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Your Best List of Ideas for Entertaining Guests and Attendees at an Outdoor Event

You’re definitely not alone if you’re thinking of holding an outdoor party or celebration. This summer has been the biggest season for outdoor parties, whether as small and intimate as a garden tea party or as grand and elaborate as a carnival or fairground celebration. No matter the occasion, the best thing you can do for it is plan it well, and the rest will follow. But aside from thinking about the aspects that make up an event – from the theme to the activities to the menu – you have to think about one of the most essential things: entertainment. Of course, it depends on the guests or attendees you are having and what you think would be entertaining for them, but there are some general ideas for entertainment that most – if not all – will love. So what are they? Here’s your best list of ideas for entertaining guests and attendees at your outdoor event.

  • Send out a survey

If you want to be sure about your choices for entertainment, why not send out a survey? This way, you can get to know your audience and better understand what they like and prefer. Ask a few questions and remember to keep them multiple choice ones so it will be easier for your guests and attendees to answer. You can even ask them to leave comments or feedback if they have further suggestions. In addition, take into account the schedule and where your guests will be for most of the day as this can impact some options.

  • Set up a photo booth

A photo booth has been a tried and tested entertainment idea, but it works like a charm every single time. Photo booths are always a guaranteed hit; you can even use them to promote your party or event. You can rent photo booths with different themes and costumes from a funfair hire provider, and while you’re at it, you can hire some other stalls as well, such as a hoopla side stall, rides like dodgem cars, and even your very own carousel!

  • Give guests access to drones

One thing you can do – a brilliant all-out trend nowadays – is give your attendees and guests access to drones. Let them try flying a drone and operating it from the ground! It’s a perfect activity to explore the grounds and see things from a different perspective and viewpoint, and it’s a great way to give your guests a unique experience! To avoid confusion (or a long queue), you can send out a pre-registration form or let guests sign up as soon as they enter the grounds. You can have several drones flying about, and to make the most of it, why not have a drone-flying contest?

  • Let them mix it up

There’s nothing like having a few drinks to get the day rolling, and if you want, you can set up a whole mixology class for anyone over 18 to join. Guests can learn to mix a few drinks, and they can even make their own concoctions! Have a list of ingredients on-hand for participants to choose from, and set up the tables for each individual’s mixing class. Pretty soon, you’ll have a long list of would-be bartenders, and people will have a pleasant buzz.

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