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Top 9 Champa Gali Cafes, Saket Delhi

Delhi, a place that never loses its charm in exerting an indelible impact on epicures, partygoers, and art connoisseurs. Though there is no dearth of worth exploring locations in this vivacious city, a few newly established locale are rapidly gaining momentum among Delhites as well as other visitors coming from across the globe. 

Champa Gali is one such treasure of Delhi that lures not only couples & friends but also solo sojourns who love wandering freely to find an old-world charm with magical modern swapping. Champa Gali is a

locus of artistic vibes, creativity and culinary crafts. Its labyrinth-structured lanes are replete with picturesque cafes, coffee shops, art galleries and gift stores

Whether you wish to traverse through this tinsel town for its glitzy cultural setup and captivating themed setting or revive your phone gallery with highly influential pictures, this bustling hub is all set to blow your mind. 

The story behind the name of Champa Gali -:

Well, if you have made mere speculation about the naming of this locality and connecting it with the “presence of Champa trees“, just pat on your backs as an appreciation. One prominent coffee shop ‘Blue Tokai‘ was used to deck up the place with abundant Champa plants and this contributed to the recognition of the location as “Champa Gali” 

Apart from that, the rural atmosphere of Champa Gali is a hub of calmness and serenity which justifies the name of the location. 

Let’s begin the virtual tour of the best cafes in Champa Gali for exploring their culinary crafts with an unadulterated Delhi vibe. 

1. Baari Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Committed to serving unique and great quality delicacies, Baari Cafe swells the hearts of visitors with pleasing vibes through its unmatched ambiance. The vibrant setting of the entire cafe reflects a colorful rustic sense of Champa Gali. Having three kinds of sitting setup – Indoor, outdoor and backyard, Baari Cafe has sporadically disbursed the beauty element in its every nook and corner. 

Immersed in the chill blue, green and teal tones and decked up with swings, greenery, pretty lights and other embellishing elements, this enticing dining place compels the visitors to believe they are sitting in a boastful rural area. 

To serve seclusion to couples, Baari Cafe has some cozy sitting areas as well. Couples and close friends who wish to celebrate an exceptional or intimate occasion in the laid-back atmosphere of Baari can pre-book the desirable sitting area. 

Coming to its unique culinary expertise, Baari Cafe of Champa Gali nowhere lacks in the range of varieties and top-notch quality. From mouth-watering quick bites to heavy shakes and loaded snacks, each delish dish of Baari Cafe screams yummy in its distinct way.  

Know more about Baari Cafe -:

Truly a bliss for art admirers and food freaks, Baari Cafe can be explored well with the help of these brownie points. 

Sitting – Outdoor, Indoor & Backyard

Apt for – Couples and Friends 

Offering – Snacks, alcohol, beverages, vegan options etc. 

USP dishes – Bubblegum shake, The grand Indian veg burger (Baari special), mushroom duplex and commando fries etc. 

Budget – INR 2000-2500 (for two persons) 

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Address – Champa Gali Lane, 3, Westend Marg, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location –

2. Social Street Cafe, Champa Gali – 

A great fusion of a decent interior and remarkable delicacies, Social Street Cafe is another gem dining location of Champa Gali, Saket. Dipped in all glitzy lights the enriched ambiance of Social Street Cafe aims to serve premium pleasure in all aspects. 

Visitors can pick either a classic indoor sitting or a reviving & fancy outdoor one to dive deep into the ocean of culinary crafts as well as an artistic vibe. The Insta buffs can grab a plethora of corners to capture themselves in the most photogenic frame. 

When it comes to the range of exquisite recipes, Social Street Cafe does not fall an inch behind in leaving a signature mark on the palates of connoisseurs. This cafe-style pretty dining location offers an extended range that comprises Indian, Mexican and Chinese and Italian etc. 

Know more about Social Street Cafe -: 

This highly famed cafe starts serving the guests from 11 am to 10 pm on usual days. Timing will be extended on special occasions. 

