Martin Brandy in india

Remy Martin is a French company that primarily produces as well as sells Cognac. It was founded in the year 1724 and it is based within the city of Cognac. They are the high stake producers of Cognac and owns a market value of the best brandy brands in India. It uses traditional distillation in small copper stills while ageing takes place in oak barrels. A bottle of 750ml costs around 1 lakhs in India.

8. Courvoisier Brandy

Courvoisier Brandy in india

A classified product of the Beam Suntory Group, Courvoisier is a rustic brandy brand in India. It features in the list of top 4 leading cognac houses globally. It is of a French descent which is why it has an alternative name, ‘The Cognac of Napoleon’. The corporate dates back to 1828 and it’s a taste of ripe fruit and spring flowers. Courvoisier is that the just one to receive the award ‘Prestige de la France’ in 1984 for providing quality products in France. The price of 750 ml is INR 350 and it has an ABV of around 40% approximately.

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9. John Exshaw

John Exshaw brandy in india

Made in France, John Exshaw has an aromatic texture with a richness of fruit flavor. This brandy brand is in great demand in parties and events. It is one among the common brands in India in Brandywine segment. The product is available in most of the bars in the country and justifies its status of most chosen brandy not just in India but globally as well.. A 750ml bottle of this brand costs you around 300 INR and it approximately has 40% of ABV. It is fairly affordable and highly in demand.

10. The Glenlivet  12

The Glenlivet  12 brandy in india

Glenlivet 12 is one of the best brands of brandy in India. It has a smooth texture. As a result it offers a refreshing aroma while sipping. It derives its magical taste from the intense maturing. The aura of Glenlivet 12 leaves you with a pleasantly warm buzz even after you have finished your drink a long time ago. This is available almost everywhere in India. The prolong preservation period of 12 years is where the brandy derives its name. The texture and color of the authentic brandy is unmatchable. The ABV of Glenlivet 12 is 40% while it costs around 5612 INR for a 750 ml bottle.

 11. Golden Grape

Golden Grape brandy in india

Golden Grape has a special blend of fruits which makes it much more appealing to posses. The high-quality bottled liquor again comes inside an affordable bracket for parties. Its mouth-filling taste and unique texture make it popular among all. It is in high demand and it is easily available. Along with that, the affordable price is what attracts people. 750 ml of Golden Gape costs around 250 INR. And ABV is 40% approximately.

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12. TI Courier Napoleon

TI Courier Napoleon brandy in india

This premium Indian Made Foreign Liquor French brandy is a product of Tilaknagar Industries. The precious TI Courrier Napoleon (CNB) is a perfect blend of fine quality grape spirit. The very character comes after careful fermentation in distinctive wooden caskets. It carries a golden texture and roasted oaken taste. The homegrown brand reveals an extravagant mix of honey, vanilla, fruits and a little spicy ingredients upon coming of age. The French brandy contains ABV of 42.8% (approx.) and costs INR 880 (approx.) for 750ml.

13. Constantino

Constantino brandy in india

The exceptional Constantino Portuguese brandy offers a unique velvet texture and the robust taste of spices and almonds. It comes in a bold yellow hue spirit along with greenish tinge. This excellent liquor blesses the taste buds with a creamy blend and splendid fusion of mauve aroma. The brandy sees a delicate fermentation in huge oak containers for complete two years to attain the intense build up. It serves best with smoked meat and strong cheese. The Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Constantino in India is 40% and the average price is INR 850 (approx.) for 750ml.

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14. Clovis

Clovis brandy in india

The grand Clovis XO comes with a surprise mix of best quality French grape brandy and premium Cognac. The elixir furnishes an exclusive and authentic texture complementing the rich earthy taste. It has the delectable touch of Indian spirits with the remarkable flavors of French descent. The golden liquid enumerates the distilled fragrance true to its name and grandeur. It comes from the distant lands of Nawabs and Maharajas nestled in the tropical weather belt. The ABV of Clovis XO is 50% and it will precisely cost you INR1270 for 750 ml.

15. Morpheus

Morpheus brandy in india

Rightly named after the Greek God of Dreams, Morpheus pushes you to dream big. It is country’s best selling prestigious quality brandy and holds a groundbreaking record of five gold medals at the Monde Selection. The luxuriant brandy holds a kind of stellar quality that comes after optimal ageing. It is a product of Radico Khaitan, an Indian company. Morpheus brandy has an enriched texture of wood and raisins along with a sweet taste. The ABV of Morpheus is 40% and the price in India is INR 1385 (approx.) for 750ml.

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage carrying a legacy of ages. If you’re trying to find a solid drink to form you are feeling better or to form you are feeling warm, then these brandy brands in India must be your go-to. Just pick your favorite and pour away!

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