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5 Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

Are you a new parent wondering whether to start babywearing?

While babywearing might seem like more of a trend in the United States, the fact is that the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that babywearing is beneficialĀ for both mom and child.

Are you curious about the benefits of babywearing? How do you go about doing it?

In this article, you’ll learn 5 reasons you should consider babywearing if you’re about to be a new parent.

1. Closeness

One of the best benefits of babywearing a newborn is to establish trust and closeness with them. When your baby is close to you, you can anticipate their needs quickly and because of this, your baby learns to trust you. They rely on you, their parent, for everything so you want to learn to be in-tune with your baby’s cues.

Don’t worry about spoiling your baby with too much holding. Babies enjoy and love being close to their parents because it gives them a sense of comfort and strengthens the bond.

2. Free Hands

Even though babies love to be held, it doesn’t mean that your arms are occupied such that it’s difficult to do basic daily tasks! Thankfully, babywearing solves this problem.

This is especially true if you have other children and need your hands free to help them as well. You can carry and draw closer to your baby with babywearing while folding laundry, shopping at the store, doing dishes, hiking, and so forth. Babywearing gives you the best of both worlds.

3. Front to Back

When your baby is a newborn and even a toddler, it’s safe to carry them on your front in a baby carrier like these baby carriers. However, as they age, there are carriers that cater to back babywearing.

Being able to carry your child on your back allows you more freedom and gives your child an open view of the world. Carrying your child on your back is perfect for going outdoors or traveling.

4. Your Baby Learns

Sure, your baby learns much by crawling and walking along on the ground playing with toys. However, a different perspective also aids in shaping and forming their thoughts.

When you carry your baby, they take in your view, the activities you do, and it engages their neurological activity. In other words, because you involve your baby in your daily tasks, they learn more about the world around them.

5. Less Crying

Newborn babies cry on average about 2 hours every day. Sometimes it’s hard to know what your baby needs and the crying can make you feel anxious.

The good news is that babywearing may reduce crying and even promote better sleep. This is because babywearing imitates the environment from the womb and the gentle movements of the mom that the baby is used to, which helps to soothe them, resulting in less crying and more sleep.

Reap the Benefits of Babywearing for You and Baby

The benefits of babywearing are wonderful, all while drawing you closer to your baby. Once you get the hang of babywearing, you’ll never want to go back.

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