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Top 14 brands of Washing Machines in India

Doing the laundry at home has become much easier since the washing machine was created.  It takes a huge load off one’s shoulders. However, with the huge variety that is available in the market you need to be very clear about your specific needs.

It is a good idea to do a little bit of brainstorming to confirm what exactly your requirement is since that will make you purchase something that is worth the money that you spend.  

The following is a list of the top 11 brands of washing machines available in India from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

1. Bosch Washing Machines

Bosch Washing Machines

If you are brand conscious then your best choice would be Bosch. Their front load washing machine has excellent features and is yet affordable. You can easily wash the clothes for about three to four people. It has reduced power consumption and the ‘active water’ feature which allows the machine to adjust the water level depending on its current requirement. Its low noiselevels allows you to do the laundry at night without disturbing anyone and its child lock feature makes it completely safe even if there are children around. You get a free water filter with every purchase and your clothes remain allergen free. The best part is its stylish design which adds elegance to your home.

2. Whirlpool Washing Machines

Whirlpool Washing Machines

Whirlpool manufactures washing machine that are powered by the 6th sense stain wash deep clean technology. It has two unique features, namely, the 3 D scrub and the unique soak feature.  Its fully automatic washing machine adapts itself to hard water wash thus maintaining the colour and softness of clothes. With a capacity of 7.5 kg it is an ideal choice for a family of four members. It has twelve wash programmers and you can do daily washing and segregate whites, heavy and delicates. The Whirlpool machine has a smart lint filter and detergent recommendation too. It could be a bit noisy but features like tough stain removal and express wash which saves energy make it worth a buy.

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3. Mitashi Washing Machines

Mitashi Washing Machines

Mitashi washing machines are the best for medium sized families and are very reasonably priced. It has an overload feature which protects the machine from damage and prevents short circuit.. The body is made of hard plastic thus making it rust free. The lint filter avoids clogging pipes and a buzzer feature alerts you when the wash cycle has ended. Its air jet dryer technologyreduces moisture on the interiors of the machine and you can choose between a gentle wash and a power wash.

4. LG Washing Machines

LG Washing Machines

If you are on a budget yet want a premium washing machine just buy an LG washing machine. Their semi automatic machines come with advanced features that make your laundry experience satisfying. With a maximum capacity of 6.5 kilograms which is good enough for a family of three to four people it has a Roller jet pulsator  which provides a perfectly clean wash your clothes are cleaner every after wash. The air dry feature dries clothes faster and the spin shower cleans any soap residue after every spin cycle. The wonderfully sleek design catches your attention and of course it comes with a variety of wash cycles so you can wash any kind of fabric.

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5. Godrej Washing Machines

Godrej Washing Machines

Try Godrej fully automatic washing machine if it is your first buy. While it has the basic functionalities it is also easy on your pocket. They have many advanced features including child lock, automatic tub wash and aqua jet pulsator. You can also pre soak your clothes to your selected time and what’s more there is a detergent indicator as well. The gravity drum allows a five way wash for cleaner wash. Its USP is a memory back up which allows the machine to resume operation from where it stopped in case of a power interruption. The pre-coated galvanized steel cabinet makes it extremely durable. Go for Godrej for a satisfying experience.

6. Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung has always manufactured user friendly products and so if you want a washing machine with premium features and ergonomic friendly then Samsung should be your choice. Though it may be priced a little higher than other machines but with its capacity to wash a maximum of 7 kilograms and a Digital inverter technology which lessens the energy consumed and produces less noise, it is worth a buy. The drum design is one of a kind. Its diamond shaped ridges makes it gentle on clothes leaving them soft. The drying feature is also fast and therefore energy saving. Added to all this is the stylish design which makes you a proud owner of a Samsung washing machine.

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7. IFB Washing Machines

IFB Washing Machines

IFB has always had an excellent reputation and their washing machines live up to the consumers’ expectations. What with a 8 kilograms maximum capacity and fourteen wash programmes anyone would choose to buy the product of IFB. If you are worried about your sensitive clothes the cradle wash feature of IFB washing machines will take care of that. Every bit of dirt on your fabric surface is removed with the air bubble wash and the aqua energy feature dissolves the detergent to make it effective. What’s more, the 3D wash system allows your clothes to get soaked before the wash starts and you can add on more laundry even if the cycle has started.