Sitting – Indoor & Outdoor

Apt for – Couples, friends and families 

Offering – All kinds of fast food items are finely combined with drooling beverages or refreshing drinks. 

USP dishes – Mozzarella sticks, cheesy pizza, Kit Kat shake and peri per fries etc. 

Budget – INR 1000-1500 (for two persons)

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Address – Khasra 258, Lane Number 3, Saidulajaib, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location –

3. Rose Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Imagine entering a venue and getting blown by the divine fragrance of fresh floral elements and a myriad of captivating views consisting of floral patterns, lighting and amazing sitting setups. Well, Rose Cafe of Champa Gali does not leave any stone unturned in exerting a massive impact on art & food lovers. 

Finely separated into two sections – indoor & outdoor, Rose Cafe of Champa Gali reflects the sheer English cottage vibe. Apart from that, the entire ambiance is dipped into the quirky pastel themes and an eye-catching vintage-era interior vibe. This uplifts the pleasure of relishing authentic Delhi delicacies as well as global cuisines up to manifolds. 

Though the outdoor setup of Rose Cafe entices nature enthusiasts heavily, you can not overlook the inviting & stunning ambiance of indoor sitting. Not just the place but the food of this prominent cafe also serves a pleasurable delight to the visitors. Attentive & friendly services, a good portion of distinctly crafted delicacies and a worthy price range etc make Rose Cafe a perfect oasis to relax & unwind. 

Know more about Rose Cafe – 

Sitting – Indoor & Outdoor

Apt for – Couples, friends and families 

Offering – Quick bites, vegetarian and pure vegan options. Desserts and drinks are also included. 

USP dishes – White Pizzas (Rose special), a variety of cakes like lemon cake, Apple cake, cheesy penne and chocolate waffles etc. 

Budget – INR 1500-2000 for two persons)

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Address – 264, Westend Marg, Butterfly Park, Saiyad Ul Ajaib Extension, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location -

4. Dream Catchers Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Willing to revel in the unhinged celebration of life? Dream Catchers Cafe of Champa Gali is a hit spot to experience this. Widely known for its spicy stuff and endearing music, this bustling cafe of Champa Gali is ideal for college goers, social media buffs and couples

The fantastic location of Dream Catchers Cafe offers indoor and rooftop sitting areas to the guests. On one hand the indoor is indulged in the vibrant color palate while the rooftop dining allows the couples or close friends to communicate with magical sky views

The catchy backdrops in the indoor dining setting compel the photo freaks to capture plenty of their moods. Foral chandeliers, indoor plants, teal shade on walls, wooden furniture, mirror works, lamps & fairy lighting and the white floor uplifted with a pebble texture etc give this cafe a rich look. 

Being one of the best rooftop cafes in Champa Gali, Dream Catchers also stays gentle on the pockets of big foodies. Infusing an extended variety in the finely crafted menu, the culinary pundits of Dream Catchers Cafe hold mastery in satiating the arousing taste buds of foodies. 

Frequently organized live shows and performances at this famous cafe of Champa Gali drag couples and friends in bulk toward it as they wish to dedicate a soulful melody to their loved ones.

Know more about Dream Catchers Cafe -:

Through the below given information, this oasis of opulence can be explored very well. 

Sitting – Indoor, outdoor & Rooftop cafe of Champa Gali 

Apt for – Couples, friends and families 

Offering – Brunch, cocktails, beer, dessert and late-night dinner options are available. 

USP dishes – Mixed fruit Sangaria, Lavender Raspberry, Chilli Potatoes, Honey Chilli Chicken, Chicken Lollipops and Love Letter mocktail etc. 

Budget – INR 2000-2500 (for two persons)

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Address – Khasra#258, Westend Marg, Behind Kuldeep House, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Lane#3, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location  –

5. Blake Cafe, Champa Gali – 

The sparkling lanes of Champa Gali, Saket locality hide one more treasure in the form of Blake Cafe. Being in the top choices of most preferable dining locations in Champa Gali, Saket, Blake Cafe is nothing but a sparkling paradise for food & photo lovers.

