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Top 11 Helmet Brands in India

It is vital that you are aware of how important wearing a helmet is when you are riding around on a motorcycle, even if you aren’t driving to keep everyone on the road safe. These are just one of the best ways to protect yourself in case of an accident and that also means you need to buy them from a reputed company. Here are just 11 of the best brands of helmets that you can get in India that are manufactured all over the world and then shipped here so you have the choices that you need and want.

1. Vega

This is one of the most popular brands for motorcycle helmets within India and their headquarters is located at Belgaum City, Karnataka. Around 60% of those driving around the country are using this brand of helmets since they are both stylish and durable. There are different types of helmets that they have on offer like open face, full face, off road and modular. They also have motorcycle accessories that you can get, such as bungee nets, shields, head wraps, liners and much more.

2. Steelbird

In the helmet industry one of the oldest companies is Steelbird and they have been operating for over 50 years. They create helmets with stylish designs that are extremely durable and comfortable to wear. They have low prices on their items, which makes them a popular choice with bikers and they have other accessories like guard kits, knee guards, leg guards and much more.

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3. Studds

In terms of influential and popular brands Studds or SMK Helmets is a brand that motorcycle riders in India love. It is known all over the country and throughout the world and their helmets can be purchased all over the world as well. There are different types of helmets that they offer, including industrial, off road, flip off full face, open face, flip up and more.

4. LS2 Helmets

This company was started in 1990 and it has reached motorcycle riders all over the world, including in India. They manufacturer premium helmets that are shipped all over and they offer luxurious products at an affordable price. They use composite bars, carbon fibre and polycarbonate in all of their helmets, which makes them extremely safe to use and durable.

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5. Wrangler

This is an Indian branch of the American company Wrangler, which started out making jeans and other clothing. However, it has branched out into helmets and it is a famous company that makes high quality items without being overly expensive. Some of the types that they make includes riding, protection, bulletproof, open face, Zach and safety helmets for anyone who needs them.

6. Royal Enfield

For those who ride motorcycles, then this brand doesn’t need any introduction. This brand is a spin-off from the popular motorcycle brand and these options are comfortable and stylish. Most of their options are the open face, which gives off a royal look with the company expanding into India from the UK.

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7. Aerostar

This company can be found in the Bhiwadi Industrial Area and that means it is an Indian brand. It hasn’t been around for very long, but during that time it has a great reputation because of the high quality of their products. Also, the prices are very affordable, which means you don’t need to scrimp on safety just because you can’t afford the high priced models.

8. Fastrack

This is a Titan brand and when you think of Fastrack you might think of watches, but they also make helmets. There are numerous types of helmets that they have on offer and they are all stylish as well as being extremely safe and comfortable. The design is full of curves that are edge like, yet bold and there are numerous options for any rider, including children and women. They come in a wide selection of colours, designs and looks so that you can find one that you want to show off.

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9. Autofy

The helmets that come from Autofy are famous for being of the highest quality possible along with having a unique and stylish design. The brand creates their helmets using only the highest quality materials like polycarbonate on the exterior. This means that they would be very safe as well and they are one of the top brands throughout the country and they can even customize a helmet for your needs.

10. THH Helmets

This brand is located in Taiwan and the THH is short for Ton Ho Hsing and it is a motorcycle rider name that is known. Over the last few years this company has increased their reputation all over the world and they have inched into India to take over some business. They make their helmets with carbon fiber kevlar to ensure that it is highly durable and safe for riding at high speeds, which will protect your head even better.

11. Shoei Helmets

This Japanese company has been making helmets since they opened in 1959 and they are known for their premium, yet stylish designs that every rider loves. This is one of the oldest companies in the world that are still creating helmets that riders love and they use carbon fibre to create their products. They have both open and full face helmets that you can purchase and they are uni-sexual, which means you can buy the same for both men or women.

Staying safe while you are riding on the motorcycle is something everyone needs to be doing and the first step to that is purchasing a helmet. Ensure that you are aware of some of the top brands that you can purchase, including Royal Enfield, Fastrack and much more. Think about the price along with the materials that are used and the durability, design and comfort level of these helmets. If you find one that you love, then you are more likely to wear it, which can keep you safe in case an accident does occur when you aren’t expecting it.

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