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Top 15 Bathroom Fittings Brands in India

Bathrooms in India are different than anywhere else in the world when it comes to usage, but they still have the same fittings. This means that there are going to be various brands that are more popular in India than they would be elsewhere in the world. Fittings in the bathroom don’t need to be boring and you can avoid that if you know what the top brands are in India and what they have to offer you.

There are so many companies who are working on innovative designs and technology to keep bacteria and even fungus from exploding in the bathrooms. This is going to help you when it comes to keeping the area cleaner with less work. Here are just 11 of the top brands of bathroom fittings that you can find in India and what you might need to know about.

1. Hindware Bathroom Fittings

Hindware Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is one of the largest companies in India in terms of bathroom fittings and they have been in the top spot for 3 decades. They have washbasins, cisterns, faucets and much more that would fit any bathroom in any home and within any budget. They have been focused on products made with Italian marble and in 1962 they brought Vitreous Chinese sanitary to India.

2. Jaguar Bathroom Fittings

Jaguar Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This company is based in Manesar and it has opened up India to various international models and bathroom fittings. They have the majority stake when it comes to luxury showers in South Korea with the company named Joeforlife. This company is set apart by the spa and sauna fittings and other steam solutions.

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3. Parryware Bathroom Fittings

Parryware Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is a consistent brand for bathroom fittings and they have a large network in the rural and suburbs all over India. One of their famous products is the electronic toilet, which uses microbial seating, which was first introduced by this company. They have a huge array of other products that would fit the needs of anyone and any budget regardless of where you are in the country.

4. Kohler Bathroom Fittings

Kohler Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This company was started in 1873 by John Michael Kohler in the US and the fittings here have international standards. Not only do they have bathroom fittings that you can purchase, but they also have other fittings for any room in the house, such as the kitchen. They have a glass countertop that is in their Artist Editions and many other stylish fittings to choose from that make them one of the most coveted brands for large hotels and other resorts.

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5. Grohe Bathroom Fittings

Grohe Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

If you are searching for a more luxurious brand, then this is going to be the right way to go. They have a wide variety of fittings that you can purchase from them, including bathtubs, washbasin faucets, showerheads, bidets, sinks, toilets and more. This is a German-based brand that has become popular in India and they have over 240 innovation and design awards, so why not purchase from a well awarded and deserved company?

6. Cera Bathroom Fittings

Cera Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This brand originally started out by making tiles for the home, but over time they have moved on to other items for the home, including bathroom fittings. Their products have a European rustic charm that has been perfected over the years and they have a large selection that works for any price point for their clients, which is important to them.

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7. Neycer Bathroom Fittings

Neycer Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is a silent company when it comes to the industry, but it is still one of the top companies to deal with. They started in 1980 and they are based in Tamil Nadu and they have grown in popularity all over the country. They have toilets that hang on the walls, floor-mounted toilets, tabletop washbasins, cisterns, urinals and much more.

8. Roca Bathroom Fittings

Roca Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is a brand that is relatively new and it has only been around in India for 10 years, but it is an overseas brand. It works with Parryware to boost its operations along with its sales and the design for its products is predominantly Spanish in terms of influence. Before they worked with Parryware they had worked with the Murugappa Group to expand into the country.

9. Johnson Bathrooms Fittings

Johnson Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This brand came into India in 1958 and it is a huge brand with various products that are germ-free and sanitary. They have plenty of products that start from cisterns, toilets, bathroom fittings and much more. They are using nanotechnology along with silver nanoparticles as a way to get rid of bacteria and another fungus that breeds quickly in the bathroom.

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10. Somany Bathroom Fittings

Somany Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is also a relatively new brand when it comes to India, but their designs and products are innovative and stylish. Also, they are one of the most affordable brands in all of India without compromising on how the product looks or the quality. They also have their popular rain shower head, which is not only loved in India, but all over the world.

11. Eros Bathroom Fittings

Eros Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

This is also called Eros Standard and the company was started in 2008 and in the last 12 years, it has grown to be in the top brands. Their manufacturing plant is located in Gujarat and they have all of the basics in terms of fittings and much more. They also have their tabletop and counter-style basins that have been created and they have a wide variety of standalone products like Intrica goldie, Intricate Flora and much more.

12. RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

RAK Ceramics offers complete solution for bathroom fittings. Its’s accessories include washbasins, urinals, Bidets, Wash basins, furniture, mirror and lights, bathtubs, shower trays etc. Few assorted collections from RAK ceramics are RAK Cleon, RAK Valet, RAK cloud, RAK des, RAK illusion, RAK Joy Uno, RAK Varinat, RAK petit etc. The sanitary ware company has presence in more than 150 countries with over 12000 staffs working day and nigh to bring you the ease of living. The world’s largest ceramic solution focuses on details and hence provide sufficient room for imagination and creativity.

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13. Colston

Colston Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Colston has been a revolution in the segment. It offers something that the world will follow. The brand serves the complete bathroom collection with creative and premium luxury designs. It also puts forth innovation that is extraordinary. The careful crafted engineering behind every product is true to its component, classy and comfy. The collection from Colston for elegant bathrooms contain Hot Tub & Pool, Whirlpool massage, Shower enclosures, Luxury Steam rooms, Luxury panels, Shower accessories, Steam generators, Rain sky showers etc.

14. Laufen

Laufen Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Laufen stands for swissness, quality and design. It offers complete bathroom solutions to the consumers from around the world. Laufen has a presence everywhere. Be it showrooms, events and fairs, Press rooms etc. Laufen has been translating ideas into reality for decades now. It has accurate knowledge of substance that are put together to bring the best for your space. The brand surely keeps up with your expectations. It is labelled as among the leading bathroom manufacturers internationally


15. Duravit

Duravit Bathroom Fittings Brands In India

Durafit stands for sustainability. It provides intelligent ceramics for elegant, comfortable and sustainable bathrooms. Durafit believes bathrooms are really important anywhere because this is where we wake up, switch on, recharge our batteries and get ready for the day. The bathroom solutions from Duafit fit into any space and offers great geometry for adjustable fitting and perfect bathrooms.

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16. Toto

Established in 1912, Toto is a renowned brand all across the globe. The company’s vision of providing luxurious yet affordable bathroom fitting has made it one of the premium brands in India. The brand has a great presence in 19+ countries with several distributors. Choose from the exquisite range of Toto bathroom fittings at the dealership.

These are just a few of the top brands that you can enjoy when it comes to your bathroom fittings in India. Make sure that you are considering which brand has the fittings that would fit all of your needs, including looks, functionality, price, and material. Not only do they work hard to keep their designs in style, but they also focus on the latest technology to keep the area clean whether its normal flooring or rubber flooring in your bathroom. These can be found all over the country, so go ahead and pick the one that would be your dream fittings and company.

Bathroom Fitting FAQ

Q.1) what is CP fitting in bathroom ?

CP Fitting is a usual term used by the plumbing technician and customers in construction industry. It is nothing but Chrome Plated fittings (CP Fittings). It can be found in Brass, Gun, Nickel, Steel, PVC and many more.

Q.2) how much for new bathroom and fitting ?

Cost for a new bathroom fitting can be vary between Rs. 27050 to Rs 32850.(Prices may vary as per the luxury)

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