Highly famed as a hub of top-notch north Indian delicacies & lively settings, this prominent cafe will draw some indelible memories for you in just one visit. 

Now shifting to its core characteristic – the scrumptious north Indian cuisines, we can ensure that you’ll have the best experience when the finely fused flavors burst in your mouth. 

From quick bites to tantalizing beverages to lip-smacking appetizers, the decently crafted menu of Blake Cafe has everything that your palate craves. The pocket friendly pricing of each delectable delicacy justify it. 

To enhance the evening of visitors, especially the lovey-dovey couples, Blake Cafe hosts electrifying live performances as well. This dynamic element uplifts the overall execution of services by this bustling cafe of Champa Gali. So what are you waiting for? Get up, dress up and make an affair with Blake Cafe! 

Know more about Blake Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Decked up with the finest blend of serenity and vibrancy, Blake Cafe holds these traits. Take a glimpse. 

Sitting – Indoor & Cozy cafe of Champa Gali.  

Apt for – Couples and friends 

Offering –  Coffee, lunch, dinner, dessert and brunch will be served at Blake Cafe. No alcohol and often services of hookah. 

USP dishes – Chicken lollies, pesto pasta, Nutella blast, Aromatic arabiata pasta and chicken chips burger etc. 

Budget – INR  2000-2200 (for two persons)

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Address – GROUND FLOOR, SAIDULAJAB, R/P, Plot No. 268, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location –

6. Jugmug Thela, Champa Gali – 

Seeking an aesthetically designed spacious location to hang out with your gang in Champa Gali, Saket, Delhi? Jugmug Thela is the place on which you can rely solely. Akin to its quirky name, Jugmug Thela, the place is replete with abundant glittery vibes. 

On one hand a giant Neem Tree in the backyard reflects a rustic indian soul, on the flip the colourful banners, contemporary outdoor & cozy indoor dining setup and a lovely reading room shows its modernized facet. 

Whether the groups of friends having a wish to savour scrumptious dishes, couples looking for a place to rewrite their intense love tales or solo sojourns finding a secluded spot to completely lost in a book, Jugmug Thela has potential to fulfill all the sprouting desires. 

Set up with the concept of love, ease, warmth and coziness, the worth visiting Jugmug Thela is truly a bliss for food enthusiasts as well. Weaving the culinary tale in a unique way, this prominent dinning hub serves an extended range of drooling food items. Mexican, Chinese, Italian, American and authentic Dilli kind food is the another compelling factor behind its popularity. 

Know more about Jugmug Thela, Champa Gali – 

Reaping the best benifits of this fully glamourised cafe of Champa Gali, one must be aware of Jugmug Thela’s brownie points. 

Sitting – Cozy Indoor and alluring Outdoor setups with an intriguing street view.   

Apt for – Couples and friends 

Offering –  Quick bites, organic dishes, vegan friendly options, gluten free option, dessert, coffee and cocktails etc. 

USP dishes –  Farm house pizza, trippy tomato penne, Jugmug’s mirch masala pizza, Vietnamese ice coffee etc. 

Budget – INR 1800-2000 (for two persons)

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Address – Shed#4, Khasra#258 Westend Marg, Lane#3, behind Kuldeep House, Saiyad ul Ajaib, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Location –

7. Foresta Bistro Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Heavily immersed into extinguish atmosphere, Foresta Bistro Cafe of Champa Gali location is recognized for its truly captivating interior as well as signature delicacies. The unmatchable combination of classic modern elements and rustic charm outshines the image of Foresta Bistro Cafe in Champa Gali. 

The decent indoor sitting setup is conceptualized on a posh dining idea. Well furnished ambiance is uplifted with soothing lights and engaging melodies. While the rooftop section becomes truly magical in the evening due to captivating setting of fairy lights and other embellishing elements. For an intimate occasion, the place authorities also accept reservations. 

