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Virgo Zodiac Sign In Love: What Is A Virgo Like In Relationships & Dating?

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgo people are loyal, practical, and tend to be perfectionists. They are also kind, gentle, trustworthy, patient, and creative. Virgos often make excellent friends and even better romantic partners. A free natal chart can help you learn more about what to expect from your Virgo partnership, but these basic characteristics will give you a good idea.

Virgos Are Intelligent and Tend To Attract Intelligent Partners

Virgo men and women thrive on intellectual conversations about their passions in life. Their meticulous attention to detail means they easily retain information and often prefer to talk over ideas, theories, facts, and opinions with their loved ones. From deep conversations about the universe to witty banter about favorite movies or TV shows, a Virgo will almost always love to be engaged in conversations.

Virgos Sometimes Need Help To Relax

Because they are so often overthinking the knowledge they have, Virgos sometimes need a little extra help to slow down, relax, and enjoy the moment. Try to plan fun dates for your partner to help him or her do just that. If you’re staying in, have a board game tournament, play a silly game of Truth or Dare, or turn on your favorite comedy. If you want to go out, consider an arcade, karaoke, or even a long hike in nature. Planning fun dates and tossing in a few well-timed jokes will keep your Virgo laughing and help him or her to relax.

Virgos Take Time To Warm Up To People

If you want a fast-paced, whirlwind romance, don’t expect to get it from a Virgo. This doesn’t mean to give up, though. Just be willing to be patient. Ask any of the psychic mediums online and you’ll learn that Virgos are slow and methodical not only in their everyday lives but in romance as well. They are not naturally open to sharing their emotions, tend to take a while to trust people, and prefer to be friends before building up to romance. Communicate honestly, be consistent, and form a platonic relationship if you hope to find one that turns romantic. 

Virgos Won’t Be Taken Advantage Of

Virgo men and women are extremely kind and generous but they aren’t always so forgiving. This means doing your best never to lie to or take advantage of one. If the Virgo in your life is always paying for everything, making the plans, or initiating the conversation, he or she may feel the relationship is one-sided. Do your best to appreciate and reciprocate your interactions to ensure your loved one feels valued and cared for. 

Virgos Have a Silly Side

Despite their tendency to overthink and be reserved, Virgos do have a silly side. The longer you know your partner and the more he or she trusts you, the more you’ll see that side. Silly jokes, goofy dances, and doing anything possible to bring laughs or smiles out of people is something Virgos are truly good at once they open up. Dating one means you’ll have tons of laughs in your future.

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