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When is a complete dental restoration necessary?

Full mouth restoration is a way to repair chipped teeth, restore lost teeth and other problems encountered in a matter of days, using a variety of dental restoration techniques. This procedure allows, in a short period of time, to restore the natural shape of the teeth and make the smile aesthetically appealing.

The main types of dental restorations

In direct restorations, materials are used that best restore the natural shape of the tooth. Often dentists use photopolymers, they have the property of translucency, so the teeth restored in this way look as natural as possible. The main types of indirect restorations include:

  • Veneers. Overlays that help to hide defects of the teeth. The teeth are grinded down to fit them.
  • Lumineers. These products allow you to hide tooth gaps, cracks in the enamel and its darkening. There is no need to treat the tooth tissue with lumineers.
  • Crowns. They help to restore destroyed teeth. They are installed on a pre-treated tooth or implant. Such products can be made of metal-ceramic, metal.

The comprehensive dental restoration procedure has a number of important features as follows:

  • full-fledged restoration. This type of dentistry helps to correct defects, replace lost teeth or the entire tooth row;
  • the possibility of using several restorative options.  The use of materials that help restore the natural shape of the tooth is only a part of the restoration options available. Dentists will be able to select the most appropriate method of restoration based on the dental problem encountered and the individual characteristics of the patient;
  • fast treatment. A full mouth restoration can take anywhere from 1 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the problem and method of restoration;
  • durability. If you follow all the requirements and recommendations after the dental procedures, your restored teeth can last for a long time. If necessary, adjustments can be made over time, thereby extending the life of your teeth;
  • safety. All manipulations are performed by dentists according to international protocols. If one or another procedure is contraindicated to the patient, the doctor will inform the patient about it and explain all the details.

Where is the best place to get a full dental restoration procedure?

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