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The Main Types Of Marketing Agency

Marketing is an incredibly broad field that is generally concerned with improving the market performance of a company. Although it is possible for businesses to learn the basics themselves, many do not have the time needed to dedicate to carrying out the marketing campaigns full-time, but this is where marketing agencies come in. They are able to complete all the marketing campaigns a business needs and to a high standard.

There are many kinds of specialist marketing agencies, though, which can make it confusing about how to reach out to. Here is a very brief guide to the most important types.


Online marketing is one of the most important aspects of modern marketing. Many companies invest a great deal of money into the hiring of specialist online marketing agencies. Specialisms within the field can include:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Using an ever-changing set of strategies to ensure that a business’s website ranks highly on search engines like Google.
  • Pay Per Click: Generalized online marketing agencies with a unique charging style – charging according to results. Companies like charge in this fashion and are perfect for businesses that focus on selling their products on platforms like Amazon.  
  • Content: Content marketing agencies specialize in the creation of useful and relevant online content such as videos, blog posts, and memes with the aim of improving a company’s standing within the market.


Advertising agencies are responsible for the creation of materials for use in marketing. They are media experts that use data and interpersonal research to figure out what the best aesthetic direction an advertising campaign can be steered towards. Advertising agents are usually creative types with the ability to visualize the ideal aesthetic representation of a brand. The advertising industry might not quite be like Mad Men anymore, but it still requires creative elements. 


Public Relations is a field concerned with the development of a strong, positive brand identity. PR agencies have an immensely complex job: ensuring that media outlets and individual consumers display a positive relationship with their client business. PR agencies also take charge of smoothing over a business’s image after a disaster or slip-up that impacts public confidence in the company. PR agents need to have good relationships with members of the media and influential consumers to control the image of a product or company. They plan long-term PR strategies in order to mold the perception of their client company.


Print agencies take care of all physically printed marketing materials and develop specific strategies that suit printed media. Printed media can include newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, receipts, and just about anything else made of paper or card. Print marketing is still one of the most effective ways of garnering trade, but only in very specific circumstances. Modern companies invest less in print advertising than they used to – usually reassigning funds to digital marketing.


Although influencer marketing has been around for a long time, it only really evolved into a distinct industry following the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Influencers use these platforms to connect to their followers – making them perfect mouthpieces for brands that want to get their message out to very specific audiences. Influencer marketing agencies carry out research to find out the audience type and reach of certain content creators before matching them up with appropriate companies. The global influencer marketing industry is worth an estimated 13.8 billion dollars.

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