Adept in catering to diverse dietary preferences, the distinctly crafted menu of Foresta Bistro Cafe has a long queue of local as well as global cuisines. The specific or signature dishes of Foresta Bistro Cafe impacts the palates pleasantly.  

Besides it, the catching cocktails, fine wines, beers, refreshing drinks and personalized smoothies also showcase the culinary crafting expertise of Foresta Bistro Cafe in Champa Gali. Well learned staff leave no room for disappointment for the visitors as they flaunt their professional skills through attentive hospitality. Live music and live performances sprinkle the vibrancy over a rejuvenating evening. 

Know more about Foresta Bistro Cafe, Champa Gali -:

Apart from receiving the warm greetings by super friendly staff of Foresta Bistro Cafe, you can grab the below listed advantages. 

Sitting – Lavish indoor setting and rooftop area with a chill vibe.   

Apt for – Couples, friends and families. 

Offering –  Light snacks, heavy appetizer, wine, beer, cocktails, late night food, veg options, dessert and brunch etc. 

USP dishes –   Sweet Sandwiches, Chicken golden delight, Farm House pizza (Foresta special) and Mexican garlic bread etc. 

Budget – INR 2000-2500 (for two persons)

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Address – 2nd Floor, 631, Lane 3, Westend Marg, New Delhi, Delhi, 110030

Location –

8. Four Directions Cafe, Champa Gali – 

The burgeoning traditional aura of Four Directions Cafe draws up a distinct portray of this dining place in Champa Gali, Delhi. This cafe reflects a worth exploring blend of continental and oriental servings in the form of delectable cuisines. 

Ornated with an electrifying setting the entrance of Four Directions Cafe appeals the visitors the most. 

Though the interior is replete with common table chair setup, a cozy corner providing cushion sitting on the floor tempt the couples and bunch of friends drastically. On one hand, such creatively designed sitting offers comfort to guests while on the other hand the green leafy chandeliers & aesthetic lamps on the ceiling compliment it with abundant richness. 

That home like feeling while savoring the desired dishes at Four Directions Cafe will leave an indelible impact on your mind. 

Delving into the food range mentioned into the menu of this lovely cafe, everyone can find a suitable taste according to the specific palate preferences. Apart from the finely fused flavours, the peculiar presentation of each dish catches the mind. You can also pick the place for celebrating the exceptional moments of your life as the cafe accepts the reservations as well. 

Know more about Four Directions Cafe, Champa Gali – 

To make an unforgettable visit to Four Directions, knowing the given traits of this place is crucial. 

Sitting – Common indoor table chair setup with a twist of relaxed floor cushion sitting.   

Apt for – Couples and Friends. 

Offering –  All kind of fast food options, beverages, drinks, cocktails and appetizing options etc. 

USP dishes –  Smoke Cheese Tacos, Fettuccine, blueberry crusher and Char Grilled Chicken burger etc. 

Budget – INR  1800-2000 (for two persons)

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Location –

Address – Khasra No:258 Lane No:3, Champagali, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

8. Red Bricks Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Willing to spend a good day with your close ones while being surrounded with refreshing nature vibe? Red Bricks Cafe awaits you with bated breath. Its quirky atmosphere offers scores of backdrops and corners where social media enthusiasts can get worth capturing shots. 

Offering both kinds of sitting – Catchy outdoor & soothing indoor, Red Bricks Cafe lists itself on top in the list of Champa Gali’s cute cafes. The catchy quotes and brilliantly crafted portraits on the walls, floral hanging on the ceiling, endearing melodies in background and well defined range of food options & beverages compel the visitors to visit here again and again. 

Catering to both kinds of guests – the spice seekers or the diet coautionaries, the menu of Red Bricks Cafe allows you to pick the best one according to your dietary preferences. 

The secluded spots available in Red Bricks ambiance enable the couples to weave their stories privately in the bustling lanes of Champa Gali. 

