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Why You Need Several Blazers in Your Wardrobe

How many blazers do you have in your wardrobe? One? Two? Ten? If you’re like most people, you probably only have one or two blazers, and chances are, they came with matching pants and you wear the whole outfit together. While wearing a matching outfit has its perks, blazers have much more potential.

If you’re looking for ways to make your wardrobe more stylish, consider these reasons to add more blazers to your stash.

1. Blazers are fun

There’s no better reason to start a blazer collection than to have fun. Clothes should be something you enjoy; they shouldn’t be a chore. Sure, if you work in an office, you’ll probably need to wear clothes you don’t really enjoy, but when it’s your free time, you should enjoy what you wear.

Blazers are fun to wear because they come in a wide variety of colors, cuts, and patterns. While some people prefer traditionally long cut blazers, there are a growing number of people who prefer shorter blazers. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are as long as you choose the styles you feel best wearing.

2. You like variety

If you like variety in your wardrobe, you’ll love having several blazers to choose from when it’s time to go out on the town. Whether you’re headed to a bar for a friend’s birthday party or you’re attending a wedding, variety will serve you well.

Say you have one blazer that you love wearing most of the time. You might get invited somewhere and wish you had something a little different. Maybe all of your friends have already seen you in your favorite blazer too many times and you’d like to make a different impression. Having a few blazers already will make that easy.

3. Your weight fluctuates

Have you ever tried to put on your favorite blazer, only to find it’s too tight? Or maybe you’ve lost weight and your favorite blazer is baggy? If your weight doesn’t fluctuate, it’s easy to just get another blazer that fits. However, if you’re someone who goes up and down frequently, you need more than one size for each of your favorite blazers.

4. You need to impress people

The saying “dress to impress” is a pretty important one in some cases, and if you’re in a position where you need to impress people, you need a variety of blazers. For instance, if you’re meeting with clients, having a variety of blazers will give you the ability to adapt your specific look based on your clients. You might want to look more casual or more formal, or you might have a client who will appreciate an interesting pattern or even a novelty blazer.

Dressing to impress is about dressing in a manner that will impress the other person, and you can’t impress multiple people the same way. You need variety.

5. You attend formal events regularly

Having a variety of options for formal events is one of the best reasons to get multiple blazers. If you attend formal events frequently with the same crowd, you probably don’t want everyone to see you wearing the same attire every single time. Most people who attend formal events regularly do have variety in their wardrobe.

6. You don’t like surprises

If it’s difficult for you to deal with surprises, you’ll benefit from already having the types of blazers you might need to attend various formal events. For instance, say your friend’s wedding has a dress code that requires guests to wear semi-formal attire only in blue. If you don’t already have a blue blazer, you might feel like you don’t have enough time to get one and have it tailored to fit you perfectly.

7. You don’t need to match a blazer with dress pants

If you’ve been hesitant to get more blazers because you think you have to wear them with matching dress pants, think again. Many people wear blazers over jeans and even chinos. You can buy a blazer without buying the matching dress pants. Technically, blazers are meant to be worn as a jacket with contrasting pants.

A blazer collection will give you variety

There are so many reasons wardrobe variety is beneficial, and this article outlines several. If you don’t already have several blazers, add some variety to your wardrobe and invest in several good blazers, with or without matching dress pants.

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