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Private cabin facility couple box seat cinema hall in Kolkata

Recognized as the “city of joy” and a cornucopia of influential art & cultural values, Kolkata spreads its charm across the globe. When it comes to art, cinema halls play a pivotal role in exerting a massive impact on people through touching films.

But gone are the days when the people of Kolkata make long queues and wait for hours to get an ordinary seat. Modernization has impacted the way of enjoying and admiring films as well. Now big brands theaters like PVR & INOX have introduced the “Couple Box Sitting” in the halls for privately having a classic experience.

These separate sitting arrangements in the form of ‘box seats’ are not just privacy-centric services but also bring comfort like home. Now couples can plan a private movie date with their beloved bae and experience classic entertainment without any interruption.

For those who are busy seeking a suitable cinema hall with “box seat” availability, here we have come up with a list comprising all the top-rated and luxurious theaters with the essential details regarding their prime features. Pick any one of them and plan a quite engaging movie time together.

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INOX forum mall

This modern cinema hall depicts a fine definition of thriving luxury and appealing entertainment through its classy ambiance. Having the capacity to accommodate 1500 visitors at one time, INOX forum hall has made its mark on cine lovers. The top-notch technology utilization in the laser projection, 3D display and surrounding sound uplift the experience of couples during their movie time.

Coming to the premium ‘box sitting’ services available at INOX Forum Mall, you can avail of the lavish advantages such as plush couch sitting, recliners, prompt services by servers for snacks, meals and refreshing drinks etc. These specific ‘box sitting’ arrangements enable the couples to weave their own beautiful story while watching another one on the screen. Here you can also reserve your separate seats for watching a special film as the authorities host special screenings also.

The cost of a ‘private box cinema seat’ at INOX Forum Mall falls comparatively on the expensive side but the comfort, unique advantages, attentive servers and most importantly the privately spent moments with your beloved partner justified those prices completely.

AddressINOX Leisure Ltd., 6th Floor, Forum Mall, 10/3, Elgin Rd, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

New Empire Cinema

If you are willing to view the remarkable blend of heritage and modernization under one roof in Kolkata, look no further than New Empire Cinema. Since its establishment in 1932, it has relentlessly & outstandingly served film and screenplay admirers. But now the complete transformation of New Empire Cinema into a contemporary movie hall lures the visitors who love reviving their nostalgic moments through visiting a heritage site.

The enriched ambiance with a plethora of vintage vibes and modern features like ‘box sitting‘ draws the attention of couples towards it. Big screen, hassle-free sound and advantageous amenities like serving snacks & beverages right at the private box seats of couples make their movie experience worth evocable.

Those who are looking for a movie hall providing quality services of ‘box seat’ at a budget-friendly cost, must go through the features and advantages available at New Empire Cinema. Reasonable prizes, food services by famed brands like KFC and Domino, catchy ambiance and private sitting etc , all make it an ultimate spot for a great watch.

Address – 1&2, Humayun Pl, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087


It will be hard to accept that a frequent moviegoer of Kolkata hasn’t visited the most efficient theater – Cinepolis. Enriched with all luxuriant aspects, Cinepolis serves sheer comfort, entertainment and an amazing clean ambiance to the patrons.

Couples who prefer privacy as the key element in their movie date should choose the premium box seat or VIP recliner seating arrangements. The cozy and plush leather seats of private spaces demarcated for couples and close friends or family members have extra legroom for a comfortable experience.

Equipped with highly advanced sound and picture qualities, Cinepolis ensures an exhilarating cinematic experience. Couples can relish the quick bite options and even complete meals available at the theater canteens while watching an engaging story.

Address – 5th Floor, Lake Mall, 104, Rash Behari Ave, Lake Market, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Priya Cinema

To elaborate the romantic moments the vital venue of Priya Cinema is an idyllic choice. Another prominent theater of Kolkata that depicts the epitome of vintage vibe and modernization blend is Priya Cinema. Tucked near Rash Behari Avenue on the bustling streets, this age-old theater has a variety of seating choices.

Apart from the regular and balcony sitting, Priya Cinema has the potential to provide complete privacy to couples through ‘box seat’ and isolated recliner services. You can book these separate sittings away from the regular public areas and enjoy an intimate movie date. These box seat arrangements are available for all the show timings run by the Priya Cinema authorities.

Besides the classic ambiance, cozy seats and top-notch experience through technology, the quick services of waiters for snacks and beverages keep the couples thoroughly immersed in the cinematic pleasure. Not too expensive ticket costs with such additional advantages make the movie experience of couples even more memorable.

Address – 95, Rash Behari Ave, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q – What are the prime advantages of booking a box seat at Kolkata’s prominent theaters?

A – Apart from the amazing ambiance and highly advanced cinematic features, the box seats available at these theaters provide an uninterrupted movie experience to the couples, close friends and family members etc. Prompt delivery of the delish dishes and beverages right at the box seats also make the movie dates unforgettable.

Q – Which theaters in Kolkata provide box seat services?

A – Inox Forum Mall, Priya Cinema, Cinepolis and New Empire Cinema are the most preferred movie theaters by couples due to box seat availability.

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