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A Guide to the Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2023

Last year, the USA saw a 15% increase in weddings when compared to pre-pandemic years. This left many brides and grooms having to postpone their weddings yet again, due to a shortage of venues and other wedding paraphernalia.

That means 2023 could spell another bumper year for the wedding industry, so it’s best to start planning now, if you want to avoid disappointment.

This guide to the most popular wedding flowers can help you tick one item off your to-do list ahead of the last-minute rush.

Understated Wedding Flower Options

Pops of color add a little more vibrancy to your wedding than classic whites and creams. Brides are considering a touch of conservative color with flower options like poppies, wildflowers, and roses.

If something a little more vibrant suits your style, drop the pale pinks for a tiny hint of bright turquoise, ruby, and emerald.

Green is also coming to the fore as brides cut costs by including swathes of leafy boughs in their arrangements.

There’s always a place for the classic snowy hues in any wedding. Yet, dashes of color create a refreshing sense of renewal for this new phase of your life.

Large, grand bouquets are a thing of the past as more brides lean toward petite bouquet options. It’s easier to carry these small arrangements, and they don’t obstruct your face or dress in your wedding photos.

Trending Types of Flowers

Roses and their strong association with love are a good choice for any wedding. Yet, in line with the latest, ”less is more” trend, we’re seeing astilbe, Lily of the Valley and sweet pea arrangements coming to the fore.

One of the more unusual trends is a move toward a forest feel for table arrangements. These extraordinary displays include rocks, moss, acorns, mushrooms, and ferns to create a natural look.

If you’re undecided about the latest color and bouquet trends, it’s easy to find wedding florals online to suit your every whim.

In line with the color-blocking trend, brides are opting for arrangements featuring single types of flowers in a single shade. When massed together, these displays create an impactful overall look.

Popular Wedding Flowers are Eco-Friendly

Gone are the days when we strewed paper, plastic, or foil confetti far and wide during a wedding. Nowadays, biodegradable is the way to go and recycling is a top trend, too.

If you’d like to incorporate and environmentally friendly aspect into your wedding bouquet, dried flowers, and gum leaves are an excellent option. Gum is an abundant, and often invasive plant, and you can repurpose dried blooms after the wedding.

The best part about dried arrangements is that you can order them months in advance, without fears of them wilting.

A Wedding to Remember

Remember, it’s your special day, so you needn’t let the most popular wedding flowers and trends dictate your choices.

With a huge variety of gorgeous blooms and striking arrangements available today, you can easily tailor-make the bouquet of your dreams.

Are you eager to discover more wedding planning advice? Browse our blog for all the best wedding tips.

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