8. Intex Washing Machines

Intex Washing Machines

If you are a fan of things that look sleek then choose the washing machine from Intex. It looks awesome and has great features. Made of hard plastic they come in white and red colours and are very stylishly designed. You have a choice of wash modes to select from and the machine is tough on stains. The transparent lid allows you to peep in to see what happening inside. It leaves your clothes squeaky clean yet unharmed. The best part is that the product is affordable in spite of all the features it has.

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9. Haier Washing Machines

Haier Washing Machines

The washing machines from the house of Haier are also worth a try. They are not only affordable but also come with a great wash quality.  The higher spin speed helps faster drying and you can choose any one of the six wash programmes as is suitable to you. The machine comes with a stainless steel drum and is self diagnostic and has a memory back up, allowing the machine to continue from where it stopped due to a power interruption. It also has an auto power-off facility.

10. Videocon Washing Machines

Videocon Washing Machines

Videocon is the manufacturer which can demand credit for manufacturing the first completely automatic top loading machines with a direct drive technology. It has applied the same technology to manufacture India’s first tilt drum washing machine also. The top load semi-automatic washing machine has great wash features like using the pulsator washing method for cleaning clothes quickly without compromising on stain removal. The low drying time also is a special feature making it popular among consumers. Power usage is also low and your electricity bills don’t spiral.

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11. Panasonic Washing Machines

Panasonic Washing Machines

Panasonic is a well known name in the manufacture of televisions, refrigerators, washing machines to broadcasting equipments. The washing machines manufactured by them are popular among consumers. Their fully automatic washing machines have a washing capacity range from 7 kg to 14 kg. They are at par with the very best in the industry in energy efficiency and water saving. The USP of their washing machines are the foam and auto load sensors and drum inlets. These machines have programmed wash courses. The semi automatic washing machines offer rust free body, a multi pulsator and auto soak.  

12. Hitachi


Hitachi washing machines in India are top model hyperlink. The brand is considered to be a trustworthy and reliable brand. The price range of Hitachi Washing machines vary according to the products that are offered. The many pricing options gives the consumers a wide range of options to choose from. It is probably one of the most accommodating brands. It gives option for affordable and premium washing machines. Hitachi washing machines carry great capacity for stronger built and all the basic features. Hitachi washing machines come with 3D sensor control wash and feature advanced direct drive inverter which reduces the noise and energy consumption.

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13. Kelvinator


Kelvinator washing machines are ergonomically friendly and supply great wash quality. The company understands your laundry requirements and comes with various wash settings. They can be applied in washing the clothes of each and every kind of fabric. The brand gives an affordable price tagging to the customers and is very convenient to use. There are many models that customers may consider according their needs. Kelvinator washing machines are strongly built. They exercise magic filters which prompts great wash quality. They have an auto error detection feature in their 6521PF model. You must consider this brand.

14. Onida


Onida offers one stop solution for all your washing needs to bore an unforgettable washing experience. They are extremely durable as they come with anti-rust fiber body. The Onida washing machines observes low price and offer premium features like air dying, water level selector, cycle status indicator, fabric type selection and auto unbalancing detection The maximum rotational speed of Onida washing machines are effective for enhanced washing experience. The washing machines from Onida envelops advanced and powerful motor that generates high water flow and ensures best cleaning.

A washing machine is essential for every household and it can be confusing to buy one. This article offers a list of the top brands to help the consumers in comparing and choosing the features that suit them.

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15. Lloyd


Lloyd has captured a massive proportion of the market in India in recent years. The brand offers outstanding after-sales service and warranty. The huge electronic brand deals in almost every electronic household appliance and are known for its durability. You can choose from several models of different configurations as per your needs.


Q1. Which washing machine brands are the best?

A. IFB 7 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine

Q2. Which brand is best for semi automatic washing machine?

A. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Q3. How much detergent do I need for each load?

A. IFB recommend 25 grams detergent for full load and 15 grams for half load if the water hardness is normal.

Q4. Why does my washer spin and stop repeatedly?

A. If you notice this occurring 3 times during a spin cycle, this is normal. If this occurs more than thrice, open the lid and balance out the load.

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