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How you can use technology to boost your health

People often criticize technology as being bad for our health. They say social media is damaging to self-esteem, the internet is shortening our attention spans, and TV promotes a sedentary lifestyle on the couch. Of course, there is truth to these accusations, however it’s also important to note that we can use technology in positive ways. Social media connects us with people all over the world, the internet has made our lives immeasurably more convenient, and TV documentaries can teach us endless new information. Technology can also be used as a means to improve our health. Here’s how you can get on board.

Utilize digital health services

Technology has revolutionized healthcare: one quick look at the cutting-edge equipment that hospitals use will prove that. On a smaller scale, you can also make use of digital health services in your daily life. For example, many doctors now offer consultations via video call. Likewise, online pharmacies such as will ship medication to treat anything from acne to erectile dysfunction straight to your door in discreet packaging. You can also have therapy sessions online, or use AI chatbots to ease mental health difficulties. Effective new resources and services for a range of issues are being created all the time.

Track your data using apps

Harnessing the power of data can do wonders when you are trying to improve your health, and apps are a simple and effective way to do this. For instance, fitness trackers help you to see how much exercise you’re doing every day, track your calorie intake, and check relevant factors such as your heart rate and blood pressure. This can be super helpful when trying to lose weight or get a personal best on a marathon. Apps can also be invaluable for women wanting to track their menstruation cycle and fertility.

Optimize your sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and yet it’s one that many people struggle with. You can use technology to track how much sleep you’re getting each night, as well as the quality of that sleep. Another top gadget to try is an alarm clock that mimics the sunrise by slowing getting brighter, to help you wake up more naturally. Alternatively, you can use one that wakes you up at the point in a set time window when you’re in light sleep, allowing you to feel more refreshed in the mornings.

Use technology healthily

It would be remiss to finish this article without adding a word of caution to use technology healthily. Try to avoid too much screen time late at night as this can disrupt your sleep, and turn off notifications when you need to focus. If you use a computer for most of the day, make an effort to get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. During this time, try to stare at an object in the far distance for about 20 seconds in order to give your eyes a rest. Lastly, be conscious when using social media that not everyone’s life is as perfect as they make it seem!

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