Know more about Red Bricks Cafe, Champa Gali – 

Red Bricks Cafe always remains the talk of the town due to having these unparallel traits in services. 

Sitting –  Indoor & Outdoor both options. 

Apt for – Couples, close friends and family members. 

Offering –  Alcohol, Vegetarian dishes, beer, coffee, dessert, lunch, brunch, dinner and late night food options etc. 

USP dishes –  Drums of Heaven, veg quesadilla, Afghani chicken and pink sauce pasta etc. 

Budget – INR 2000-2500 (for two persons)

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Location –

Address – Khasra No 284/2, Champa Gali, Gali, No 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

9. Bean Sahab Coffee, Champa Gali – 

The tantalizing aroma of freshly prepared coffee will drag you towards Bean Sahab Coffee located in the Champa Gali, Saket. Whether its an intimate coffee date with partner or a small meet up of friends, Bean Sahab Coffee will be an ideal spot to come over. 

The inviting ambiance of this coffee hub heavily relies on the wooden setup. Beautifully designed wooden racks full of gleaming greenery pots and lights. Apart from enriched & inviting ambiance, the significant wooden furniture sitting give it a purely aesthetic vibe. 

Widely known for its varieties of coffee, Bean Sahab Coffee in Champa Gali is truly a gem location for coffee lovers. The cafe impose a signature mark on its coffee range by providing some self grinded coffee bean options. To make a great dining combination, visitors can try a lot of local & global delicacies. 

Unlike other bustling cafes of Champa Gali, Bean Sahab Coffee offers a peaceful ambiance to the seclusion seekers. 

Know more about Bean Sahab Coffee, Champa Gali -: 

Replete with the catchy aroma of coffee and sophasticatedly decorated with lights, books and plants, this popular coffee shop of Champa Gali serves the guests in a unique way. Take a look. 

Sitting –  Classic indoor but you can choose outdoor sitting as well in the evening. 

Apt for – Couples, close friends and family members. 

Offering –  A variety of coffee, chocolate shakes, vegan and vegetarian options in brunch, lunch and dinner, dessert etc. 

USP dishes –  Aztec got chocolate, Lasagna, lemon butter fish, Ragi kit kat crepes and truly indian sandwich etc. 

Budget – INR 1000-1500 (for two persons)

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Location –

Address – Gali #3, Khasra 267 Saidullah Jab Village Champa Gali, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Few other worth visiting cafes of Champa Gali, Saket, Delhi -:

Cafe dosti 

Ocean Street Cafe 

Moonlit Cafe 

Bella Vie 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – Where is Champa Gali? 

A – Champa Gali is a well known place located in Saidulabaj, Saket, New Delhi. 

Q – What is Champa Gali famous for? 

A – Champa Gali is quite famous for its lovely cafes and coffee shops that are peculiarly decked up with fairy lights, plants, trees and captivating sitting areas. Champa Gali reflects a finest blend of rustic vibe and modern touch. 

Q – How to reach Champa Gali from Saket Metro Station? 

A – Saket metro station is is just 700 meters away from this prominent cafe area, Champa Gali. Visitors can access this place just by walking few steps. It is 3-4 minutes away from Saket Metro Station. 

Q – How to reach Champa Gali from metro? 

A – First you should take metro from Raja Nahar Singh to Kashmere Gate, change it at the Kashmere Gate on the Yellow Line and then exit at Saket Metro Station. 

Q – Which Cafes are highly visited by the people in Champa Gali? 

A – Though there are umpteen cafes and coffee shops in Champa Gali, you must visit Jugmug Thela, Baari Cafe, Red Bricks Cafe, Bella Vie, Foresta Bistro Cafe and Big Box Cafe are some most famous points here. 

Q – What makes Champa Gali unique in Delhi? 

A – The quirky atmosphere, picture-perfect backdrops and fun vibe of Champa Gali make it enticing for the visitors. 

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