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The Essential Checklist for Wedding Planning: Everything to Know

According to ValuePenguin, the average wedding cost is over $20,000. With a good plan, you can spend much less.

Hosting a wedding can be exciting, but the amount of effort required to have the best wedding can make things difficult. Fortunately, you can use a checklist for wedding planning to help you stay on track and avoid spending too much.

In this wedding planning guide, you’ll read all about the main steps of the wedding timeline to help you plan yours. Here’s everything you need to know!

Determine Your Budget

At the beginning of the wedding timeline, your first task will be setting a budget. Depending on the type of wedding you want, you may spend several thousand dollars; however, many affordable options exist.

If your wedding is several months away, you have plenty of time to save money. To set a budget, consider both the amount you earn and the amount you’re comfortable spending. Since it’s a wedding, try to be more flexible than you usually would with other investments.

Choose a Venue

After determining your budget, the next thing to do is choose a venue. This is one of the most important steps because it’ll determine the number of people you invite and the decorations.

You can view various types of wedding venues for sale here, though it’s common to rent. If you have the money, this can be a great opportunity to turn a profit after your wedding.

Buy a Dress and Suit

Avoid buying a dress and suit until you’re a few months away from your wedding date. Doing so too far in advance can prevent you from looking your best if you’re trying to lose or gain weight.

When you’re about a month away from the wedding, you can then get your wedding clothes fitted to your body. During this time, do your best to maintain a balanced diet to avoid having to fit the wedding clothes again.

Invite Guests

The last step in the wedding timeline involves inviting guests. You should make people aware that you’re having a wedding well in advance, but don’t send official invites until the wedding is about four to five months away. This will give people plenty of time to plan while preventing them from forgetting.

Your invitations should match the theme of your wedding, but you don’t need to invest heavily in the design. Instead, browse a few wedding invitation websites that have numerous templates to choose from. With them, you can make attractive invitations that include all the info guests need.

Use This Checklist for Wedding Planning Today

Now that you’ve read this checklist for wedding planning, use it to start planning yours as soon as possible. No matter what kind of wedding you want, you can ensure it’s the best wedding with this advice.

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