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Less Nicotine, More Control: 4 Best Brands of Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes

Smoking is a bad habit that most people try to quit altogether. However, quitting abruptly usually results in gaining weight.

If you currently smoke and you’ve tried multiple times to quit, you might be interested in the low nicotine cigarettes option. The ones available on the market today are some of the lowest nicotine cigarettes to date.

If you’re wondering which brands to get and how they’re different, keep reading to learn about different very low nicotine cigarettes brands.

1. American Spirit

One of the most appealing things about American Spirit cigarettes is that they are made with tobacco that does not have any additives. Many cigarette brands use different chemicals and ingredients to make their cigarettes. American Spirit, on the other hand, uses only tobacco and doesn’t add anything else to it. This might be appealing to smokers who like their tobacco to be more “pure” or unmixed.
 Even though American Spirit cigarettes aren’t advertised as low-nicotine, some smokers think that they have less nicotine than other types and are thus considered a less harmful cigarette. This may be because the brand focuses on natural tobacco without additives, which some users think makes the smoking experience smoother and possibly less addictive. But it’s important to keep in mind that nicotine levels can change depending on the product and the way a person smokes.

2. VLN (Very Low Nicotine)

The 22nd Century Group uses tobacco grown in the U.S. to make VLN cigarettes. 22nd Century Group is known for making smokes with less nicotine. VLN is the first cigarette ever made that isn’t meant to get people hooked on nicotine or keep them hooked.

With only 0.5 mg of nicotine per gram of tobacco, it is a smoking tobacco product that meets the low nicotine levels suggested in the FDA’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM). VLN has 95% less nicotine than commercial brands and has been shown to cut the number of cigarettes smoked and the length of time they are smoked.
 Go to XXII news for more details about the 22nd Century Group and VLN cigarettes.

3. Moonlight and Moonlight Menthol

Moonlight and Moonlight Menthol are two new very low nicotine cigarettes brands made by Goodrich Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of 22nd Century Group Inc. In 2019, the FDA cleared these filtered, combusted cigarettes with 0.2 to 0.7 milligrams of nicotine each, which is 95% less than regular cigarettes.

4. Herbal Cigarettes

One important thing about herbal cigarettes is that they don’t have tobacco in them. This means that they don’t have any of the harmful substances that are in cigarettes, like nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. So, herbal cigarettes are often sold as an option to tobacco and nicotine for people who want to stop smoking or cut down on their use of these substances.
 Most herbal smokes are made from a mix of different herbs and plant parts. Different brands and goods may use different kinds of herbs. Herbs like mint, clover, rose flowers, marshmallow leaves, and others are often used in herbal cigarettes. Some herbal cigarettes may also have other aromatic ingredients to improve the taste or smell.

Try These Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes Brands Now

Cutting down on nicotine consumption is always beneficial for a smoker. The four best very low nicotine cigarettes brands – American Spirit, Quest, VLN, and herbal cigarettes are ideal options to reduce nicotine without compromising on taste. Try them out for smoke-free, nicotine-reduced control of your smoking experience.

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