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All There Is To Know About ABHA Card Health Id Registration

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission was launched to ensure the country progresses in the right direction towards a digital future. The vision of an infrastructure that is at par with the rest of the world and that brings the country’s healthcare system into the new century is being implemented with gusto. ABDM was tasked with creating a cohesive ecosystem that brings together the needs of the citizens.

One of the key components of this plan is the ABHA card. The ABHA card is a solution that is accessible, free, and easy to utilise for all socio-economic levels of society. While there is great emphasis on ABHA card registration. It is first essential to know why registration is so important and what features you will have access to.

Features You Will Have Access To After ABHA Card Registration

  1. Safe and secure location of records – It will give you a single location where your records will be stored securely, and you will not have to worry about the unauthorised sharing of records.
  2. Easy to register – The process of registration is extremely easy, and it can be done online in no time. You need not visit any government office or need any official to sign up.
  3. Personal health records – You can access your personal medical history with ABHA to create longitudinal health history.
  4. Personal health records (PHR) address – You can pick your own username and createa PHR address that can be easily linked to your ABHA card.
  5. Voluntary opt-in – ABHA health card registration is not synonymous with giving consent to share your medical information. When you register and your information keeps getting updated as and when you visit doctors and get tests done. You can voluntarily choose to share your information with doctors and medical institutions. You can choose to share partial information as well. However, the viewer will be notified about partial sharing. They may ask you to share the entire information to ensure you get the correct treatment and proper diagnosis.
  6. Voluntary opt-out – After you have given consent to share the information, you can withdraw it at any time. You can erase information at any point and opt-out.
  7. Access to medical facilities – You get success to the entire database of medical facilities around the country. It can be helpful when looking for trustworthy facilities. This source is a single credible source that will give information.
  8. Flexibility of access – You can download the app, access it from websites, or access it with other assisted methods.

How To Create Your ABHA Number

Here is the process you can use to create your own ABHA number –

  1. Visit the official website of Ayushman Digital Mission at or alternatively at
  2. On the homepage, you can click on the tab which says “Create your ABHA number”.
  3. Once the page to apply for an ABHA number opens, you need to choose between the IDs you will use to generate the number.
  4. ABHA ID can be generated through an Aadhar card or driving license. Even if you do not have any IDs or do not wish to use any of them to create your ABHA number, it can be done using your mobile number. However, the mobile number should be linked to your Aadhar card.
  5. Once the registration is complete, you can log in to get your ABHA number. The number is a unique and random number assigned to you, much like the Aadhar card number.

It is important to note that the ABHA card was previously known as a health ID card, and you can continue using the same account along with the same functionalities.

The registration process is easy and can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of how to operate smartphones. There are other assisted ways of registering for the same as well.

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