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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Old age is something no one can escape. It is up to you to do your best during your lives to welcome the golden age in good health and well-being. Unfortunately, loneliness is sometimes linked to the old days, especially if you live alone.

If your kids have been independent for a long time and don’t live with you, there is a great chance that you will feel lonely. Although your loved ones may try to spend time with you and include you in their lives, sometimes their duties do not allow them to spend as much time with you as they want.

So why don’t you get a pet? Unless there are good reasons not to adopt or buy a canine (such as allergies, physical disabilities, or financial incapacity), you can get a dog to make day and your life better. Some breeds are especially suitable for the elderly.

Tips on Choosing Pet

The best dog breeds for seniors are those that provide lively companionship while maintaining their health and suitability for everyday activities. If you plan to get a pup, it is crucial to understand the different breed types and check if they are right for you and your lifestyle.

In order to help you choose the best dog breeds, you should consider the following: maintenance, energy level, and personality. Also, you shouldn’t neglect costs and your personal effort, as having a pet is both responsibility and a burden to your budget.

Dogs of any age can be considered. In fact, old pups usually respond to you much better than a puppy. It’s like you two found each other and agree on spending your golden age together. It can happen that the dog is less likely to be affectionate towards the owner. But you should find some time and will to make a special bond with your new pet. Be sure that it will be returned to you multiple times.


The Pomeranians have a sweet disposition, adorable eyes, and a personality that will make you fall in love right away. This breed is more reminiscent of a small rag doll than a dog, but that is exactly what makes them irresistible and unique. In fact, that, and a price that is relatively higher than for other dogs.

But if you can afford a Pomeranian, rest assured that you will enjoy a small package full of love and tenderness. Despite their small stature, these pups can sometimes have the stubbornness and character of a large dog. That is why working with them requires full commitment.

If you are already retired, you can definitely set aside some of your time to train your dog. In that sense, Pomeranians are not too demanding because they are not physically active and are actually real lap dogs. These dogs are good options if you live in a suburban home, as they can sometimes bark quite loud.

French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is another dog breed that makes a great companion for the elderly. Although they have a short and stocky build, Frenchies are very intelligent and loyal. These dogs are real couch potatoes, as they have low energy levels and are not fond of physical activity. You won’t even hear them bark, so they are suitable for apartment living.

So if you are looking for a tiny, cute, and gentle dog that will entertain you, then the French bulldog might just be a perfect choice. These pups are pretty fun, especially in rare moments of running or jumping.

Still, you have to keep one thing in mind – due to their short snouts, Frenchies could experience breathing issues when exposed to steamy air. So they are not quite suitable pets if you live in hot and humid areas like California or Florida. More on common health issues in Pugs find out here.


As you probably notice, small, low-energy breeds are the best choice for seniors. Another member of this chosen company is a Pug. With short hair, these dogs have low maintenance needs, although they can sometimes shed a lot. So avoid them if you can’t struggle with fallen hair in your home.

These laidback pups are a perfect option for seniors who have mobility issues. So if you can’t go out too often, Pugs won’t mind that. They will have enough exercise strolling around or jumping on and off the bed. Pay attention to whom you approach when holding your Pug, as they can sometimes be bossy and jealous.

Golden Retreivers

Don’t think that larger dogs are not suitable for older people. True, most of them have high energy levels and require more attention and care, as well as more space for exercise. But for people in good health and wellness, Retrievers can be excellent companions.

Although Retrievers are known to be playful and goofy, they are a great choice for seniors living in houses with large yards. They are a very healthy breed that is both sturdy and intelligent. They tend to be very friendly and affectionate. Also, this breed can be trained for companionship. You two will enjoy long walks.

Check the page below to learn about possible health benefits of having a pet in old age: One of the benefits of retirement is much more free time that you can spend well. With the dog, these moments will be an absolute pleasure and relaxation. Your furry buddy will be a faithful and not too demanding companion who will give you a bunch of love

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