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Top 15 Bra Brands In India

One of the most important and essentials piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is branded lingerie. The posh, comfort and support that they supply are some things that we might like to give our bodies a day. It is like a companion thought out the day. Bras are those who have witnessed our worst and best time too.

Available in many various styles to suit different dresses, these also are available pretty colours, prints, and textures to form you are feeling good on the within. But ensuring the simplest quality of our brassiere are some things that we’ve always searched too.  To make that easy for you, here is an inventory of best brands of bras in India.

1. Triumph

Triumph Bra Brands In India

One of the simplest bra brands in India and around the world, Triumph International is headquartered in Bad Zurzach and has its branches in 50 countries. A world manufacturer and seller of undergarments, Triumph is an industry leader in women’s sleepwear and underclothes. Offering top quality, fashionable, comfortable and sturdy products at affordable prices, Triumph ensures the simplest quality of lingerie to its customers. Catering to the requirements of intimate and fashion wear, these bras provide you comfort and space and go well with all types of dresses thanks to their smooth appearance.

2. Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets Bra Brands In India

Pretty Secrets is one among India’s fastest premium online lingerie stores that gives numerous trendy and cosy at leisure bras and women’s innerwear. It is an e-commerce website that is headquartered in India. One among the simplest bra brands that have gained tons of happy and satisfied customers since its launch in 2012, Pretty Secrets offers affordable perfect fit bras for ladies who love high-quality products without cramming their budget.

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3. Jockey

Jockey Bra Brands In India

A market leader in innerwear for men and ladies both, Jockey International Inc. manufactures its products in Bangalore. The brand is stationed in India at Page Industries Limited (Bangalore). The primary innerwear brand in India to line up exclusive brand outlets across the country, Jockey caters to the requirements of athleisure and sportswear for men, women and youngsters. Offering different comfortable and quality products for its customers, Jockey offers different designs to suit the numerous needs of women.

4. Zivame

Zivame Bra Brands In India

A brand now synonymous with the highest names of bra brands, Zivame brings forth an exhaustive collection of comfortable and fairly priced bras. The brand offers radiance and splendour (Ziva) to its consumer. While the brand caters to the requirements of all body types, Zivame is one step before most of the plus size bra brands in India, ensuring the simplest for curvier women too. With the motto to instil confidence, allure, comfort and best choices that a lady deserves, Zivame is trying to influence women to seem and feel beautiful from within.

5. Clovia

Clovia Bra Brands In India

A budget-friendly and premium bra brand for ladies who prefer comfort and quality over anything, Clovia manufactures and styles premium undergarments that cater to the requirements of all the Indian body types. Leaving you feeling sexy and cosy throughout the day, Clovia allows you to admire your inner beauty by offering the foremost flattering designs of materials and cuts. Look to the number of the amazing designs that Clovia offers on their website and grab the simplest one among your choice.

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6. Amante

Amante Bra Brands In India

Manufacturing products that are designed in line with the requirements of Asian women, Amante is one among the simplest ladies bra brands. A world intimate wear brand, Amante offers comfortable, trendy and sensual underclothing for ladies preferring to stay it sassy, regardless of where they’re. A brand that positions exclusive retail chains spread across 1500 outlets in India, Amante also makes its products available online via e-commerce websites and is now considered together of the highest bra brands in India.

7. Rosaline

Rosaline Bra Brands In India

A private label brand by Zivame, Rosaline offers some super cool, trendy and ultra-soft innerwear for ladies of the fashionable age. A brand all about comfort, Rosaline offers an exclusive range of bra collection for ladies. Easy to wear, the brand manufactures cotton bras that aren’t just comfortable but chic a la mode.

8. Lovable

Lovable Bra Brands In India

One of the highest bra brands in India, Lovable is licensed from Lovable World Trading Company, USA. Offering various daily wear bras to those employed by workout freaks and sports enthusiasts, Lovable caters to the requirements of girls who anticipate to experiencing comfort while they wear lingerie. With best-in-quality bras and innerwear for ladies, Lovable is positioned together of the highest three hottest bra brands in India.

