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Why Choose the ECity Zip? Lectrix EV’s Electric Scooter Under 1 Lakh

Purchasing an electric scooter under 1 lakh can be a wise and practical purchase for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it is an environmentally benign method of transportation that helps to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, electric scooters have low maintenance costs and provide significant fuel savings. Moreover, the Indian government provides many subsidies and incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, making them more affordable. Finally, electric scooters are simple to operate and park, making them a good alternative for urban travel.

With the growing popularity of electric scooters, there are now plenty of affordable options available for those on a budget. Electric scooter under 1 lakh is a sustainable investment, making them a cost-efficient alternative to traditional petrol or diesel scooters. In addition to being budget-friendly, electric scooters are also eco-friendly and contribute to a cleaner environment. They are particularly suited for short-distance travel with speeds ranging from 10 to 40 mph (15 to 65 km/h). Powered by efficient batteries, e-scooters can be used for daily commutes in urban areas, offering a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation.

How Does Lectrix ECity Zip Effortlessly Become a Smart Buy?

So, are you in the market for an electric scooter under 1 lakh that is durable, high-performing, and stylish? Look no further than the Lectrix ECity Zip scooter! With a rugged build that provides on-road control and safety, you can trust that this scooter will last for years to come. Designed to enhance your riding experience, the ECity Zip electric scooter delivers impressive performance that will make your daily commute a breeze. And with its eye-catching design, you’ll turn heads on and off the road. Plus, with a payload capacity of 150-170 kg excluding the rider, it’s the perfect choice for last-mile deliveries.

Ten unforgettable reasons why Lectrix ECity Zip is the way to go:

1. Powerful Motor: With a peak power of 1300W and a rated power of 800W, the Lectrix ECity Zip offers excellent acceleration and speed.

2. Long Battery Life: The 2kWH battery pack capacity and 7.5A charger mean you can easily charge the scooter in just 4-5 hours for a range of up to 75 km.

3. Two Driving Modes: The eco and power driving modes let you choose between a maximum speed of 35km/h or 45km/h.

4. Quick Acceleration: The ECity Zip can reach 0-25km/h in just 5 seconds, making it ideal for navigating busy city streets.

5. Impressive Range: With a range of up to 75km, the ECity Zip is perfect for daily commutes or short trips around town.

6. Smart Features: The ECity Zip comes with a dedicated mobile app that lets you monitor your scooter’s battery life, track your rides, and adjust your driving modes. It also features a digital speedometer, LED taillight, and rear registration plate light.

7. Comfortable Ride: With a wheelbase of 1200mm, ground clearance of 165mm, and seat height of 760mm, the ECity Zip provides a smooth and comfortable ride for all riders.

8. Reliable Braking System: The ECity Zip comes with CBS braking system, with drum brakes both at the front and rear, ensuring reliable and safe braking at all times.

9. Durable Tyres: The ECity Zip’s tubeless tyres, with a size of 90/100-12 at the front, provide excellent grip and stability, ensuring a safe ride even on bumpy roads.

10. Smooth Suspension: The ECity Zip’s front telescopic and rear coil spring suspension system provide a smooth and comfortable ride, making it easy to navigate rough terrain and uneven surfaces.

In conclusion, the Lectrix ECity Zip electric scooter under 1 lakh is a smart choice for anyone looking for a high-performance, feature-packed electric scooter that won’t break the bank. With its powerful motor, long battery life, smart features, and comfortable ride, the ECity Zip is the perfect choice for daily commutes and short trips around town. To learn more about the brand new ECity Zip by Lectrix go through their website.

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