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9. Enamor

Enamor Bra Brands In India

Enamor is a leading women’s’ bra brand that focuses completely on the core and important traits of confident women – successful, fabulous and independent. The brand offers a spread of sizes from petite to curvy bodies. A brand that evolves and innovates with the changes in consumer tastes and preferences, Enamor possesses some really sexy selections of bras that are quite affordable and supply maximum support and luxury to the wearer. Offering an easy shape to your bust, these bras are available during a sort of fabrics that provide you with the foremost seamless experience of underclothing.

10. Shyaway

Shyaway Bra Brands In India

The lingerie brand is recognized in India for its distinct products that are uniquely designed for comfort and care. Giving individual attention, the premium brand has managed to be a desirable online store catering to affordable, high-quality, and exclusive bras for everyday use and special moments. Tailored for Indian women, individual attention is given within the making of each lingerie.

11. Klein

Calvin Klien Bra Brands In India

One of the simplest international luxury fashion houses, Klein may be a name that nearly everyone on earth knows. Specializing in all kinds lifestyle accessories, Klein is recognized together of the highest bra brands in India. It ofers amazing designs, technology, and new-in-style bralettes and bras. Aside from at leisure under-clothing, Klein always focusses on providing comfort and quality to the wearer. From lightly padded bras to strapless bras for max comfort, the Klein collection has it all.

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12. Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee Bra Brands In India

Indi’s very own brand, Daisy dee come with silk soft bras. They bring style and comfort for the women of today’s world. The bras are highly affordable with wide straps for easing pressure on shoulders and preventing slip off. The elastic straps beneath the cups gives perfect fit and firm support. These bras are often for daily and casual wear because of their good quality fabric. Daisy dee bras come with dry fabric technology that soak the sweat from the body completely. Daisy dee bras are known for their signature moisture transport system that keeps you light and makes the wear comfortable and cushiony. The price of daisy dee starts from INR INR 300.

13. Cosabella

Cosabella Bra Brands In India

The stylish bras from the closet of Italy bring you the makeover you have been waiting for. These bras come in all shapes and sizes. Wireless or wired, plus sizes, strap and strapless, Cosabella bras have something for every woman. It has been prevailing in the market for 35 years and has a robust consumer base across the world. Every product of Cosabella especially the Never Say Never collection brings innovation and style in a perfect handle. These bras are inspired by the modern cosmopolitan woman. Their aim is to create feminine, timeless designs that exudes confidence and individuality for every woman.

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14. Cuup

Cuup Bra Brands In India

Cuup bras are a set of modern, minimal, unlined bras. They are built in a way that support and shape excessively well. These bras come in all sizes from A to H. Cuup bras aim to redefine the way women feel in their under garments. They are meant to break the barriers and shatter the stereotypes the way society has developed standards for women. Cuup bras are meant to elevate confidence, sensuality and sense of belonging. The challenges that women face in the society regarding the body standards, cuup brands challenges them in an elegant way. The measurements are for everybody and it meets all kinds of expectations. Cuup bras redefine woman’s intimate experience.

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15. Lyra

Lyra Bra Brands In India

Lyra is a complete solution of woman wear brand coming from Ebell Fashions Pvt Ltd. The brand has been prevailing in the amrket since 2012 and is relatively famous in the budget friendly segment. The lyra enjoy immense consumer loyalty because of top notch quality and durability. The bras from lyra are no different. They explore, understand and blend in your body as if it were a [art of it. With lyra you can explore new dimensions of loungewear and the way of self expression. The lyras bras give ultimate comfort and style.

16. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a clothing company founded in 1884 and headquartered in the United Kingdom is known for the quality which they promise at nominal prices. The company has a wide variety of bras as it is one of the best-selling products of the brand. Explore their store and website to shop some unique bras!

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These were the top 16 bra brands that are best and who deliver the best products that fit our requirements.


Q1. which brand is best for bra?

A. Enamor.

Q2. which brand bra is best for daily use?

A. Jockey everyday bra is highly absorbent, and lint-free.

Q3. which brand is best for sports bra?

A.Van Heusen Proactive Women Sports Bra. …
CULTSPORT Form Fit Ivy Colour-block Sports Bra.

Q4. Which brand of bra to wear with backless top?

A. Silicon Stick-On BrasSilicon cups work best on women with A, B and shallow C cup sizes. These are perfect for strapless outfits. Choose one with a self-adhesive silicone for comfort and natural shape; and front closure for lift and cleavage

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